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06 FACTS;-

1-NORTH-WEST (NW) zone is primarily responsible for getting support from Financial Institutions. If there is a toilet in NW zone, you will feel there is nobody supporting your cause. Similarly, if there is green colour which is creating an imbalance of five elements, then your support system will not be stable and will face continuous problems.

2-To ensure a healthy financial support system, you must ensure the zone is clean of anti-elements and activities. Ideally, you can place a sculpture of a pair of white horses which symbolizes financial support. This MahaVastu Remedy will draw necessary support for your business from people, banks and other financial institutions in the hour of need.

3-If you are an investor, when you invest in shares, keep your desk in the west Vastu zone, and make decisions seated here. It will benefit you as this is the area of capital and gains. If you work in the east-southeast Vastu zone, you will remain confused and make the wrong choices. Avoid the south-southwest and west-northwest Vastu zones, too-these will cause financial damage.

4-Workstation for Architects and Interior Designers;-

An architect’s or an interior designer’s job requires great degree of skill. Analysis of successful Vastu case studies conducted and documented by certified MahaVastu experts prove that these professionals should place their workstations in SOUTH-WEST or NORTH WEST- Vastu zone, ensure that blue is the main colour and wavy shapes predominate.


06 FACTS;-

1-Keep a PANCHAMUKHI LORD HANUMAN in NORTH-WEST direction to get all support in do or die situation.

2-Maa Siddhidhatri is the 9th form of Maa Durga and is worshipped on the 9th day of Navratri. Siddhi means Supernatural Powers and Dhatri means Giver.She is the ultimate granter of Supernatural Powers and Spiritual state.She also belongs to one of the 8 Siddhis of Lord Hanuman (Ast Siddhi) and has the power to give rebirth to dead.

3-Those who are practicing Vastu Shastra and other Spiritual practices should place this picture in WestSouthWest of their home in Golden Frame to attain Supernatural Powers.

4-The north-west Vastu zone is that which gets you support (financial) of banks and relevant persons in your ventures. Make sure that zone is Vastu-compliant. The north-northwest and south zones will both boost sales if you have a manufacturing set-up. In the former zone, keep working samples of your products and see how sales pick up. In the south, put up your company brand and fame will follow!

5-Simply hang a picture of a prosperous village scene in the west Vastu zone. You will soon be the proud owner of the desired property! Also remember to keep all important property and investment-related papers in the west Vastu zone.

6-Remove your Money Blockages

The mantra given is very powerful and helpful in opening up your Root ChakraIn English it can be written as OM SHREEM SUKHAY MULADHAAR SUKHAY MULADHAAR MUKTAAY NAMO NAMAH

Sit in a half lotus position and chant this mantra at least 21 times daily and see the changes in 15 days.