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02 FACTS;-

1-A Staircase connects one floor with the other floors in a building. Other than the ground floor, the staircase enables entry from one floor to the other.According to Vastu, a staircase in a building should be located on the places of ‘Good entrances’ and not fall in the area of ‘Bad entrances’.

2-An important thing that should be kept in mind while placing a staircase in a home plan is that the stairs should always go up from East to West and from North to South.Now, let us list out the different Vastu Zones used for staircases and the different attributes of each zone .


06 FACTS;-

1-There has been a lot of speculation & discussion about Anti-clockwise & Clockwise Staircases. However, in Vastu Shastra, there is no mention of Staircases.

2-In fact, nowhere. I have worked out the formula of Staircases by visiting & observing about 16 to 17 palaces and found that there were both anti-clockwise as well as clockwise staircases.

3-For example, the strength of North-East or the attributes of North-East that are there; would you like to suppress them in the ground or would you like to receive the positive effects or attributes of that zone?

4-Now when you take a screwdriver and tighten a screw in the clockwise direction, then the nail goes down or up? And what happens when you turn it anti-clockwise, then what happens? Now, this is a good way to learn the method, however, there are a number of scientific experiments that I have done on this subject.

5-The energy of whichever zone you would like to pull it down, there the staircase will be in the Clockwise direction; and Staircases will be in Anti-Clockwise direction where you want the energy of the zone to rise & expand.

6-Clockwise staircase is not always good. It depends on the flow of energy whether it needs to move upward or downward. Vastu shastri reveals amazing secrets behind the logic of staircase whether they should be clockwise or they should be anti-clockwise with respect to different directions.


16 FACTS;-

1-North (N) – An Anti-clockwise (ACW) staircase in this zone helps in generating opportunities for growth in career and life.

2-North-North-East (NNE) – An ACW staircase in this zone improves the general immunity of the residents. It helps them recover faster from ailments.

3-East (E) –Anticlockwise in EAST improves your Social Connectivity. It is good to have an ACW staircase in this zone, as it improves social connectivityand relations with the society are profitable. It also helps you to move ahead in life.

4-East-South-East (ESE) – A clockwise (CW) staircase made here reduces anxiety and unwanted or unnecessary processing of the mind. However, reverse happens if the stairs are made ACW.

5-South-East (SE) – A CW staircase made in this zone helps in controlling excessive anger and aggression of the residents. The reverse happens if the stairs are made in ACW.

6-South-South-East (SSE) – An ACW staircase made here augments mental and physical strength for the residents and helps in leveraging their confidence levels.

7- South-An ACW staircase

8-South-South-West;-''NO''OR A CW staircase

9-South-West;-An ACW staircase

10-West South-West;-An ACW staircase

11-West;-An ACW staircase

12-West North-West;-A CW staircase

13-North-West;-An ACW staircase

14-North-North West;-A CW staircase

15- Staircase Anticlockwise in NORTH-EAST Direction give you more Clarity and enhances Creative Ideas.

16-Staircase in EAST-NORTH-EAST (ENE) Vastu Zone. An anti-staircases made in this zone brings in more happiness, joy and fun for the family.


03 FACTS;-

1-IN NUTSHELL,to supress the negative energy,only three staircase are CW staircase..VIZ.




2-EXCEPT these three ,13 zones are ACW staircase.So in case of opposite staircase;make use of ACW or CW spring

as a remedy,to nullify the negative effect.

3- Burry the Spring ,below the first step of staircase on the floor into the ground.It benefits to the residents of first floor because brings the positive energy of ground floor towards them.

4-To nullify the negative effect,two Sankh Yantra also can be burried there..


08 FACTS;-

1-Store in WEST zone, in this zone, its gives secured gains to occupants, if any junk materials is stored here then the person will gains into junks, keep the iron safe or store other important goods.

2-Store Room in EAST Vastu Zone- it hampers social connectivity. Inhabitants consider there relations with the outer world, (neighbors, commercials relations, and so on)as less important or even unless, and despite their best efforts, they are unable enjoy social life.

3-Store Room in EAST-SOUTH-EAST (ESE) Vastu reduces anxiety and unwanted flow of thoughts that cause tensions in life.

4-Store Room in NORTH-EAST (NE) Vastu Zone... Leads to blockage of mind, dilemmas, indecisiveness’, thus affecting the personality of the inhabitants adversely and, therefore should be avoided.

5-Store Room in SOUTH – removes unwanted fear and relaxes the mind.

6- Store room in SOUTH- EAST – it slow down payment recovery and expansion, which is turn, in business, for people in service sector, however, this store secures their job.

7-Store Room in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST (SSE) Vastu zone- gives a feeling of power’ confidence and security, so a store in this zone is good.

8-Store Room in WEST-NORTH-WEST blocks Low Moods, inner confidence, it empower the mind to face adverse emotional state. So it is good .


04 FACTS;-

Many people have a confusion about shoe rack, Where to place a shoe rack at home?

1-Ideal direction for keeping the Shoe Rack or the placement of shoe rack at your home is ESE;the direction of CHURNING ....

2-According to astrology, our footwear’s are related to planet Saturn. In Vastu Shastra the direction of planet Saturn is west direction, so placing a shoe rack in the west direction is good. As footwear’s are related to planet Saturn, so you have to care before pacing shoe rack any other place, if you don’t have a place to keep shoe rack in west direction.

3-West North West is the best direction to keep shoe rack at your home.

4-You can keep shoe rack, outside of the entrance door.South-west corner of your living room is a good place to keep shoe rack.You should keep your shoe rack clean and well arranged. An unclean shoe rack increases negative energy at your home.You should close the shoe rack or cabinet. Which do not allow negativity to spread your home.

These are some simple & effective tips, which help you, to make your home positive & bring prosperity to your life.


05 FACTS;-

Where should you not place shoe rack at your home?

1-The main entrance to your home is the place from where you home get positive energy. A shoe rack should not place the exact front of the main door. It creates blockages to come positive energy at home.

2-Shoe rack should not place in the bedroom of your house. Placing it in your bedroom can create negative impact at your married life.

3-A shoe rack should not place at kitchen and prayer room.The north-east direction of your home is an auspicious place. This is the place for prayer. So, you should not place shoes in this place.

4-North direction is the direction of new opportunities, placing shoe rack in this place can create hurdles in your career.East is the direction of social association and connectivity. You should not place shoes in this direction also.

5-Southeast direction is the direction of cash flow, this direction is not good for placing shoe rack.


17 FACTS;-

1-Get rid of Cigarette by keeping its pack in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST of your home.

2-Stop Arguments by Shifting Your Bed from EAST-SOUTH-EAST (ESE) to South Vastu Zone.

3-Stop bad dreams remove electric wires from SOUTH zone.

4-Stop Breakdown of Machinery, Remove Green Plants from SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST Vastu Zone.

5-Stop Continuous Health Problems by Removing Red Colour from NORTH-NORTH-EAST (NNE) Vastu Zone.

6-Stop Expenditure with a Yellow Vase in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST Zone.

7-Stop frequent Accidents, Remove Underground Water Tank from SOUTH Vastu Zone.

8-Stop Sudden Losses, Remove Cash and Jewelry from SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) Vastu Zone.

9-Stop Wasteful Expenses, Remove Mirror from SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST Zone.

10-Strengthen brother-sister bond remove red colour from SOUTH-WEST.

11-Strengthen family harmony , keep yellow flower vase in SOUTH-WEST zone.

12-Strengthen Family Harmony; remove Green Plants from SOUTH-WEST (SW) Vastu Zone.

13-Strengthen Love with Love Birds in SOUTH-WEST. Strengthen the bond of love with love birds. Place a pair of love birds in the SOUTH-WEST zone to curb out misunderstandings, discontentment and tension.

14-Sword - Win a Pending Court Case, Hang a Sword in NORTH-WEST.

15-To stop fiery comments from spouse, remove Sewing Kit from South- West Zone.

16-Tulsi- You can place Tulsi Plant in NORTH-NORTH-EAST (NNE) Vastu Zone.

17-Light a Green Bulb in SOUTH Vastu Zone If you need Appreciation.