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05 FACTS;- 1- For installing a mandir, use north-eastern or eastern part of the home. Both these directions bring good luck in Vastu and is perfect for a mandir. It is also known that north-eastern side of a home is filled with positive energy and unless it has a bathroom or kitchen there, one can use this direction for a home temple.Jupiter is the lord of the north-east direction, which is also called as the as ‘Ishan kona’. Ishan is Ishwar or God. That’s how it is the direction of God/Jupiter. Hence, it is advisable to keep the temple there. 2-Moreover, the earth’s tilt is also towards the north-east direction only and it moves with the starting point of the north-east. Hence, this corner is like the engine of a train, which pulls the entire train. The placement of the temple in this area of the house is also like that – it pulls the energies of the entire house towards it and then, takes it forward. 3-A temple placed in the centre of the house – a region that is called as the Brahmasthan – is also said to be auspicious and can bring prosperity and good health for the inmates . 4-The temple area, should be a zone of tranquility that is full of divine energy .This is a space where one surrenders to the Almighty and gains strength. If one does not have the space to allocate an entire room for the temple, one can set up a small altar on the east wall, towards the north-east zone of the house. Avoid placing the temple in the south, south-west or south-east zones of house . 5-The purpose of any puja or prayer is to first connect with your inner-self and then, with the Universal Consciousness or God. So the North-East Zone, or the Vastu Zone of Mental Clarity & Wisdom is considered ideal to worship any God or Devta. It is also the most suitable zone to meditate and offer prayers, and an ideal place for a puja room. THE FAVOURED ZONES & DIRECTIONS OF DEITIES;-

16 FACTS;- 1-North-East (NE);- It is the Zone of Wisdom, Meditation and Inspiration. In Vastu, this Zone is ideal for Meditation.This is also the zone of worshipping lord Shiva with his family,& performing Panch Devpujas, but avoid performing rituals here,in daily routine as it leads to poor vision & growth.Rituals can be performed in East North East or North-North East 2-North of North-East (NNE);- This Zone is for our Body-Resistance and Immune System.The ashwini twins,the divine physicians,should be best worshipped here; in the Zone of health & immunity,to boost our health. 3-East of North-East (ENE) It governs Fun and Refreshment in your life. It is the ideal Zone for a Family Lounge & performing daily Rituals of worship . 4-North (N) As North Zone represents Money or Treasure, its energy helps you to generate New Opportunities to earn money.Lord Ganesha & Ma Lakshmi should be worshipped here. 5-East (E) The energy generated by East Zone facilitates the Social Connectivity. It is the ideal Zone for worshipping lord Vishnu, Rama, & goddess Lakshmi . 6-East of South-East (ESE) This is the Zone of churning ,causing extreme restlessness ,.So no puja area is recommended here. 7-South-East (SE) Also known as the Fire Zone, it is the Zone of Money.However, as per MahaVastu, the Power or Energy of Goddess Durga can be best received from the South-East (the Vastu Zone of Fire). Even the South, i.e., the Vastu Zone of Fame & Relaxation is also considered ideal to worship the Goddess of Power or Shakti but worshipping other Gods can cause accidents & fear of losing money. 8-South of South-East (SSE) In a building this Zone is for Strength and Confidence;So worshipping lord Hanuman,we can receive his blessing in the form of more Confidence and mental Strength . 9-South (S) Most importantly, this is the Zone of Fame, Recognition and Social Reputation.We can worship ma Kali here but not effective for other types of pujas.Deep relaxed meditation is best achieved here. 10-South of South-West (SSW) In Vastu Shastra, the energy of this Zone removes all that is 'waste' and useless in your life. A lack of this energy results in a lot of time, money and effort being wasted on unimportant things, fruitless thoughts, unimportant discussions etc.;so this zone should be avoided for worship,as it can cause heavy financial losses. 11-South-West (SW) It is the Zone of Skill, Marriage, Family Harmony, Bonding, Stability in life,Relationships and zone for ancestors .So no dev pujan should be conducted here as it can cause financial losses . 12-West of South-West (WSW) The West of South-West is the Zone of Studies, of repeated Practice or vidya abhyaas, knowledge and education.According to MahaVastu, the ideal location to place the idol of the Goddess Saraswati is in the West South-West ,(the zone of education & saving) of your home.She will help in focusing our attentions & it is advisable to keep study table here. 13-West (W) The energy of this Zone ensures that no action or effort made by you goes waste.So the pictures of gurus like lord buddha,saibaba etc. should be kept here;to inculcate their teachings & move on the right path. 14-West of North-West (WNW) It is the Zone of rodhan i.e. stress and depression.So no puja area is recommended here 15-North-West (NW) The North-West Zone generates the energy that attracts Supportive and Helpful people for any cause you pursue. 16-North of North-West (NNW) This is the Zone of attraction and sex, sensual enjoyment and sense of fulfillment.So no puja area is recommended here as the result might swing from one extreme to another. DO'S & DON'TS ;-

11 FACTS;- 1-When it a temple at home be constructed as per Vastu , do not place it directly on the floor. Instead, keep it on a raised platform or pedestal . The temple should be made of marble or wood. Avoid temples made from glass or acrylic. 2-During special poojas, the entire family tends to pray together. Hence, ensure that there is enough space for the family to sit down and pray. The temple area should have good and healthy flow of energy. So, keep it neat and clean, without dust or cobwebs and avoid stuffing the space with too many accessories. Above all, the temple should give you a feeling of serenity and calmness. 3-The light or diya, should be placed on the right side of the person performing a pooja. 4-Decorate the temple with fresh flowers. Light a few aroma candles, dhoop or incense sticks, to cleanse the area and create a divine ambiance. 5-Photographs of the dead/ancestors, should not be kept in the temple. 6-Create a small shelf near the temple, to place the incense, puja materials and holy books.Avoid keeping unnecessary items below the temple or dustbins in this area. 7-Some people keep the temple in the bedroom or kitchen. In such cases, hang a curtain in front of the temple, when you are not using the temple. 8-Temple should not be against a wall that has a toilet behind it. It should also not be placed below a toilet on the upper floor. For the temple space, use white, beige, lavender or light yellow colours. 9-A home mandir is incomplete without proper lighting. Whenever lighting diyas , keep them in the south-eastern side of the mandir. This direction is supposed to be auspicious for the home and people living in it. It not only attracts positivity but also money and happiness.If you are lighting the akhand jot (an earthen oil lamp which is kept burning continuously ) before the idol, then keep it in the agnaye kon (South-East), the Vastu Zone of Fire. 10-The greatest benefit of lighting an akhand jot is that it reduces all the negative energies from the atmosphere. Also the radiant vibrations emanating from the lamp spreads a positive energy throughout the atmosphere benefitting all the living souls or jiva. 11-Make sure that you face the East or the North, while worshipping the Goddess or performing the puja.-As far as the flooring of the puja room is concerned, you could use green stone on the floor, but avoid black and dark blue Colour for decoration purposes. NORTH EAST ;THE ZONE OF SELF REALIZATION;-

02 FACTS;- 1-The word Dev means a deity or a soul guide with whom you communicate in a meditative state. This North-East Zone governs clarity of thoughts and intuitive foresights, helping you gain benefits in life. Therefore, Devtas or deities’ idols or paintings may be placed here.

2-However, the rituals or worshipping should not be performed in this zone. To perform rituals, one can choose any of the adjoining Vastu Zones ...NNE and ENE, since both of these zones support the processes of cleansing and strengthening of the Manomaya and Vigyanmaya Koshas.


As per MahaVastu, different deities reside in different directions and govern varied aspects of our lives. To get the blessings of a deity, one must worship or offer puja in the particular direction which is governed by that deity. one should place puja altars of different Devtas in the 16 Vastu Zones as per the respective zones governed by them As given below...