29 FACTS;-

1-Growing up as school kids in India, almost all of us have some memories about our parents, friends and other well-wishers telling us to study facing the East. The fact, however, is that there is no one direction that is suitable for all fields of study.

2-The ‘most suitable direction’ actually depends on the subject that is being studied. For example, to achieve proficiency in Mathematics and Science, students should study facing the west.

3-There are certain directions, as per Vastu depending upon which subjects are being studied.If one studies facing the South, he develops good debating skills, logical ability and sharp business acumen.

4-Place a figurine of lord Ganesha on the study table to increase memory and focus in studies. The study table between WSW zone of the house.

5-When the mother is worried that her child is shy and does not mix easily with friends. When You place a picture of Lord Krishna playing a flute in ENE , the residents become more expressive IN Vedic astrology - inflow of finance and its indications.

6-When studying creative or religious works, one should study facing the east.

7-These days, the most common issue that the parents face regarding children is that they do not pay much attention to studies. For such children, the study table should be set up in the middle of the South-West and West. If this arrangement is not possible, then try the following alternative zones for setting up the study – North-East (NE), South- East (SE) and South (S).

8-If children do not concentrate on their books and are frequently distracted, they should study facing the West.

9-WEST SOUTH WEST/ THE DIRECTION OF KNOWLEDGE & SAVING;-The Vastu Zone in the West-South-West (WSW) direction is of knowledge (study). In the shastras, this is the area governing vidya abhyas.

10-Vidya means knowledge, and abhyas means practice. So, practising what is observed, and doing it skilfully with continuous and sincere efforts ensures gain of knowledge. Therefore, the WSW Zone grants capability for vidya abhyas, as also the power, energy and capacity for the retention of that knowledge.

11-However, avoid keeping a Washing Machine in this zone as the child may study as hard as he/she can, but will always feel drained out. Also, in the examination hall ..his/her mind can go blank.

12-Every parent dreams that his or her child should

excel in his/her studies.Therefore, to achieve excellent grades in studies, hang a picture of books or make a library on the Western wall in the WSW Zone.

13-Children who do not concentrate on their books and are frequently distracted, should study facing the West.

14-SOUTH-WEST Vastu zones. Green and red colour pen stand, table mat and mouse pads are best avoided. Seat can be of beige or cream colour. A workstation should always be well organized as this will increase the focus and prevent things from going haywire.

15-For decorative purposes, colour stone pebbles can be used as it strengthens gains in their work. They should face EAST while working to receive creative design ideas and the table should be set along the WESTERN wall.

16-WEST-SOUTH-WEST zone of premises is best for students. They should sit there facing WEST. Their books should also be kept there. It has a miraculous effect on improving their grades. Not only does it improve retention power, it also has a positive impact on their performance in exams. There are more than 700 successful Vastu case studies that vouch for this effect. 17-Students can display their certificates of merit on their workstation or on the wall above it as it will help them get best career opportunities in their field of interest.

18-Study table in EAST-NORTH-EAST, children will feel the Borden of studies. It will be used more for fun purpose then for studying.

19-Study Table in NORTH Vastu Zone. Make children carrier oriented, if they are pursuing carrier related studies (like MBA IAS) then they should use this zone.

20-Study table in SOUTH zone – it will make children sleepy as they will be too relaxed to study.

21- Study table in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST, when placed they will take more interest in sports, yoga and physical education.

22-Study table in SOUTH-WEST prove successful if studies related to any skill (like architecture)are done here.

23-Study Table in WEST-NORTH-WEST (WNW) – studies will become a reason for tress, depression and low moods for the children.

24-Study table in WEST-SOUTH-WEST- this is the ideal zone for school students, they feel naturally inclined towards studies and secure excellent grades.

25-Students will prefer to Study Political Science, when Study Table is placed in EAST Direction.

26-If your child is unable to concentrate and fidgets a lot while studying, or is low in spirits, or his results and performance start to slide, then be assured that he is studying in a negative zone the WEST NORTH-WEST, SOUTH- SOUTH-WEST or the EAST- SOUTH EAST.

27-If the child studies in NORTH-NORTH-WEST or SOUTH Vastu zones, then he will use the computer for entertainment, not for study-related purposes.

28-In the SOUTH, he will be too relaxed to study.

29- The best location for your child’s study table is the WEST SOUTH-WEST, the area of education and savings. Keep the colour scheme a combination of white, off-white or cream. Place the school books and other reading material on a bookshelf near the table. Keep the area well lighted, using a white/yellow bulb. This zone has the energy that enables one to concentrate on reading and writing.

NOTE;-Therefore, it is the ideal place for a child unable to focus on studies. Not only will the child study well, his results will be better, and his intelligence will shine forth.