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Humans are not separate from nature but connected to earth as a part of an interconnected web of life. The element of nature act as a whole to create and maintain an energy ;the force of life. A energy efficient environment attracts many benefits and more positive opportunities.

2-WIND ELEMENT(North West zone);-

02 FACTS;-

1-Wind element is located in the north west zone. The Air or Vayu is vital for our survival. Our sense of sound, touch and feel are related to Air. All communication, networking energies can be improved if the wind element is has all vastu compliance.According to vastu, plantations, window, door & ventilations impacts the wind element benefits.

2-Air (vayu) is a necessary thing for all of us living on this earth. In Vastu air is another important element which is considered before applying it. Air consists of various gases on earth like oxygen, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide etc. A balanced percentage of different gases, atmospheric pressure and humidity level are important for living beings on this earth. There are important directions for windows and doors in Vastu so as to receive a good amount of air.

3-FIRE ELEMENT( South east zone);-

04 FACTS;-

1-Fire (Agni) is considered as an element of south-east. In a house kitchen fire or electrical gadgets shall be place in south-east. Light is the essence of life, and sun is the natural light giver. Fire is the basis of all sources of energy including thermal power and atomic power. There should be proper ventilation for sunlight being necessary and natural source of light for human beings.

2-Fire, together with Water, Earth, Wind and space is one of the five known basic Elements, which represent the substance of the world.

Fire in its physical appearance can do for you what the sun itself does for the whole world – it provides you with light and warmth and can serve you as heat source to cook upon. Fire is also an impulsive and a dangerous element, that can smoulder (exist in a suppressed or concealed state)and suddenly burst.

3-Fire can give wings of courage, compassion and devotion.

It is seen as the force burning inside us, giving us an iron willpower to go for our goals, bestowing upon us the passion to do it with all of ourself, resulting in the honour and freedom to do it without backstabbing and with an open face.

4-Fire is the transformer, converting the energy of other objects into other forms: heat, light, ash, and smoke.In other words the Fire element within is metabolism. It’s our energy.

4-WATER ELEMENT(North east zone);–

07 FACTS;-

1-Water-Water (jal) is present on earth in the form of rain, ocean, sea and rivers. It is the second foremost element considered in Vastu. Vastu provides proper directions for the placement of water sources.

2- Water element is one of the strongest element of Vastu Shastra. Water is what gives life on our planet. Without it, we would not exist. Water is the essence of life. Water has always been synonymous with authority & power. During ancient times, water has been used as an elemental solution by the kings by placing their palaces near bodies of Water.

3- If we look at world’s most capital cities today, they are either located near the water or have large rivers or lakes nearby. Majority of ocean-side and lake-side properties are usually more expensive.

4-Water body near the house or business premises is a good placement because it keeps the energy flowing and prevents it from being “locked”. Its real essence speaks of movement and the flow of life. It invites everyone to move & bend and not to stay rigid or to struggle.

5-Moving and flowing water can encourage those who come into contact with it to accept continual change and not to struggle unnecessarily in the life. Flowing water can ease tensions and allow the vibrations of the life force to enter us and nourish our aura.

6-If properly applied, the water element can make a world of difference. Water installed into a wrong direction might have the reverse affect on you and the inhabitants of your premises.

7-The effects of a water body in a home are amazing. Our bodies and mind welcomes the cooling effect of the water.Sources of Water element:-

1-A stream



4-Swimming pool,

5-water fountain,


7-Fish Tank,

8-Water Pot (Mangal Kalasha)

9-A waterfall painting or any art representing water

5-EARTH ELEMENT(South west zone);–

03 FACTS;-

1-The first and foremost element of nature which exerts maximum energy and influence human lives in every way..

2-The earth element is represented by anything made from soil or stone. Objects of clay, ceramic, brick and concrete possess the vibration of earth. Crystal cluster also belongs to the earth elements. Anything made of earth largely yellow, orange or brown in colour represents the earth element.

3-South west area denotes earth element which indicates heaviness. Bed room in the house, Master cabin in the Office and Heavy machineries in the factory are highly recommended to use south west zone. It gives more stability and controlling powers.


08 FACTS;-

1-Earth is the manifestation ground for desires of Universal Consciousness (Param Atma) through human consciousness (Atma). To manifest our purpose or core desire, nature, like a manager, facilitates all necessary powers and conditions.

2-The Earth is encircled with energy lines, both horizontally and vertically, thus creating energy grids. Hindu alchemists("art of transmuting metals'') recognized them as Mandalas. They went further in this discovery; they recognised the usage of individual Mandalas to fulfill specific purposes.

3-In 1952, a German scientist Manfred curry found these energy lines and termed them as Curry Lines. His colleague Earnest Hartman in 1967 found that diagonal patterns existed also and termed them as Hartman Grid.

4-They found that neurological disorders and cancers are due to sleeping on the crossing of these lines. He worked out that there are certain energy fields on the Earth that are responsible for the healthy body or the diseased body. Hartman particularly collected the case studies, which showed that all the neurological problems are due to Earth energies and cross intersection of those lines.

5-If people are sleeping on intersection of those energy lines, and particularly if some water stream is also passing through that crossing of lines, then that person will have neurological problems, or neurological disorders. And if it is the only energy line that is crossing and the person is sleeping on that - whichever part is lying on that energy grid or the line crossing that will get affected negatively. To remain healthy, it is recommended to avoid using those cross-intersections of lines.

6-As Hartmann said, problems are only due to sleeping on the energy lines, which we call as 'Marmasthan' in SRI YANTRA & Vastu Shastra . However, Hartmann developed certain methods to detect those Earth energy lines and to avoid the intersections for sleeping and, you know, even if you puncture the intersections, the negative fields will be created and negativity will be there in the space.

7-About 10000 years back, Vastu Shastra avoided the MarmaSthans, the sensitive points. Hartmann was able to detect those Earth energy lines on the Earth only, but in MahaVastu we have those formulae to check the energy lines even in the built up space.

8-In MahaVastu, these Natural Earth energy lines are used as carrier waves. MahaVastu , connect your space with the whole world, to manifest your desire - There is a purpose behind everything on Earth. The purpose of these energy lines, and the fields in their Grids (Mandalas) are meant to connect the whole world, and become complementary to fulfill each other's purpose.


A human being is part consciousness (Atma - soul) wrapped in 5 layers known as Panchkosha in Vedanta. The layers are;-

1-Physical Body (Annmaya Kosha)

2-Energy Body (Pranamaya Kosha)

3-Mind Body (Manomaya Kosha)

4-Intuition Body (Vigyanmaya Kosha)

5-Bliss Body (Anandmaya Kosha)

1-PHYSICAL BODY (Annmaya Kosha) ;-

02 FACTS;-

1-Annmaya Kosha is the outer most and physical form of a human being- that is the human body. The Annmaya Kosha is made up of 5 elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Space and Water). It is nurtured and sustained by food , that's why this is called Annmaya Kosha.

2-In Ayurveda disease is recognised as imbalance of tridosha - Vata (Air + Space), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water + Earth)]. Through physical body the part consciousness (Atma) manifests the core desire to experience the absolute Bliss. But due to the conditioning of social and academic environments a person gets programmed at the different levels of different Koshas. Thus making him experience pain and miseries. To manifest one's purpose on this planet, human beings create the structures in the form of buildings to perform certain functions. And these structures become the living or working environment for human beings.

2-ENERGY BODY(Pranamaya Kosha) ;-

02 FACTS;-

1-The Pranamaya Kosha is energy body depicted by Kundalini, sun and moon channels and Seven Chakras along the spinal column. Each one of the Seven Chakras is responsible for controlling different organs in the human body at conscious and sub-conscious levels of mind.

2-When awareness is extended to the super conscious state then these Chakras open up to perceive the new realities of universe and start illuminating by healing all the body functions. In Yogic literature the level of illumination and opening of these Chakras is the basis for measuring the evolution of an individual's mind and soul.

3-MIND BODY (Manomaya Kosha) ;-

06 FACTS;-

1-Manomaya Kosha is the domain of functions of the human mind. This is the central layer among the 5 Kosha. The function of this Kosha is primarily to receive information through 5 senses and process that information for manifestation of core purpose.

2- Manomaya Kosha has 3 layers as recognized by contemporary psychology. They are conscious mind, sub-conscious and super conscious state of mind. In Medical Science these states are studied in brain wave theory and known as Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta states of brain activity. Through Yogic or Tantric meditations, awareness is expanded to Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave patterns, where an ordinary human being falls asleep, that's when Alpha waves are activated in the brain.

3-In an experiment EEG tests (Electro Encephalogram - an instrument used to record brain waves) were done while meditators were in meditative state. These EEG actually showed Alpha to Delta brain wave patterns even while those meditators were in fully aware state.

4-The conscious state of mind is responsible for perception through the 5 sense organs and then taking action via the physical body to perform day to day functions.

5-The sub-conscious mind receives information from the conscious mind and stores the complete information. In acute cases of emergency or through regular meditative practices the sub-conscious mind receives knowledge from Vigayanamaya Kosha which is called sixth sense or intuition.

6-The deeper sub-conscious or super conscious state of mind is when a person is aware at Theta and Delta brain waves. In this state of mind person gives instant healing or give some innovative outputs.

4-INTUITION BODY (Vigyanmaya Kosha);-

02 FACTS;-

1-Vigyanmaya Kosha is the second innermost layer which is responsible for all the new knowledge and intuitive functioning of human beings. The other functions of Vigyanamaya Kosha are ordinary awareness for day to day intuitive working, which facilitates you in deciding what to do next and how to do it.

2-Only from this Kosha do you get intuitive solutions in intense situations when the logical mind is not able to answer your questions. The natural function of healing inside the human body is also governed by this Kosha.

5-BLISS BODY (Anandmaya Kosha);-

03 FACTS;-

1-Anandmaya Kosha is part consciousness (Atma) carrying the core desire with a purpose to manifest and experience Bliss . This innermost core body of one's being has a pure part of Universal Consciousness (Parma Atma) experienced as eternal bliss. Other functions of this Kosha (body) are co-creation like the Creator himself, peak experiences or union of soul & supersoul.

2-In the Hindu Alchemy of Space; pain, misery and blockages of mind are due to the deviation from the core desire of one's Anadamaya Kosha or soul. The living environments are either supportive to Manomaya Kosha and Pranmaya Kosha or the living environment also becomes responsible for negative conditioning and programming and thus, cause problems in one's life.

3-In Vastu the points of blockages can be recognised at the different layers of existence thus creating a way for human consciousness to manifest its core purpose.


03 FACTS;-

To know the influence of your building (home, office or factory) on you and your life. These influences can be positive or negative and are, accordingly, responsible for your success or failure.

2-It is a purer, simpler yet more powerful system for understanding the influences of a building on human behaviour. It ensures Money, Happiness, Gains, and Success in life while maintaining modern life style and contemporary architecture.

3-The Four pillars are;-