> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >1-East ,>(Indra),>SUN> FIRE/SPACE ,>MATA Matangi – Matang Bhairav

2-Southeast ,>(Agni,Aagney)> VENUS,>FIRE ,>MATA Kamla – Narayan Bhairav

3-South,> (Yama/Dharma)>,MARS>,FIRE/EARTH ,>MATA Kaalika – Mahakala Bhairav

4-Southwest,> ( Nairrty))>,RAHU>,EARTH ,>MATA Chinnmasta – Vikraal Bhairav &MATA Dhumavati – Kaal Bhairav(controls the planet Ketu)..

5-West,> (Varuna)>,SATURN>,AIR /EARTH ,>MATA Baglamukhi – Mrityunjayi Bhairav

6-Northwest,> (Vaayvy )>,MOON>,AIR ,>MATA Bhuvaneshwari – Mahadev Bhairava

7-North ,>(Kubera/Heaven)>MERCURY>,AIR /WATER,> MATA Tripur Sundari – Laliteshwar Bhairav

8-Northeast,> (Ishana/Shiva)>JUPITER>/WATER,>MATA Tara – Akshabhya Bhairav

9-Nadir > Viṣṇu (Nadir, meaning "the direction in which gravity pulls") MATA Bhairavi – Batuk Bhairav

10-Zenith> Brahman(Zenith, meaning "the farthest up from the gravitational force") NOTE;-Rudrayamal Tantra” states following ten Mahavidhyas and their corresponding Bhairavs.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >




1-NORTH;-> Water >Blue /Black > Gray/White/Green/Brown > Red/Yellow

2-NNE;- > Water > Blue/Black > Gray/White > Red/Yellow

3-NE;->Water> Blue/Black> Gray/White >Red/Yellow

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

4-ENE;->Air >Green/Brown> Blue/Black >Gray/White/Red/Yellow

5-EAST;->Air> Green/Brown >Blue/Black/Red >Gray/White/Yellow

6-ESE;-> Air> Green/Brown > Blue/Black/CreamYellow > Gray/White/Red

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

7-SE;-> Fire> Red > Green/Brown/Yellow > Blue/Black/Gray/White

8-SSE;-> Fire> Red >Green/Brown/Yellow > Blue/Black/Gray/White

9-South;-> Fire >Red >Green/Brown/Yellow > Blue/Black/Gray/White

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

10-SSW;-> Earth >Yellow >Yellow > Red/Brown/Green/Blue

11-SW;->Earth >Yellow > Yellow >Red/Brown/Green/Blue

12-NW;->-Earth >Yellow > White/Gray/Blue/Black > Red/Brown/Green

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

13-WSW;-> Space >Gray/White > Yellow/Black/Blue > Red/Brown/Green

14-WEST;-> Space> Gray/White >Yellow/Black/Blue > Red/Brown/Green

15-WNW;-> Space > Gray/White > Yellow/Black/Blue >Red/Brown/Green ................................................................................................



Vedic astrology - Inflow of finance and its indications are very important in material world.Finance is a magical word which gives indication about one’s worldly assets. It can be in a form of jewelry, bank balance, cash and fixed assets. The way we get money is influenced by planet which plays significant role in our horoscope.


Beneficial Sun gives money by the blessing of father and elders, politics, government job, family business, wood, medicine and wheat. The form of finance will be Cash and bank balance.


Nurturing Moon gives favor from mother, social welfare, humanitarian job, sea stuff, dairy products and shipping. Cash and jewelry are the main way to keep wealth.


Bhumi putra (Son of mother earth) Mars is an essential planet to deal with fixed assets. When Mars is positive and benevolent in birth chart, real estate business, military, surgeon and manufacturing business is favorable.


Mercury is the governing planet of all trades and commerce. Benevolent Mercury gives innovative thoughts and command on speech. Astronomy, engineering, media and overseas business are favorable by the grace of Mercury. Cash and bank balance are the main ways to keep finance.


Dev guru Bhrihaspati is a teacher and advisor of Gods. Educational institute, financial banks, foreign exchange and stock exchange are ruled by Jupiter. Bank balance and fixed assets are main form of keeping wealth.


All that glitter is not gold but the luster present in it is Venus. All the show business, film industry, photography, perfume, silk business and confectionery are blessed by Venus. Jewelry and cash are preferred by persons influenced by Venus.


Saturn slow moving planet is a karmic planet, which gives everything depending on ability of a native. It is hard core teacher who gives test first and results later. Depending on actions of person, if positive it blesses with oil and charcoal industry, construction, iron and leather industry. Bank balance and fixed assets are the main ways to keep finance by beneficial Saturn.


Dragon’s head and dragon’s tail (Rahu and Ketu) are shadowy planets. They give result with the conjunction of other planet or house lord in which they are placed.Pitfall and unfair ways of making money are generally indicated by Rahu and Ketu.


03 FACTS;-

1-The phases of the moon are related to the 16 kalas with the full moon.

2-These 16 kalas are ruled by the 16 Nitya Devis. They are called Shodasa Nityas.

3-16 siddhis & attainments, fast of 16 mondays,16 adornments of bride,16 Hindu Samskaras(PURIFICATORY RITES)& 16 directions are co-related with each other.16 Tacts controls the whole universe..the material world...MAYA JAGAT...



05 FACTS;-

1-A tranquility zone i.e north east corner is highly charged with divine energy. This is the direction from which the cosmic, divine, godly, spiritual, intellectual, intuitive and knowledgeable energies enter to the home or business premises.

2-It must be kept more open, light weight , clear and spacious around the home, inside the home and even in the every room. What applies to the macrocosm, applies to the microcosm.Missing north east corner or polluted due to the location of toilet falls under serious vastu defect.

3-The direction of mental peace and clarity in your home.

North east is the direction of mental clarity and the zone of getting connected with God and our own self. This area in the house should be kept neat and clean.

4-Clutter in this area fills the mind with unnecessary worries and making a wise decision becomes imposible. You can keep your temple or puja room here. Doing meditation and getting connected with higher vibrations of peace is easier in this zone. If you are working in management and planning dept., sit facing north-east. You will create excellent strategic plans for your business.

5-This zone has the elements of water, earth and air. So blue, yellow and green colours are o.k here. If this zone is balanced, people will be able to manage their stress with clear thinking and will be able to take decisions quickly. If imbalanced or have a toilet in this area, neurological and hormonal problems can cause trouble. Mental chaos and indecisiveness will create stress in life.


The north-east zone of the house should be kept clean for farsightedness and clarity in life. This is a very important point to note for maintaining happiness and harmony in life.During Diwali, the north-east zone of the house should be cleared. One should ensure that there is no red-coloured object in this part of the house.

2-SOUTH EAST : ( AGNEYA KON )The direction of money and safety;-

05 FACTS;-

1-Direction that lies midway between the east and the south is known as Agneya (south-east). Agni (fire) is the lord of this direction. He is the preserver and defender of every being. Agni also carries the message of people who worship and offer oblations with devotion to God.

2-South-East zone is the zone of fire and money. All the inflow of money is ruled by this direction if it is properly balanced. Any disturbance to this zone will lead to blocked opportunities to earn money as well as lead to frequent accidents and insecurities.

3-Kitchen in this zone is the most appropriate location. Heaters, inverters geysers and likewise heat creating devices should be kept in this zone.Red is the colour of this zone. It enhances the power of the zone.

4-Water element in this zone weakens the fire and the person will loose money, health and will become fearful and insecure.

5-Worshippers of Agni are economically strong and long living. kitchen of the house should occupy a place in this direction.Vastu defect in the south east corner may cause financial worries, quarrel, litigation & , illness depending upon the type of fault.

3-SOUTH : ( DAKSHIN DISHA)The direction of fame and relaxation ;-

04 FACTS;-

1-The South zone helps you to re-energies your body and mind. After a long day at work that left you exhausted and drained, relax in this zone. Soon you will feel re-energizsed and relaxed.

2-According to Vaastu Shastra, South is the direction of Lord Yama or “Yamaraja” who is the God of death. Be careful while planning a constructions having door towards the south. It should be noted that south facing south are not always bad but surely it requires careful planning.Defect in the south zone may cause illness or short life.

3-The energy in this zone helps in curing sleep and stress related disorders.South is also the zone of fame and recognition. If balanced, people will appreciate your efforts and your social reputation will go up. If disturbed or weakened, this zone can give you bad name, backstabbing, stress and insomnia.Colour of this zone is red.

4-If you do meditation in this zone, it will be easier to go into deep relaxation and have peace of mind. Bedroom in this zone is recommended as sleep is the best method of relaxation.

4-SOUTH WEST (NAIRUTYA KON)The direction of relationship and skills;-

04 FACTS;-

1-The South-West (Nairutya) corner is said to be occupied by goddess nairuti . Vastu defect in this corner may lead to illness, short life, unwanted expenses and a loss due to theft.Avoid main door, cut or extention at south west corner.

2-This is the direction of marriage, family harmony, bonding and stability in life. This is also the zone of improvement in skills may it be in your studies, arts, work or managing your relationships. The energy of this zone gives sharpness to skills.

3-This zone should always be balanced if you want to have a happy loving and caring family ties. If disturbed or weak, this zone can give trouble and misunderstandings in relations which will create instability and fighting.

4-You may not succeed in your work and students may have low grades in school.Earth is the element of this zone and yellow is the colour. Keeping the energy of this zone balanced and then putting your family pictures will create harmonious relationship in the family. Similarly, putting your certificates, degrees and awards in this zone will give you enough impetus to improve your skills.

5-NORTH (UTTAR DISHA)Direction for Lord Kubera ;god of wealth and success &The direction of opportunities and money;-

03 FACTS;-

1-North is a direction for Lord Kubera –god of wealth and success. He is said to have performed austerities for a thousand years, in reward for which Brahma, the Creator, gave him immortality and made him god of wealth, guardian of all the treasures of the earth, which he was to give out to whom they were destined.

2-This is the zone which gives success to your efforts for generating money. It presents new opportunities and provides you with zest and zeal to fulfill your monetary goals. If this zone is imbalanced, there will be shortage of money and you will not get the profits that you are aiming for.New opportunities will bypass you and frustrations and ill temper will be the result.

3-Properly balanced the energy of this zone will present new opportunities before you so you can achieve your goals and live to the optimum potential.

4-Water is the element of this zone and blue is the colour. Blue and green colours here enhance the good energy and there will be plenty of money and opportunities.


1-Green sceneries should be placed towards North for new opportunities and growth.

2-The north area should have fresh flowers in a green vase. The west zone should have silver statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to remove hurdles and enhance financial prospects.

3-Keeping your money and valuables in this zone means a blessing from Lord Kubera.Blockage at north, Heavy structure or clutter in this zone may result in financial loss.Businessmen may place a statue of “Kuber” in the north Vastu zone.

6-EAST : ( PURAVA DISHA)The direction of social association;-

04 FACTS;-:-

1-To live life meaningfully, you need cooperation from your fellow beings, be it at work, at play or at home. The energy generated by East direction facilitates this social connectivity. It is the ideal zone for living room.

2-It ensures that meetings and association with people are beneficial for personal and professional growth. This direction provides strength to social relationship that ensures harmony and respect in the society.

3-Air or wood element dominates this direction. Green colour enhances the power of eastern energies. If you have red colour or fire element in this zone, your social network will shrink and you will have trouble maintaining good and harmonious relations within family and with friends.

4-According to vastu , sun is the prime energy force we experience. Ultimately the earth’s relationship to the sun gives life to the plant foods we eat, creates our rhythm of night and day, as well as the seasons.This direction is the victory door and bestows name, fame, success in the life.Missing window or door at east or any other defect at the east zone could impact prosperity.

7-NORTH WEST (VAYU KON )The direction of support;-

03 FACTS;-

1-North-West is the direction which brings in helpful people and all kind of support for you in life. This is the zone of future security and support from the establishment and financial institutions.

2-It lies mid way between the north and the west. Vayu (pavan-wind) is the lord of this direction. This direction is capable of making person either rich or poor as per the arrangement & use of the premises.Missing or defect in the north-west corner could impact relationship, friendship & business net working.

3-If you are not getting support from higher-ups in the office or your loan, credit-line is not getting sanctioned, check your North-West zone. It may be disturbed. Balance this area and you will get all the help from people who support your dreams and desires.

4-This is the place to make a store room. Finished products for sale can be stored here. Guest room is also ideal in this zone.

8-WEST : (PASCHIM DISHA )The direction of gains and profits;-

04 FACTS;-

1-Lord varuna, lord of seas rules the western direction. Proper vastu arrangements in the west leads to reputation, fame & success in the life.

2-The West direction governs all the material gains and profits. The power and energy to fulfill our desires resides in this zone. If this zone is balanced, we can fulfill all our desires.

3-Our mind will think positively and make the right decisions so we can act upon those to achieve our goals. If this zone is imbalanced and weak, desires will not be fulfilled and efforts will go to waste.

4-Space or metal is the element of this zone and white or silver is the colour of this direction.Bedroom or dinning room in this area is appropriate. The profits will flow easily and the food will give more energy. Similarly a living room here will also make all social contacts useful and profitable.


02 FACTS;-

1-The Brahmasthan, a space central to any premises is the most calm and cosmically connected place. The Brahmasthan is the heart the house, and it should always be left open and free of obstructing objects.

2-While designing the house or office , do not put pillars, staircase, toilets, kitchen or any heavy objects at the center. These are very serious vastu defects and cause damage to health and finance.


05 FACTS;-

1-The cardinal directions are north (N), east (E), south (S), west (W), at 90° angles on the compass rose. The ordinal (or intercardinal) directions are northeast (NE), southeast (SE), southwest (SW) and northwest (NW), formed by bisecting the angle of the cardinal winds. In meteorological (pertaining to phenomena of the atmosphere or weather )usage, further intermediate points between cardinal and ordinal(denoting a numerical order) points, such as north-northeast (NNE) between north and northeast, are added to give the sixteen points of a wind compass.

2-The most complete division are the full thirty-two points of the mariner's compass, which adds points such as north by east (NbE) between north and north-northeast, and northeast by north (NEbN) between north-northeast and northeast.

3-The names of the compass point directions in the 32-point wind compass rose follow these rules:-

3-1-The cardinal directions are north (N), east (E), south (S), west (W), at 90° angles on the compass rose.

3-2-The ordinal (or intercardinal) directions are northeast (NE), southeast (SE), southwest (SW) and northwest (NW), formed by bisecting the angle of the cardinal winds. The name is merely a combination of the cardinals it bisects.

3-3-The eight principal winds (or main winds) are the cardinals and ordinals considered together, that is N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. Each principal wind is 45° from its neighbour. The principal winds form the basic eight-wind compass rose.

4-16-Wind compass rose;-

The eight half-winds are the points obtained by bisecting(divide into two parts) the angles between the principal winds. The half-winds are north-northeast (NNE), east-northeast (ENE), east-southeast (ESE), south-southeast (SSE), south-southwest (SSW), west-southwest (WSW), west-northwest (WNW) and north-northwest (NNW).

Notice that the name is constructed simply by combining the names of the principal winds to either side, with the cardinal wind coming first, the ordinal wind second. The eight principal winds and the eight half-winds together yield a 16-wind compass rose, with each compass point at a 22 1⁄2° angle from the next.

5-32-Wind compass points with English names;-

All of the above named points plus the sixteen quarter winds listed in the next paragraph define the 32 points of the wind compass rose.

5-1-The sixteen quarter winds are the direction points obtained by bisecting the angles between the points on a 16-wind compass rose. The sixteen quarter-winds are;-

1-North by east (NbE),

2-Northeast by north (NEbN),

3-Northeast by east (NEbE),

4-East by north (EbN) in the first quadrant,

5-East by south (EbS),

6-Southeast by east (SEbE),

7-Southeast by south (SEbS),

8-South by east (SbE) in the second quadrant,

9-South by west (SbW),

10-Southwest by south (SWbS),

11-Southwest by west (SWbW),

12-West by south (WbS) in the third quadrant,

13-West by north (WbN),

14-Northwest by west (NWbW),

15-Northwest by north (NWbN)

16-North by west (NbW) in the fourth quadrant.



1-As a lot of effort was put into this study, we were able to finally come up with 8 more zones which were a result of the dissection of the existing 8 zones. As we now move into the modern times, there has been a growing need to be more precise in the identification of the exact area for a certain activity to be performed. Hence, a more in-depth analysis of the zones was required and studied. The existing activities were reviewed and then the areas in the pre-defined zones were studied thoroughly.

2-The entire circle of 360 degrees of the magnetic field of the earth has now been divided into a total of 16 zones where each zone covers only 22.5 degrees. As this is a very small area in any given property, we have also been able to accurately define each of the 16 zones with their respective activities. The entire gamut of activities primarily covers the day-to-day activities of all of us with respect of home, office, shop, factory etc.

3-Let us look at the positioning of the 16 zones starting with North which is at 0 degrees. As we move towards the right side from North (N), we have North-North-East (NNE), North-East (NE), East-North-East (ENE), East (E), East-South-East (ESE), South-East (SE), South-South-East (SSE), South (S), South-South-West (SSW), South-West (SW), West-South-West (WSW), West (W), West-North-West (WNW), North-West (NW) and North-North-West (NNW).

4- THE EXACT LOCATIONS of these directions... between North and NE, we have carved out another zone of 22.5 degrees which is NNE. Similarly, a zone between NE and East has been created which is ENE. This is how the rest of the corresponding zones have been created.

5-The creation of these additional zones has immensely helped us in identifying the exact zones or areas responsible for a certain issue or problem in a given property and post diagnosing the issue, we have been able to rectify the problem by treating the corresponding zone. The biggest advantage we have got is that by treating a zone as small as 22.5 degrees, we have come up with amazing results in a very short period of time.

6-There have been cases where we have seen results in a matter of hours of providing the remedy/solution to the problem. There is further analysis and studies being conducted on the zones and their corresponding activities as we need to keep pace with the modern times and allow all of us to have a an accurate area in our property for any kind of activity.

7-Always remember that Vastu Shastra works only within a built-up space or area.

8-Google can help you to find zero degree North;the only fix direction.

9-With the help of zero degree North,you can find

THE CENTRE ZONE,&16 directions respectively through COMPASS ROSE Circle,as shown by the image.