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SIGNIFICANCE OF YANTRAS;- YANTRAS Heavenly geometries The Yantra is the graphic. Many Yantras are contained in a square (bhupur) with four gates device. The Yantras therefore should not be confused with magic or superstition. mathematics and magic representation of the divine one symbols. Or It is written within small squares of paper inside a silver or copper container as amulets (kavacha). numbers inside are like parts of this mechanism. All Yantras shown here they can be found in a higher resolution on aghori. They lead us gradually towards its center representing the Supreme Consciousness. for every application there is a specify Yantra. But it is in the tantric tradition that the Yantras assume a bigger spectrum of and other sadhus. It is an ancient tradition that get lost in the night of the times. Apart from invoking the divine machine support. The study of the Yantras is an important footstep in the particular sadhana (spiritual path) of the Aghoris. The meaning of the word in Sanskrit is in fact instrument. games of numbers and magic squares in a lot of ancient cultures. It is painted in the walls of the temples or next to the dhuni (sacred fire). as object of meditation. The Yantra is used by the Aghoris. The square represents the material world while the gates are the points of access into the Yantra. Geometric shapes. It is engraved on small copper plates and usually positioned in the mandir (temple). we can find graphic representations of God in the prehistoric mural paintings. but they are a real tool of worship. A yantra is an instrument that allows us to make an inner journey to the discovery of the Supreme Self. 3. ying yang (+ / -). 6. 4. action duality. 2. 8. Earth 9 Aghori. 7. 5. masculine and female 2+1 perfection earth man material excess the man dominates the subject endless spirituality the circle. God 1 9 evolution of matter. 9. involution of matter MEANING OF THE SYMBOLS Bindu representing the supreme consciousness Nada Bindu formed by a static bindu and a dynamic sound (nada) Space Center Earth Static. .MEANING OF THE NUMBERS 1. absolute. involution of spirit 9 1 evolution of spirit. Clockwise movement Equilibrium Dissolution. the union among the masculine 10 Aghori.symbol of Aum and Ganesh Here are some examples of Yantra: MASCULINE YANTRA FEMALE YANTRA GURU YANTRA and female . Water Creation.Masculine. balance between static and dinamic Swastika . Counterclockwise movement Preservation. Fire Expression Female.

it .THE TEN DIKPALA (Guardians of the directions) 11 Aghori. Name Directi on Kubera North Yama South Indra East Mantra Weapon Consort Guardian Matrika Graha (Planet) Om Sham Kuberaya Namah Gada (mace) Kuberaja ya Kumari Budha (Mercury) Om Mam Yamaya Namah Danda (staff) Yami Varahi Mangala (Mars) Vajra (thunder bolt) Shaci Aindri Surya (Sun) Om Vam Varunaya Namah Pasha (noose) Nalani Varuni Shani (Saturn) Om Lam Indraya Namah Varuṇa West Ishana North east Om Ham Ishanaya Namah Trishula (trident) Parvati Maheshvari Brihaspati (Jupiter) Agni South east Om Ram Agnaye Namah Shakti (Spear) Svaha Mesha vahini Shukra (Venus) Vayu North west Om Yam Vayuve Namah Ankusha (goad) Bharati Mrigavahini Chandra (Moon) Nirriti South west Om Ksham Rakshasaya Namah Khadga (sword) Khadgi Khadaga dharini Rahu (North Lunar Node) Om Klim Vishnave Namah Chakra (discus) Lakshmi Vaishnavi Lagna (ascendant) Padma (lotus) Sarasvati Brahmani Ketu (South Lunar Node) Vishnu Nadir Brah ma Zenith Om Hrim Brahmane Namah 12 . but even under temples. 13 Aghori. They can be made of various materials and are installed in various ways according to one’s own tradition or according to the Deity to whom the Yantra is dedicated. such as those of the chakras. Dharshan Yantras These are those the Sadhaka contemplates in the morning for his spiritual welfare or those installed in the temples for the welfare of all. according to the rituals prescribed by guru.The 7 categories of Yantra according to their use: Sharir Yantras The Yantras of the body. Dharan Yantras The Yantras worn in various parts of the body. homes or deities. Āsan Yantras The Yantras placed under the seat or the mat for meditation. Pūja Yantras All Yantras installed at home or in temples while pūja is performed. Chhatar Yantras Those kept under the hat or turban or in a pocket. Mandal Yantras In these there are 9 participating Yantra sitting each in 8 directions and one in the middle performing pūja and reciting the main mantra while the others recite the mantra that corresponds to the Deity of the . to paralyze an enemy or prevent an attack. to cure diseases. N. but also a spirit or deity. an enemy. These same categories are also applicable to Mantras and . 14 Aghori.Magical and Practical uses of Yantras: Shantikaran Yantras Used to pacify the evil spirits or influences of the planets. a lover. Vashikaran Yantras Used to control someone or something. Stambhan Yantras Stambhan means pillar but means also stiff. For example. Uchatan Yantras Used to distract and retain an enemy away from home. Maran Yantras Used to inflict death to an enemy.B. These Yantras are used to stop an event. still. Videshan Yantras Used to divide and create disputes between people. stop. This yantra contains all 51 letters or matrikas and is used in the rite of purification of mantras (samskara). various forms of Devi.MATRIKA YANTRA The letters of the Devanagari alphabet are associated with . 15 Aghori. in their sound form. the Great Mother. 16 Aghori. forming 52 letters: 16 vowels and 36 .In this version is added the conjunct jñ. it .THE 7 CHAKRAS Muladhara Mantra laṃ .vaṃ śaṃ ṣaṃ saṃ 17 Aghori. it .Swadhisthana Mantra vaṃ baṃ bhaṃ maṃ yaṃ raṃ laṃ 18 Aghori. Manipura Mantra raṃ ḍaṃ ḍhaṃ ṇaṃ taṃ thaṃ daṃ dhaṃ naṃ paṃ phaṃ 19 . it .Anahata Mantra yaṃ kaṃ khaṃ gaṃ ghaṃ ṅaṃ caṃ chaṃ jaṃ jhaṃ ñaṃ ṭaṃ ṭhaṃ 20 Aghori. Vishuddha Mantra haṃ aṃ āṃ iṃ īṃ uṃ ūṃ ṛṃ ṝṃ ḷṃ ḹṃ eṃ aiṃ oṃ auṃ aṃ aḥ 21 . it .Ajña Mantra oṃ haṃ kṣaṃ 22 Aghori Sahasrara Mantra oṃ all the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet 23 . it . SHRI YANTRA Devi Khadgamala Stotram 1-SHRI YANTRA symbol of the energy that enables us to transcend attachment and rise on the spiritual level; which bestows a garland of swords upon those who recite it. In this extraordinary Khadgamala Stotra are mentioned one by one all the Devi of the Shri Yantra (or Shri Chakra).it . 2-So the Khadgamala Stotram is a hymn to the Great Mother. Stotram means hymn of praise. Mala means garland.Devi Khadgamala Stotram Khadga means sword. that is the geometric representation of the mystical Supreme. 3-A square of three lines with four portals Sarvasa Paripurak. expanding to Tripura Sundari or cosmic creative power. forming 43 triangular projections. 4-There are nine chakras in the Shri Yantra. a sixteen-petal lotus. which gives all the auspiciousness . Each level is one of the triangles or circles of Lotus petals. the center of the universe in Hindu. a distinguished name and are associated with a number of incarnations or aspects of the Supreme Mother. which fulfills all the desires Sarva Sankshobahana. 5-The Bindu at the center represents the cosmic Union of Shiva and Shakti and contains the potentiality of the universe within itself. 6-The Shri Yantra is the two-dimensional representation of the Sacred Mount Meru. This stotra accompany step by step the devotee to the worship of Devi in the Shri Yantra and is considered as the highest form of worship . which agitates everything Sarva Saubhagyadayaka. The presiding deity the Shri Yantra is Maha Tripura Sundari. an eight-petal lotus. The Yantra is composed of a series of nine overlapping triangles around a small central point. All other parts of the diagram represent the Cosmos evolved from Bindu. Each of these nine levels have a distinct shape. the Great Mother. It is the universe before the Big Bang. Around the central diagram there is the first Lotus with 8 petals and a second with 16 petals encased in three circles and a square fence (bhupur) of three lines with four entrances on all four sides. Goddess. composed of fourteen small tr