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FOR ATTRACTING Financial Growth;- 21 FACTS;- 1-There is a Cash Problem if Blue Color in SOUTH-EAST Zone. 2-If your household appliances are breaking down again and again, look for green colour in the SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST zone of your home you can use shades of red. 3-Add Power in your Brand with 12 Red Horses in SOUTH Vastu Zone. 4-Anticlockwise Staircase in NORTH-EAST Direction gives you more Clarity and enhances Creative Ideas. 5-Attract Abundance of Money in New Flat with Entrance in NORTH (N3-N4). 6-Attract Abundance of Money, Remove Red Doormat from NORTH Entrance. 7-Attract Benefits and Profits, Place Flowers in Blue Vase in NORTH. 8-Attract Fulfillment and Happiness in New Flat with Entrance from WEST Direction. 9-Attract grow and happiness with lawn in EAST. 10-Attract Money and Recover Blocked Payments with Red Bulb in SOUTH-EAST Vastu Zone. 11-Attract money place brass kuber in NORTH zone 12-West is the area of gains. Remove green plants from this zone to increase profits in business 13-Jewelry Box kept in the WEST attracts more gains 14-Attract More Gains, Remove Green Colour from WEST Vastu Zone. 15-Attract More Money. Place a Money Plant in NORTH Vastu Zone. 16-Attract New Opportunities with Green Scenery in NORTH Zone. 17-Attract New Opportunities, Clear Storage from NORTH Vastu Zone. 18-Attract New Tenant in your building, Place Brass Sun in EAST Vastu Zone. 19-Attract Profits with Dining Room in West Direction of Your Home.. 20-Bust your cash flow ,Keep Red/pink flowers in a green base in your home SOUTH-EAST zone. 21-Create Financial Stability, Remove Fire from SOUTH-WEST Zone. PROBLEMS TWO ;-

FOR DELAY IN MARRIAGE;- 03 FACTS;- 1-There Two Major Reasons for delay in marriage, first one is Disturbed SOUTH WEST Zone of Home due to a toilet or Cut portion of building. 2-Second is week SOUTH EAST Zone at Home due to Water or Blue colour in this Area. Simple Vastu treatments like Painting cream colour in toilet or cut portion, placing a pair of love birds in SW and Adding green plants with red flowers in SE can result Good Marriage with an ideal match within three months. 3-Avoid delay in marriage remove mirror from SOUTH-EAST zone 4-For Quick Marriage, Place Pair of Love Birds in SOUTH-WEST (SW) Vastu Zone. PROBLEMS THREE;-

FOR AVOIDING ACCIDENTS & ARGUMENTS 1-Avoid Accidents in Factory, Remove Black Colour from Gate in SOUTH-EAST (SE) Vastu Zone. 2- Avoid arguments in family;Calm Down aggression in Mind, remove red colors from NORTH-EAST zone. 3-Avoid useless thoughts, anxiety and headache. Don't keep washing machine in the North-East zone of your home. Remove Red Color from NORTH-EAST. 4-Bring Family Harmony; Remove Boring from SOUTH-WEST Vastu Zone. 5-Family Lounge in SOUTH-EAST Vastu zone causes heated discussions among the Family Members.


120 POINTS;- 1-FOR GETTING SUPPORT;-NORTH-WEST is the ideal zone for store room .It brings helpful people in your life. It also helps in enhancing Banking and social life. 2- To increase team productivityLight a Red Bulb in the SOUTH-EAST Zone of your office and see the results,. 3-Place a group photograph of your office staff in NORTH WEST zone and you will see that in a few days they begin to work like a team. 4-Avoid Dry flowers in NNW, the zone of sex and attraction, as it causes frigidness in relations. 5- Avoid placing Computer in NORTH-NORTH-WEST zone which is used by Studying/Growing Children. 6-Bar or Liquor Bottles in SOUTH Direction causes Sleep Disorders and Insomnia. 7-Bathing in WEST-NORTH-WEST helps in detoxifying your inner emotion 8- Become more active with a Fountain in EAST-NORTH-EAST (ENE) Vastu Zone. 9-Become more active; Place a Brass Dear in WEST-NORTH-WEST Vastu Zone. 10- Become Playing by Making a Play Area in EAST-NORTH-EAST (ENE) Vastu Zone.

11-Burn Bad Past with Fire in West-North-West. 12-Bust your cash flow,Keep Red/pink flowers in a green base in your home SOUTH-EAST zone. 13-Calm Down aggression in Mind, Remove Red Color from NORTH-EAST Direction of Your Home. 14-Cash Problem if Blue Color in SOUTH-EAST Zone. 15-Chess Board - Improve Business Performance with Chess Board in NORTH Vastu Zone. 16-Chessboard - Awaken your latent talent by placing a chessboard in WEST direction of your home. 17-Child will become Over Analytical with Study Table in EAST-SOUTH-EAST Vastu Zone. 18-Children will prefer to Study medical science if Study Table is in NORTH-NORTH-EAST (NNE) Vastu Zone. 19-Clean the NORTH-EAST zone of red, orange and dark yellow colors to improve the positive effects and conceive new ideas.

20-WALLET;- Keep your wallet in the North zone of your home and see how opportunities keep on filling it. 21-CLOCK;-The best direction for placing the Clock for timely delivery of deliverables is NORTH-EAST.

22-TO CONTROL ANXIETY;-Control Anxiety by placing a Picture of Sagar Manthan in EAST-SOUTH-EAST (ESE) Vastu Zone. 23-Control Child Aggression, Remove Study Table from EAST-SOUTH-EAST (ESE) Vastu Zone. 24-Control Excessive Expenditure, Remove Red Colour from SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) Vastu Zone. 25-Control Wasteful Expenses, Remove Mirror from SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) Vastu Zone. 26-Create Excellent Strategic Plans for your Business. Sit facing NORTH-EAST.

27-FOR GOOD EDUCATION;-Develop Strong Memory; Keep a Pen Stand in WEST-SOUTH-WEST Vastu Zone. 28-Cut portion ;– If the zone of fun and happiness is cut or weak in your building, you will not be able to refresh your thoughts and let go of old disturbing thoughts and emotions. Placing a bunch of fresh flowers in blue vase will bring new zest in your life. 29- Weak Fire – Kitchen placed in NORTH-EAST weakens the fire in your building and in your body. This results in weakening of self-confidence and negative thinking. Using green stone in the kitchen works magically to manage this problem in already built up structures.NORTHEAST zone of any plot should never be depressed, cut & rounded. The SOUTHWEST zone should never be extended/raised/protruded. 30- Effect of Colours ;– Colours give quick results. Avoid putting blue colour in South and Red or Orange colours in NORTH-EAST as they generate negative thinking and low self-confidence. Due to Red colour in NORTH, a person is not able to attract money. This leads to depression. 31-Control Expenditure – Saving is inversely related to Expenditure. To be able to save more, you first need to control your wasteful expenditures. Avoid Blue colour in South direction. The best option is to paint cream colour there. You can also keep a Yellow flower vase in the SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST direction of your house to control your wasteful expenditures. 32- Painting or photograph of flowers in the east and north-east, and red flowers in the south zone, ensure peace of mind 33- For good health, elderly people and owner of the household should live in the south-west portion of the house 34-For sound sleep, keep mobile phones and gadgets away from the bed. Iron-made materials, when kept beneath the bed, create health problems 35-Kitchen in the north-east zone of the house can cause health problems among women 36- Growing bamboo plants in home is inauspicious. So, avoid it. 37-Never place your photograph in the zone of depression as it also leads to depression. In fact by placing your photograph there you are unknowingly telling your space to bring depression in your life. Even, placing your family photographs here must be avoided because then your family becomes the reason for your low moods. 38-STATUE (of Dancing girl) ;- A statue of a dancing lady represents emotion of enjoying self and also practice. Accordingly, it can be placed in east-north-east Vaastu zone of happiness and rejuvenation. When placed there, dancing will make you feel rejuvenated and joyous. Moreover, you will feel established in your own self. Similarly, it can be placed in west-south-west also. In this zone, it will encourage you to devote regular time for your hobbies. By all means you must avoid placing it in west-north-west zone which is a zone of of depression. 39-WIND CHIMES;- These are the most common products that people use in their homes as a decorative item. Wind chimes can be placed in north, north-west and west Vastu zones in your home. In north, you can place a wind chime made up of five rods as this will attract new opportunities in your career. In north-west, use a six rod chime to motivate your supporters to work towards your gains and benefits. Similarly, a seven rod wind chime in west brings overall gains for you. 40-Tulsi- You can place Tulsi Plant in NORTH-NORTH-EAST (NNE) Vastu Zone. 41-When we place plants with broad green leaves in the NORTH zone , new opportunities in carrier comes ups almost immediately 42-Write all your desires on a black framed pin board in west and see them manifesting. 43-Yakshyaraj kuber is the god of wealth and the guardian of ensure the right money flow in your office or home, place a statue of kuber on a table/shelf in the NORTH of the building 44-You can Create WOW Designs by sitting facing WEST. 45- Light red bulb in the SOUTH-EAST and start recovering your blocks payments

45-Lord Buddha - Awaken Healing Energy at Home, Place Stature of Lord Buddha in NORTH-NORTH-EAST (NNE) Vastu Zone.

46-Medicines - Awaken Healing Energies at Home with Medicines in NORTH-NORTH-EAST Vastu Zone.

47-Meetings will be full of Agreements and Peaceful Discussions when done in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST zone.

48-Place a group photograph of your office staff in North West zone and you will see that in a few days they begin to work like a team.

49-Placing green plants or a green scenery in the NORTH opens new pathways for getting promotion at work .

50-Protect business place ..keep Nandi in SOUTH-WEST

51-Receive Blocked Payments; remove Mirror from SOUTH-EAST (SE) Vastu Zone.