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10 FACTS;-

1-Your own home is responsible for the generation of different emotions. And these emotions govern different aspects of your relationships.Vastu can create balanced family relations ...

2-16 Vastu Zones in our home dramatically control and influence our relationships. For example, South-West controls relationships between husband-wife, parent-children. Similarly, North governs the relationship with clients. North-West governs relationships with Relatives who stand in your support.

3-As per MahaVastu, each emotion is a cumulative effect of four major aspects in your home; –

1-Direction of Entrance

2-Direction of Rooms

3-Balance of Five Elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space)

4-Effects of Interior Objects and appliances

4-We can easily learn this four step Vastu method to analyse the good and bad effects of our building on your relationships and life.To enjoy bliss in our relationships and attract lots of wealth and prosperity in our life.

5-In most cases, when people approached for resolution of family problems related to property, wrong placement of kitchen, water boring or toilets in their houses turned out to be the culprits. Application of easy MahaVastu solutions resolved matters quickly. Take action now to ensure your family and property are safe, always.

6-Do you know that wrong placement of a mirror or of a painting of Radha-Krishna can attract extra marital affairs?

You can feel that every building, even a room, alters your mood the moment you enter into it. But we get used to the spaces where we live like home. This affects your relationships in a subtle way. What colours on walls, curtains and paintings are responsible to switch off or switch on your mood, is studied in Vastu Shastra.

7-Irrespective of the social and economic success one may have achieved in life, a fulfilling healthy relationship is the key to eternal happiness. True and trustworthy relations keep our spirits soaring and give us a positive outlook towards all our endeavours.

8-Every relationship has a definite role to play in our life. Each augments a certain aspect of our personality and helps us come closer to our dreams. Every relationship also has a unique set of desires, expectations and emotions involved.

9-In this materialistic world where life is plagued with stress and anxiety, everyone wants a happy home oozing with positive energy that instrumental towards leading a comfortable and fulfilling life.

10-Every home has its own energy and when an individual starts living in this place, the energy begins to influence them in one way or the other.


08 FACTS;-

1-Taking up relationships, we look at the southwest Vastu zone — that is of skills, relationships and ancestors. Cordial feelings, familial affections and truly strong bonds will arise from a strong and balanced SW zone.

2-This zone also belongs to ancestors, without whose blessings nothing can be completed or gained. It has been seen through MahaVastu research that the main reasons for property partition are bitter disagreements within the family, feelings of financial insecurity or loss of rightful share. A major reason is the kitchen or water boring located in the SW direction.

3-The kitchen is related to the fire element and in the SW, it will create rage and aggression in family relationships — especially between siblings. Water boring here will block financial growth and can lead to desperation. The person feels he has no option, but to grab his share of the ancestral property.

4-Then the presence of a toilet in SW is one major and exceedingly effective reason for pitra dosh. It leads to total destruction of the family members. Keep a family photograph and a pair of lovebirds in this zone. Keep your ancestors’ pictures here. The colours should be shades of white, off white and cream. A study, work room and bedroom are fine here.

5-If there is Green color in the South-West, then customers will not come.In business, the most important thing is relationship with customers or clients. What is the purpose of Business? Catering to the requirements or demands of customers. Money will come from there only. So if this relationship is hampered, then your business will suffer.

6-But Green color in the house means relationship with family members. So, if there is Green color in the South-West zone of your home, then there will be relationship problems with your family members.

7-To stop fiery comments from spouse, remove Sewing Kit from South- West.

8-Experience Better Understanding with Spouse, Remove Mirror from SOUTH-WEST (SW) Wall.


05 FACTS;-

1-Another important Vastu zone is the NORTH-EAST, which is responsible for mental clarity and wisdom. If this zone is afflicted by being cut, missing, or has a wrong colour scheme or a kitchen or bathroom, then it will be difficult to develop concentration.

2-It can be treated by painting the walls in off white, and hanging a symbol of Swastika here. Do not place the child’s study table here; this placement is all right for elders and those involved with religious and philosophic pursuits.

3-De-clutter (remove unnecessary items from )and use the south-southeast and north-east zones properly. The first zone keeps your mental and physical strength and security intact — using this as a bedroom, kitchen or study location is an excellent idea.

4-The latter zone keeps your mental clarity intact, so place your puja room here. A strong, loving family with mental clarity will always stay together.

5-Create Respect among Family Members, Remove Ancestors Photographs from NORTH-EAST Direction.


04 FACTS;-

Follow the Do’s and Don’ts given below...

1-If main entrance of your home is located in the South-West direction, place a yellow colour door mat there. It will strengthen your connectivity with your family and impart financial stability.

2-To control aggressive behaviour, pain