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THE ROLE OF FIVE ELEMENTS ( Pancha Bhoota or Pancha Maha-Bhoota );-

05 FACTS;-

1-The whole world originates from five elements and ends in five elements only. In Hinduism there are six school of thoughts, one which says self transformation is the only thing which creates destiny and fulfils the purpose of life. Another says, some Devtas are responsible for things not happening. The core behind all these school of thoughts lies in the theory of 5 elements .

2-Vastu is a science of direction that combines the five elements of nature and cosmos, ultimately balancing with man and the material. This mysterious science unifying the five elements called ‘Panchbhootas’- earth, fire, water, sky and space and paving a way for enlightenment, happiness and prosperity.

3-According to Vastu, the cosmos is full of beneficial energies which we must learn to tack as well as keep in balance if we wish to experience a state of well-being.

4-Energy is essentially emanated by two forces- the five elements and the electro-magnetic energy generated by the rotation of earth. Earth is a third planet among the nine planets and the only place where life exist due to the presence of panchbhootas.

5-Sun, air and space are universally available and can be moulded in accordance with human needs by the act of design. To thoroughly understand the act of design with these five elements we need to discuss all these elements briefly in a separate manner:-

FIVE ELEMENTS(Panchtattva);-

1-Space (Cosmic/Akash – आकाश)IN CHINESE ;METAL

2-Air (Vayu – वायु ),IN CHINESE ;-WOOD

3-Fire (Heat & Light)/Agni – अग्नि ),

4-Water (Jal/Apas – जल ),

5-Earth (Prithvi – पृथ्वी ),








03 FACTS;-

1-Vastu is a Cosmic Science of balancing these elements in the proper proportions for harmony.

2-Vasthu stands in Earth. Earth depends on water-water is balanced by Agni (Fire), Agni is controlled by air (either). Air movements is possible in Akasha (sky).

3-Similarly the Purusha – living beings. The body (earth) depends the water. Contents in the body balanced by the Agni (fire). Agni-heat is controlled by the air. Breathing which is possible only if we are having space (Aakash) inside the human body.


1-SPACE ELEMENT(The Brahmasthan);-

31 FACTS;-

1-Space element is related to the center portion or the brahmasthan.

2-The Brahmasthan, a space central to any premises is the most calm and cosmically connected place. The Brahmasthan is the heart the house, and it should always be left open and free of obstructing objects. You can see courtyards in the center of Ancient Indian homes and Indian temple design.

2- The original examples of Vastu Shastra, forbids the actual use of the brahmasthan. While designing the house or office , do not put pillars, staircase, toilets, kitchen or any heavy objects at the center. Even in case of factories no heavy machineries or goods to be placed at the center of the unit. It may result in to the poor production as well as pile up of the dead stock.

3-Space-Sky is never ending and our space is full of constellations, galaxies, star, moon, sun and all the nine planets. It is also called universe which is known as ‘Brahamand’- the place of god. Space has a very important place in our lives and Vastu gives different directions for better space. Any disturbance related to space in house would lead to detrimental results.

4-According to khushdeep bansal ,''Mahavastu does not believe in Brahmasthan. This is because in whichever civilization, houses/buildings were built with an open Brahmasthan or central courtyard had always remained under the control of a foreign rule. You can check this through Google.

There were two types of Vastu in ancient India-one meant for the Kings and the other for the Common Man. The Vastu that was made popular for the Common Man had the central courtyard or Brahmasthan open because the central portion or the Brahmasthan is the field of all the possibilities. Now, so that they could never explore any new possibilities in their life, they were asked to keep their central courtyard or Brahmasthan empty or open''.

5- However, there is not a single palace in which the central courtyard is open, and the civilizations in which there were no central courtyard always ruled the world! So, Mahavastu is for kings. The central portion is that of the Earth element, but it should always be covered, as it is the field of all possibilities. And if this central portion is not connected with the other areas of the house, then the house will be that of the slaves

6-Vastu is that study of Space which helps to connect your feelings or expressions with the building in which you live in a simple way, or connects you with the feelings/expressions coming from outside. You don’t need to be like someone, you should always try to be your own self. This is what Yoga says.

7-you can't get connected with someone or somewhere and feel complete in your own self . You just have to create a place or a space in which a person gets connected with his/her own self. He/she should be able to directly connect with the Divine present in his or her own self or the Soul, and to construct a building where this is possible, is called Vastu Shastra.

8-However, while learning this, you must take a pledge today that you have to learn it so well that you can share this valuable knowledge with others too. When this feeling of imparting knowledge to others becomes stronger in you, then you start learning any subject.

9-Getting a gold medal or scoring good marks has nothing to do with becoming successful or prosperous in life. These are different aspects. It is all about how to get connected with your own self, or how to connect a distracted person with his own self or the soul, which is the home of the Divine ..

10-For example many people got opportunities to invest in the field of property, just at the right time, and made fortunes out of it. People whose "Zone of Opportunity" was blocked, did not get a chance, even with money kept ready for investment.

11-Your living space or house makes you exactly what you are! Space alchemy is all about how universal energies do or undo your world. Interaction of the Five Elements of Wood, Water, Air, Space and Fire and the 16 MahaVastu zones of energy comprise your house. Be aware that if you change your house setting by fine tuning, you can change your life positively because you are the BRAHMAN OF YOUR SPACE.Although you are unaware,but whatever is done by you,that is predecided by you;because you have decided your punishments & rewards as a Brahman..

12-The Space of every building is only a part of the vast Space of the Universe. But these two represent different levels of consciousness. The Space outside a building refers to the conscious mind, and the Space inside the building refers to the sub-conscious mind. Through the entrance to one's Space i.e. building, one moves from one level of consciousness to another - that is, the main door represents the shift from the conscious to the sub-conscious level. Naturally the location of the main entrance of a building is of prime importance.

13-For analysing the effects, you should understand how to identify the entrance location on the plan By dividing the 360° around the centre of a given Space into 32 equal 'Angular divisions' - each measuring 11.25°, you get 32 possible locations of entrance to the built-up Space.

14-Once you have calculated the Entrance Locations as per MahaVastu , only then, you can match the symptoms of the building with the corresponding effects. Symptoms of the building refer to the adverse or beneficial situations being faced by the inhabitants like: abundance of money; career-success; not receiving payments on time; frequent accidents and mishaps; miscarriages etc.

15-Stars and planets, the objects of the external Space (Universe), are responsible for the programming of your sub-conscious mind at Manomaya Kosha. This creates the life you are experiencing now. Your purpose of life, your goals, your choices, inborn habits, inclinations of mind, your reference points of happiness and pain, your own philosophy of how you lead your life, are some part of that programming, among many more.

16-The movement of the stars and planets in their respective trajectories act as a Cosmic Clock for timing the events in your life, and programming your sub-conscious mind. Man understood this secret 12000 years ago. Since then, he has been studying stars, planets, and their movements, in order to understand the core (or true) purpose of his being on this planet. This has helped him manifest his core desire and experience the eternal joy by focusing his attention and energies on his 'true purpose' only.

17-Man has understood this fact very well that the cause of misery and pain lies in deviation from his core purpose. And to keep himself aligned, man has been observing the stars for ages. That is also how the development of Hindu Astrological System ('Jyotish') initiated.

18-The word 'Jyotish' means "Illuminated Divine Lights Showing the True Path". The word 'Religion' means "Getting Aligned Again". In Hindu Astrology, the Moon stands for the sub-conscious mind. Whereas, Mercury is considered to stand for the ordinary conscious mind, with analytical and reasoning faculties.

19-Only in Hindu Astrology, the timing of events is worked out from position of the Moon at birth time. When the Moon is studied for seconds, minutes and degrees (120° for 120 years), then a certain combination of planets gives accurate timing of events. This calculation goes up to the accuracy of an hour for happening of an event in one's life. This system is known as 120 year situation method (Vimshottari Dasha Padhhati), given by eminent Hindu astrologer Sage Parashar In 5th Century B.C.

20-Hindu mystics decoded the mystery of life thousands of years ago. The most amazing part is that they mathematically derived the process of evolution for an individual, based on planetary positions at birth, their transits and their programming for sub-conscious mind. More into this understanding is, working evolution of Chakras with position of planets in the birth chart of an individual. In the application of MahaVastu , the birth chart is studied from this angle. The design of building is then decided. Each individual horoscope is unique with its own purpose on the planet. Even Greeks in the past studied horoscopes with this thought in mind. So that by defining one's purpose, structures can be made to perform the desired function.

21-A part of Universal Consciousness (Param Atma) is human consciousness (Atma / Soul) wrapped in five layers (Panchkosha) and manifested through five elements (Panch Tattva). Every soul has one common goal, i.e., to Experience Self realizaion;Param-anand.

22-The paths may be different-someone wanted to experience the joy of flying and hence created airplanes; someone desired to experience more speed and created cars. Similarly the whole world is created in the joyous state of consciousness. The purpose of human birth is to experience Param-anand . As per Hindu philosophy, the soul will keep taking rebirth as long as it has not manifested its core purpose, for which it got separated from the Universal Consciousness.

23-A problem or pain is an indication of deviation from core purpose, like disease (means being not at ease) is a deviation from the natural flow, known as health. Restoring back to flow makes us free of pain or disease. On the way to manifestation of core purpose, money, power, comforts and health, are by-

products.To experience joy or self realizaion;Param-anand, Universal Consciousness has created;-

a- A Cosmic Clock, comprising the solar family and the whole phenomenon of our galaxy, to keep time of the events.

b-A total manifestation ground, viz., the Earth, which is encircled with horizontal and vertical energy lines.

c-The chip of Prarabdha &Sanchita Karmas.There are three kinds of Karmas.1-Sanchita Karmas are accumulated works. 2. Prarabdha Karmas are ripe or fructuous actions. 3. Kriyamana or Agami Karmas are current works. Sanchita are destroyed by Brahma Jnana. One should enjoy the Prarabdha anyhow . Kriyamana are no actions, as the Jnani has Akarta and Shakshi Bhava.

24-As soon as part consciousness takes birth as a soul, it gets programmed as per the position of planets and stars at that particular point of time. The chip (like the one present in a computer or mobile phone) carrying all that programmed information for our future is fed inside us as the deeper state of human mind, also known as subconscious mind. This part of the mind is responsible for all the body functions and the life we are living right now. All events and situations in life are as per the movement of planets and stars.

25-Symbols are the formulator (sutradhar ) of the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. And man has had this innate knowledge from the very beginning, right with the creation of the world. According to linguists, development of language has taken place from symbols only. Symbols are an integral part of human life and mind, even today.

26-The human sub-conscious mind understands only the language of symbols. The expansion of the sub-conscious mind is in two domains - first the sub-conscious mind of a human being and second the inner space of a building. The human mind evolves from the Space where he lives - the space inside the building. The philosophy believes - Bhawna (emotion and intention) is the daughter of Bhavana (building). Emotion and intention are the driving forces of your life.

27-The analogy of computers serves best to understand the process of both the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Conscious mind is the monitor and sub-conscious mind the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The CPU works according to the information registered on the monitor. It does not perform any analysis on its own. The language of CPU is altogether of a different type. Ninety-five percent of regular computer users do not know that language; though, it is used for programming of computers.

28-A computer program is like a set of instructions, written in that particular language. Similarly, the conscious mind gathers information through the five senses (Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Skin), visuals through the eyes in form of paintings and colours, sounds in the form of music or noise through the ears and touch from textures through skin.

29-Different objects in the external world create the complex language for the sub-conscious mind. Information picked unknowingly by the sub-conscious mind creates the life you live. Understanding of this language and using it to manifest the life you desire is the basis of Vastu .

30-When placed in a building, a symbol represents something - it says something to our sub-conscious mind, which then begins to act accordingly. This activates the natural Earth energies to generate a specific effect towards the fulfillment of our desires - once these energies sense our desires, they program our sub-conscious mind accordingly and thus set us moving towards the achievement of our goals.

31-Thus by placing an appropriate symbol in the appropriate Zone related to our wish, we can program our Space for its fulfillment. Our Space will get to know what you want and you and your family will sub-consciously start behaving in a manner conducive for a cordial relationship.Thus, helping us read into the symbolic messages from the Universe; and take the desired steps to convey our wishes to the Universe through the use of symbols and objects.For example - if we are a sadhak,we should make use of north -east Zone.

2-WIND ELEMENT(North West zone);-contd.....SHIVOHAM...