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06 FACTS;-

1- Right placement of Safe (place to keep money) in your house is vital for saving money. Natural attribute of West-South-West direction is accumulation. So, the ideal location to keep a Safe is in between West and South-West directions.

2-When it is placed there, it naturally attracts more savings for you. Ideally, its doors should open towards EAST.In the west, the main colours are white and yellow. This is good location for the safe. Use round shapes as these represent the Earth element here.

3-The west-southwest is the zone of savings. Keep this clean and use as a place for studies. You may also keep money and valuables in an iron safe in this area-this will ensure your wealth remains safe.

4-The another most appropriate direction for keeping a safe or a locker and other valuables in your home is in the North. It should also be noted that the safe should not face the East. The safe kept in the NORTH and also facing towards the NORTH gives you the best results.

5-The NORTH is considered auspicious for storing wealth because Lord Kuber, the God of Wealth, resides in this direction.

6-Placement of a picture of Goddess Laxmi or Lord Ganesha or five to seven silver coins in the locker can consistently attract more wealth. Having a safe as per MahaVastu guidelines will not only help in increasing savings, but will also ensure more earnings.


03 FACTS;-

1- MahaVastu research has found that like all objects, the energies emitted through the safe communicates and reacts with the energies present in the building. Metal or any other element that the safe is made of or even its colour determines the nature of energy it emits.

2-Material of Safe/Locker – Safe should preferably be made up of Iron or Steel. But care must be taken while placing it.Steel Almirah or Safe must be placed in WEST direction only.When placed in EAST, it will hamper savings. If it is to be placed in EAST or in NORTH, wooden Almirah serves the purpose.

3-If the safe is used for storing valuables for long durations, it is advisable to use one that is made of iron and is painted in cream colour, as it makes the safe positive and enables it to be in sync with the nature of the NORTH zone.


02 FACTS;-

1-MahaVastu calculations on the size of the safe have found that a safe of 6 ½ inches by 10 inches or 15 inches by 19 inches makes it auspicious. Having a safe as per MahaVastu guidelines will not only help in increasing savings, but will also ensure more earnings.

2-If the purpose of safe is to store money for everyday use, then it can be of iron or of wood, but its size should not be compromised. To ensure that it remains profitable, it should never be kept empty.


It is always better to paint your Safe in cream colour. Safe placed in WESTERN segment can also be painted in grey. You can also opt for brown or wooden finish if it is to be placed in EAST or in NORTH direction.


You’re facing while keeping or taking out money from the Safe does affect your savings. When you face WEST, you are able to make better decisions regarding utilization of money and accordingly decide whether money should be taken out or not.


07 FACTS;-

1-If you are not able to save money despite having a good income. Check if the toilet in your house is located in the West or in West-South-West direction? Because that will drain all your savings. If it is so, you need not demolish it. Just paint yellow colour there and you will experience magical increase in your savings.

2-You can ensure financial strength and balance by checking the west (capital and gains), northwest (support), north (money and opportunities), south-east (initiating spark).

3-Money, opportunities, gains and capital will flow smoothly and a steady spark will be present if these zones are in order. For instance, the main colour scheme in the SE ought to be red, and the kitchen should be here. 4-A study and iron safe bring good results in the north, and pictures of lush fields or a cottage scene in the west ensure capital gains.

5-Also check these zones— east-southeast (churning) and west-northwest (depression and anxiety). If these are imbalanced, thought processes also are, resulting in poor decision-making. Ensure these are balanced and use the areas as storage space for shoes and other utility items. Do not spend too much time here.

6-Keep a Gullak (coin saving pot) in WSW direction of your office table, the direction of savings. Start saving or procuring money for growth and expansion.

7-If you are an investor, when you invest in shares, keep your desk in the WEST Vastu zone, and make decisions seated here. It will benefit you as this is the area of capital and gains. If you work in the EAST-SOUTHEAST Vastu zone, you will remain confused and make the wrong choices. Avoid the SOUTH-SOUTHWEST and WEST-NORTH-WEST Vastu zones, too-these will cause financial damage.