If you are not able to save money despite having a good income. Check if the toilet in your house is located in the West or in West-South-West direction? Because that will drain all your savings. If it is so, you need not demolish it. Just paint yellow colour there and you will experience magical increase in your savings.


12 FACTS;-

1-Reduce Anxiety with a Toilet in EAST-SOUTH-EAST.

2-Relation Problems Happens with Toilet in SOUTH-WEST (SW) Vastu Zone.

3-You are Working Hard but Still Having Little Gains and Also Facing Problems Related to Property, these problems arise due to Toilet (Activity of Disposal) in West Zone.

4-Toilet in NORTH-EAST causes Memory Loss, Paralysis and Neurological Problems.

5-Toilet in NORTH-NORTH-EAST, poor immunity inhabitants fall ill regularly and take longer to recover . 6-Toilet in NORTH-WEST reduces chances of getting Support.

7-Toilet in SOUTH makes to Un-Relaxed and Desperate for Fame.

8-Toilet in SOUTH-EAST , hampers inflow of money, payments occurrence of auspicious ceremonies like marriage.

9-Toilet in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST leads to Low Confidence and Lack of Zeal to do a Job.• Toilet in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST removes all that is Waste, from your Life.• Toilet in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST, remove whatever is waste for you objects as well as relations, from your life. Ideal location for toilet.

10- Toilet in SOUTH-WEST Disturbs Family Relationships and Leads to Instability in Life.

11-Toilet in WEST-SOUTH-WEST – unable to save money, children do not secure good marks.

12-You are Working Hard but Still Having Little Gains and Also Facing Problems Related to Property; these problems arise due to Toilet (Activity of Disposal) in WEST Zone.


04 FACTS;-

1-There is no clear mention of a bin in Vastu Shastra, but after a four-step MahaVastu analysis, it is found that energies emanated through the bin make it a powerful object that should be placed in an appropriate direction to ensure positivity.

2-The bin is used to throw away unnecessary and useless things; in other words, it is a means to dump the waste. And the activity of dumping or throwing away, as per MahaVastu, should be carried out only in specific zones. 3-If kept in a wrong direction or in the wrong zone, the bin can create possibilities of positive energy being dumped along with the waste.

4-For example, if a bin is kept in the zone of education, children at home will start losing their interest in studies. Likewise, if a bin is in the zone of relationships, it will not only hamper personal relations but have negative effects on professional ties too. Business professionals might start losing clients and their payments can get stuck. Those employed in companies can have misunderstandings with bosses and colleagues, creating stumbling blocks in their progress.


13 FACTS;-

1-Do you find it Hard to Capture New Thoughts in Mind? Do you have a Dustbin in NORTH-EAST Vastu Zone?

Stuck Up in your Business/Work due to Blocked Payments?

2-Dustbin in SOUTH-EAST is the cause of this problem. Dustbin -Family Members disagree with each other's thought, if there is a Dustbin in SOUTH-WEST zone.

3-Dustbin in EAST-SOUTH-EAST zone in kitchen leads to hepatitis. Avoid it there.

4-Dustbin in NORTH-NORTH-EAST Vastu zone Attracts Diseases and Weakens Immunity.

5-Dustbin in NORTH-WEST Vastu zone causes Lack of Support when Needed.

6-Dustbin in SOUTH, residents feel restless, all their efforts n hard work go waste and they do not get any appreciation for that.

7- Dustbin in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST causes Loss of Power, Confidence and Security. Physical and mental also.

8-Dustbin in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST zone is Ideal for Disposal of all Negative and Useless thoughts.

9-Get New Ideas, remove Dustbin from NORTH-EAST (NE) Vastu Zone.

10-To Improve Sales, Remove Dustbin from NORTH.

11-Dustbins in EAST- residents prefer to remain in their cocoon and do not wish to go out to meet people neighbors create problems for them. Also face departmental problems in business.

12- You will NOT get a Good Job, if you have a Dustbin in NORTH Direction

13- On the other hand, if the bin is in one of its ideal zones, which are EAST-SOUTH-EAST,SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST and WEST-NORTH-WEST, then the positive flow of energy will not be hampered and one will have clarity of thought, get new ideas to grow, and have strong personal and professional bonds.

Right Placement for Cleaning Items;-

BROOM;-Old tins of paints, dustbins, brooms and other cleaning items should be kept in the South-South-West zone.


1-महावास्तु में किस ज़ोन-दिशा में आपके घर की टॉयलेट हो, इस बात को महत्व दिया गया है। हम यह भी नहीं कहते हैं कि घर पुरी तरह से उत्तर, पूर्व या दक्षिण दिशा की ओर होना चाहिए । हमारे लिए सारी दिशायें एक बराबर हैं । टॉयलेट की फेसिंग आप लोगों के लिए नहीं तंत्र योग के व्यक्तिओं के लिए ज़रूरी है ।उनके लिए दक्षिण दिशा की तरफ़ होनी चाहिए ।

2- इसलिए याद रखें कि टॉयलेट की फेसिंग एक आम व्यक्ति के लिए एक मिथ्या है । बस आपके लिए यह ज़रूरी है कि टॉयलेट किस दिशा में हो, उसका दिशा का प्रभाव, ज़ोन का असर आदि । जैसे पश्चिम दिशा प्राप्तियों की दिशा है तो अगर वहां टॉयलेट होगी तो प्राप्तियाँ नहीं होगी । और अगर टॉयलेट सफ़ेद रंग की ना होकर मैरून रंग की होगी तो उसका असर दिखेगा । क्योंकि मैरून अग्नि का रंग है ।वो स्पेस को गला देती है । अब यहाँ पर अग्नि-तत्व और डिस्पोजल का इफ़ेक्ट आ जाता है । टॉयलेट सीट पर पट्टी पंचतत्व के आधार पर लगायें । आप अपने हिसाब से टॉयलेट लगाईये । ज़ोन महत्त्वपूर्ण है फेसिंग नहीं ।जब दिशा के आधार पर रिजल्ट मिलने लगेंगे तो आपको मालूम पड़ जाएगा । ......SHIVOHAM....