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10 FACTS;-

1-Always remember that Vastu Shastra works only within a built-up space or area.

2-Relevance Colours around us can change our moods, make us active or lethargic, happy or sad, productive or non-productive, dull or glamorous. They reflect our state of mind and also act as powerful healing agents. It’s very important to understand how colours behave, how they change our character and how they influence our moods.

3-In fact, most of the mood fluctuations that occur in a person are caused by the direct influence of colours present in their surroundings.

In fact, most of the mood fluctuations that occur in a person are caused by the direct influence of colours present in their surroundings.

4-VASTU categorise colours on the basis of their nature and the kind of energies that they dispel. The energies emanated through colours is such that they have the potential to make or mar a person’s life. Hence, colours influence different aspects of our lives and affect our physical as well as mental well-being.

3-Colours have a strong influence and impact on different emotions; namely, happiness, sadness, excitement, anxiety, fear, serenity, boredom, passion, affection, anger or aggression. The Universe has designated a specific place in a specific direction for the five vital elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space) along with the colours.

4-When each colour is in its specified place and not in conflict with others, it emanates a positive energy that brings positive emotions such as happiness, joy, hope, courage etc. in one’s life. In contrast, the imbalance in the colours and the different elements in a corresponding zone can result in disharmony and further result in emotional disturbance and negative emotions such as sadness, despair, fear, doubt etc.

5-Before going ahead with making changes in the palette (the range of colours)of your house or office, it is recommended to gain a thorough knowledge on the application of colours for the interiors according to the science of modern vastu.

6-The following are the different categories in which various kinds of colours have been segregated. According to MahaVastu, each category of colour works well in a particular direction/zone, and creates an atmosphere that directly influences the mood of an individual in that atmosphere.

7-Colours full of life force ;-Green, blue and bluish-green have powers to stimulate the brain and provide access to energy at inspire positive thinking and creativity through fun. When used in the East-North-East direction/zone, such colours help in refreshing our mind and body. These colours are primarily recommended for schools and businesses.

8-Nurturing colours Shades of green and yellow create a sense of being at peace and well-being. When Green is used in the East zone of Social Associations in combination with Yellow in the South-West vastu zone of Relationships & Skills, it can dispel loneliness and hopelessness.

9-Presence of anti color in major amount and sometimes even in small amount can create the imbalance in particular zone. So instead of try to fix the color in each zone only concentrate on your issue which might be related to individual zone and then correct the imbalance in that zone accordingly.​

10-The wrong colours on the walls in the wrong directions can make your efforts go in vain. So, how do you ensure that the colours at your home or workplace are positively charged .The right arrangement of colours and their effects in varied living spaces;As per the doctrines of vastu,essential. The universe is made up of five basic elements – Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space; and basically all colours are primarily the part of these elements.


11 FACTS;-

1-The intellectual category,is recommended for creative studies, art galleries and even libraries. Grey colour in the West-South-West vastu zone of Education & Savings promotes creativity and practice of knowledge.

2-Some tones of Blue suggest communication and trust; hence, it will naturally be found in the intellectual colours palette. When particularly used in the West zone of Gains, the colour Blue leads to a creative performance in one’s career.

3-A few lighter shades of Red also appear in this intellectual category, as they facilitate best performance from a relaxed mind.

4- The healing colours are very refreshing and rejuvenating. They are shades of the elements that are in touch with nature. The Green colour in the North-North-East zone of Health and Immunity facilitates better healing and well-being.

5-Red is the colour of Love and is recommended for the bedroom located in the South-South-East zone of Power & Confidence of the house. Pink, purple and less intense shades of orange fall in the category of romantic colours. These colours also suggest purity and innocence.

6-Ideal Colour for Art Galleries & Libraries:When the Grey colour is applied in the West-South-West zone, it can promote creativity and learning spirit.

7-Bring Your Life Back:Paint Blue colour in the East-North-East zone of your home to bring positive energy into your lives.

8-Ideal Colours for Schools & Office Places:Apply Green and Blue colours in the East-North-East zone of your workplace or living space for more fun and happiness in your life

9-Keep the safe, work table, drawing room in the northern areas for healthy money flow. The main colours should be blue, white and green.

10-In the west, the main colours are white and yellow. This is another location for the safe. Use round shapes as these represent the Earth element here. The west-southwest is the zone of savings. Keep this clean and use as a place for studies. You may also keep money and valuables in an iron safe in this area-this will ensure your wealth remains safe.

11-The east is the area of associations and represents the social connectivity in your life. The main colours are green and blue. Plants and water do well here. A smiling Sun on this wall will boost your social life. With this, you will meet the right people and gain in many ways.


All in all, the appropriate use of colours in the right direction/ zone and in compliance with the Vastu Shastra guidelines have a lasting positive impact on the lives of the inhabitants and in their life in general.


07 FACTS;-

1-Several energy fields are developed in the living space on the basis of Five elements (Pancha Tatva) : (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space).How these elements are related to each other:-

A-Water Element create Air/Plant so its Parent element for Air.

B-Air (Wood) Element Create Fire so its Parent element for Fire.

C-Fire Element Create Earth so its Parent element for Earth.

D-Earth Element create Metal/Space so its Parent element for Space.

E-Space Element Create water so its Parent Element for Water.

2-So that is said Space (Gray/White Color) is Parent Element for Water (Black/Blue Color) and Child Element for Earth (Yellow Color)Water (Blue/Black color)

3-Parent element enhance the zone and Child element exhaust the zone.North being Water Element if you put white or gray color in North it will Enhance and If you put Green or Brown Color it will exhaust the zone.When to enhance and when to exhaust to balance the zone depend upon area square footage of that zone as compared to total square footage of entire living space on that floor.With this theory North zone's self color are Blue/Black and Acceptable Colors are Gray/White or Green/Brown.

4-Depending on zonal strength it will have its own effect but to keep things simple these are the acceptable colors if used in moderate amount.

5-Now lets talk about Anti colors/element.For water element other than Parent and Child two elements left which are Fire and Earth.How Presence of Anti Colors affect North zone of Water Element.

6-Water will put fire off and fire would insult Water so its Anti Color to Water Element.Water will unstable Earth and Earth will block Water so its Anti color to Water Element. With this Red or any color in the red family like Orange or Purple etc are anti color in North (Water) zone and similarly Yellow is also an Anti Color in North Zone.So if we talk with respect to zonal Significance of North then its a zone of Money and Opportunities (Growth).

7-If we have Yellow in the form of color, metal or activity in the North then it will block the Money creating Opportunities. And similarly if we have Fire in the form of color, metal or fire itself in the North Zone if will hamper the Career and Growth and also disturb the attributes related to fire element in its own zone.With above logic following are the Acceptable and Anti colors for individual;-

DIRECTION >(DEV) >PLANET>ELEMENT,>MAHAVIDYAS(controller in space) WITH THEIR BHAIRAVS> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 1-East ,>(Indra),>SUN> FIRE/SPACE ,>MATA Matangi – Matang Bhairav

2-Southeast ,>(Agni),(Aagney)> VENUS,>FIRE ,>MATA Kamla – Narayan Bhairav

3-South,> (Yama/Dharma)>,MARS>,FIRE/EARTH ,>MATA Baglamukhi – Mrityunjayi Bhairav

4-Southwest,> ( Nairrty))>,RAHU>,EARTH ,>MATA Chinnmasta – Vikraal Bhairav

5-West,> (Varuna)>,SATURN>,AIR /EARTH ,>MATA Kaalika – Mahakala Bhairav

6-Northwest,> (Vaayvy )>,MOON>,AIR ,>MATA Bhuvaneshwari – Mahadev Bhairava

7-North ,>(Kubera/Heaven)>MERCURY>,AIR /WATER,> MATA Tripur Sundari – Laliteshwar Bhairav

8-Northeast,> (Ishana/Shiva)>JUPITER>/WATER,>MATA Tara – Akshabhya Bhairav

9-Nadir > Viṣṇu (Nadir, meaning "the direction in which gravity pulls") MATA Bhairavi – Batuk Bhairav

10-Zenith> Brahma(Zenith, meaning "the farthest up from the gravitational force")MATA Dhumavati – Kaal Bhairav

NOTE;-Rudrayamal Tantra” states following ten Mahavidhyas and their corresponding Bhairavs.MATA Dhumavati with Kaal Bhairav controls the planet Ketu..

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > .................................................................................................................. COLOUR CHART;-


1-NORTH;-> Water >Blue /Black > Gray/White/Green/Brown > Red/Yellow

2-NNE;- > Water > Blue/Black > Gray/White > Red/Yellow

3-NE;->Water> Blue/Black> Gray/White >Red/Yellow

4-NNW:->Water>Blue/Black> Gray/White >Red/Yellow

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

5-ENE;->Air >Green/Brown> Blue/Black >Gray/White/Red/Yellow

6-EAST;->Air> Green/Brown >Blue/Black/Red >Gray/White/Yellow

7-ESE;-> Air> Green/Brown > Blue/Black/CreamYellow > Gray/White/Red> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

8-SE;-> Fire> Red > Green/Brown/Yellow > Blue/Black/Gray/White

9-SSE;-> Fire> Red >Green/Brown/Yellow > Blue/Black/Gray/White

10-South;-> Fire >Red >Green/Brown/Yellow > Blue/Black/Gray/White

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

11-SSW;-> Earth >Yellow >Yellow > Red/Brown/Green/Blue

12-SW;->Earth >Yellow > Yellow >Red/Brown/Green/Blue

13-NW;->-Earth >Yellow > White/Gray/Blue/Black > Red/Brown/Green

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

14-WSW;-> Space >Gray/White > Yellow/Black/Blue > Red/Brown/Green

15-WEST;-> Space> Gray/White >Yellow/Black/Blue > Red/Brown/Green

16-WNW;-> Space > Gray/White > Yellow/Black/Blue >Red/Brown/Green ........................................................................................................



1-Color is one of the easiest ways to bring the needed shift in the energy of your home or office. Metal element colors are white and gray, and, of course, all metallic colors. Paint a West or Northwest wall in a warm gray or fresh white color. Or, maybe get really brave and paint your narrow hallway in shiny metallic gold.The easiest way to get your life moving by using Mahavastu is to bring the energy of specific colors in order to achieve the desired results.

2-Color is very powerful, as it is an expression of light, and many, way too many homes and offices are starved for light. So, bring on vibrant light energy with beautiful colors .

3-Green color is excellent for improving health and balancing family life when used in the East area of your home.Color blue is a very good choice in the North area to support the energy of your career growth.

4-Have some strong yellow color in the South area for happy gatherings and good times.

5-Pure white color in the West area (Creativity & Children) will bring supportive energy for all your creative endeavors.Before using specific colors in your home as cures, be sure to study the light patterns throughout the day in the room.

6-The element of South is Fire, and the colors that express it are red, purple, pink, strong yellow and orange. The energy of the South area is connected to your Fame & Reputation energy. A better translation, actually, is the Light, or Fire Within.

7-The energy of the South is also connected to the image you project to other people, or your identity in the eyes of others, as well as to how well you are able to maintain your own Light - your identity and values.Obviously, you want to keep your fire energy strong, which means it is best to avoid many blue or black color decor items in the South area of your space.

8-Why would you avoid blue and black color scheme in the South area? Because blue and black colors have the energy of the Water element, and Water puts down the Fire element of the South in the destructive cycle of five elements.Be sure the chosen colour has a good relationship with the other "inhabitants" of your home, such as your furniture pieces, decor objects, art, etc.

9-You would like all of them to have a good time, rather than argue and continuously fight for your attention .Knowing how to use color to strengthen and balance the energy of your home is a complex subject, but there are always basics to it. The right placement of colors is defined by the energy map of your spac

10-​NORTH ZONE;-Zone of money and opportunities, NORTH.In the NORTH Vastu zone, ensure that blue is the main colour and wavy shapes predominate. Shades of red will negate the goodness of this zone. Do not keep triangular shapes here as decoration. Do not locate the kitchen or bathroom here, or place the dustbin, broom, washing machine, mixer-grinder here. The kitchen represents fire and will dilute money, opportunities and career.

11-Triangular shapes will benefit you here. The bathroom and sink represent waste disposal and will flush/drain away wealth and career. Keep a money plant in a green vase, or hang a scene showing a lush field or thick forest-these will attract money and better careers.

12-Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, resides in the NORTH, so keep her here, worship her with reverence and she will smile upon you .

13-The Red colour in the North-North-West zone of attraction & sex can ignite the spark in your lives.

14-If NORTH zone has pantry or red or pink colours in your office, you will face problems in payment recovery. You will also not receive new orders which form the back bone of finance for small and medium enterprises.

15-Heal Yourself with Green Colour.The Green Colour in the North-North-East zone of your home can facilitate better healing and immunity.

16-If there is Green color in the South-West, then customers will not come.In business, the most important thing is relationship with customers or clients. The purpose of Business is Catering to the requirements or demands of customers. Money will come from there only. So if this relationship is hampered, then your business will suffer. 17-But Green color in the house means relationship with family members. So, if there is Green color in the South-West zone of your home, then there will be relationship problems with your family members.

18-If there is blue colour in SOUTH-EAST zone;- In a scientific research ; it has been found that placing some green plants gives miraculous results to relieve such situations.

19-Similarly, if you have waste products (especially, metals) lying in EAST direction in your office or factory, you will face problems with government departments and influential persons which will not be a good thing for your financial growth.

20-Vastu Shastra not only tells you about the ideal zones, it also tells you how to curb the negative energies in case there is a Vastu fault. The Shastra is not about fault-finding – it is about finding solutions to problems. For example, if you already have a bedroom in EAST-SOUTH-EAST, then what you need to do is counter its negative effects. This can be easily done by painting the walls in either light cream – towards the shade of yellow, not white – or in a very light tone of pastel green. These colours on the walls will absorb the stress and anxiety levels to a great extent. 21-For instance, to negate effects of store room or the bed room in the wrong direction,Vastu recommend a change in the colour of walls, movement of a few objects or addition of a few paintings or art effects.


1-For instance, in case of getting rid of lethargy, apart from other solutions, one of the remedies include placement of an artificial deer or a statue of a deer on the floor or on table in the WEST zone of the house.

2-Vastu says that deer in this zone emanates vibrations that fill its occupants with youthful energy and they do not feel tired easily or become lethargic. Deer’s presence infuses vitality and speed into any sluggish system. This remedy encourages people to work and perform better, usually, beyond their expected capabilities. ......SHIVOHAM.....