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02 FACTS;-

1-In this materialistic world where life is plagued with stress and anxiety, everyone wants a happy home oozing with positive energy that instrumental towards leading a comfortable and fulfilling life.Every home has its own energy and when an individual starts living in this place, the energy begins to influence them in one way or the other.

2-Ensure that the negative zones, the NORTH-NORTH WEST, SOUTH SOUTH EAST and EAST SOUTH EAST are in balance. These areas should be used for ridding oneself of negativity-be it depression or rubbish. When these are healthy, delays will not occur; timely decisions are made and what is no longer of use is easily put away.


There are many negative energies generated in a house or a workplace. Their source could be the earth’s surface below the structure, the walls etc. Following are some of the proven and quick tips for fixing the flaws or the negative energies in a construction using Vastu:-

07 FACTS;-

1-Vastu Shastra not only tells you about the ideal zones, it also tells you how to curb the negative energies in case there is a Vastu fault. The Shastra is not about fault-finding – it is about finding solutions to problems. For example, if you already have a bedroom in EAST-SOUTH-EAST, then what you need to do is counter its negative effects. This can be easily done by painting the walls in either light cream – towards the shade of yellow, not white – or in a very light tone of pastel green. These colours on the walls will absorb the stress and anxiety levels to a great extent.

2-For instance, to negate effects of store room or the bed room in the wrong direction, MahaVastu practitioner may only recommend a change in the colour of walls, movement of a few objects or addition of a few paintings or art effects. For instance, in case of getting rid of lethargy, apart from other solutions, one of the remedies include placement of an artificial deer or a statue of a deer on the floor or on table in the WEST zone of the house.

3-MahaVastu says that deer in this zone emanates vibrations that fill its occupants with youthful energy and they do not feel tired easily or become lethargic. Deer’s presence infuses vitality and speed into any sluggish system. This MahaVastu remedy encourages people to work and perform better, usually, beyond their expected capabilities.

4-According to the study of Vastu Shastra, the entrance for the house has to be viewed as the mouth of the house that transmits positive or negative energy into the house. The philosophy of Vastu advocates the negative effects of each entrance; for example, the East entrance of a house is related to fire, accidents and unexpected losses for the inhabitants.

5-As per MahaVastu, the South entrance creates negative effects for the children (boys) of the house. Your financial stability may also get affected by the entrance in the West zone of your home. People develop a feeling of jealousy for the residents who have their entrances in the North zone of their homes.

6-The West-North-West zone of depression & detoxification should be used for making a room for weeping, as this zone helps in the purgation of all your emotions and helps in releasing mental suffocation. Therefore, shift your toilet to the West-North-West zone to flush out and get rid of negativity from one’s life.

7- What should be done to negate the ill effects of the NORTH-NORTH-WEST zone?.... Well, the very first step is to find out what is placed in the zone and ensure that it is not being used as a dump, that no waste products or heavy products are placed in the area. The best thing to put in the zone is the couple’s wedding photograph, or any happy picture of the couple. Else, a portrait of Radha and Krishna will also do. At the same time, there could be other parallel conflicts in the zone, which you would get to understand only after thoroughly understanding the concepts of Vastu Shastra .


1-Avoid a bedroom in the South-South-West, the zone of Disposal and Expenditure; it leads to excessive and unnecessary Expenditure & Wastage.

2-Also check these zones— east-southeast (churning) and west-northwest (depression and anxiety). If these are imbalanced, thought processes also are, resulting in poor decision-making. Ensure these are balanced and use the areas as storage space for shoes and other utility items. Do not spend too much time here. Ask the MahaVastu expert for simple remedies that will treat these zones.

3- A bedroom in the East-South-East zone of Anxiety & Churning causes family feuds and instability in relationships. However, this zone is suitable for those who are involved in research and scientific work.

4-The West-North-West zone of depression & detoxification should be used for making a room for weeping, as this zone helps in the purgation of all your emotions and helps in releasing mental suffocation. Therefore, shift your toilet to the West-North-West zone to flush out and get rid of negativity from one’s life.


05 FACTS;-

1-The Right Placement of Kitchen Vastu for a kitchen is important since it represents the “Fire” Element so it is advisable to plan your kitchen according to Vastu recommendations. It is advised to keep the medicines away from the kitchen. South-east is considered ideal for the kitchen.

2-Meditation Muses Yoga and meditation are recommended for those who are suffering from mental agony or other psychological diseases. A meditation for around 15-20 minutes in a day with the chanting of mantras helps to infuse positivity and good energy in the surroundings.

3- Swastika – A Holy Symbol Swastika is considered to be the symbol of wealth and prosperity; therefore, hanging a Swastika in the North-East zone can harmonise your living space with the universal cosmic energy.

4-Right Selection of Paintings Be cautious to select the right Vastu zone for hanging a particular painting. The expressions and colours in the painting need to be considered and should be in sync with the attributes of the 16 MahaVastu zones.

5- A Mirror at the Main Entrance is Strictly Prohibited It is advised to avoid placing a mirror at the main entrance of your home.

These are some of the many MahaVastu Tips that are fruitful in keeping negative energy at bay at your home.


04 FACTS;-

1-Do you sometimes wonder as to why, despite all your efforts, you could not achieve your goals? Most of you would not be aware of the fact that your actions are directly influenced by your work place and living space.

2-According to the Vastu Shastra, if the purpose of an activity does not match with the purpose of the energy of a zone, then there is an imbalance which can cause negativity in your lives. Hence, you can reduce the negativity of the affected zone with the MahaVastu remedy- Pyramid

3- Attract prosperity by keeping a Pyramid on the floor, which helps in enhancing the energy, responsible for bringing in more money. So, try this simple remedy and get your efforts recognised..

4-Following are the Vastu tips for the placement of a Pyramid:

A-Explore New Ideas

Get new & bright ideas with a Pyramid in the North-East zone of your home/office.

B-Marriage in Trouble?

Keep a Pyramid in the North-North-West zone, as it helps in improving your married life.

C-Maintain your Health

Ensure good health by placing a Pyramid on the floor in the North-North-East zone of your building.

D-Fulfill your Wishes

Let all your wishes be fulfilled with a Pyramid in the West zone of your home.

E-Make New Possibilities

Create more opportunities with a Pyramid in the North zone of your house.

Therefore, restore mental clarity by placing a Pyramid in the aforementioned zones of your home.


08 FACTS;-

1-All the stresses, pressures and anxieties are basically an outcome of the flow of the negative energy around you. And all these elements of the outside world can easily be dealt with if your house is in sync with the universal energy system. A house that is made as per the Vastu Shastra guidelines is immune to any negativity, and it ensures that the family that resides in it is always calm and at peace - the stresses that they face in their everyday life get negated by the positivity of their living space.

2-Anxiety is caused if the occupants of the house start sleeping in the Vastu zone of churning -East-South-East (ESE). Another cause of anxiety is practising yoga or offering prayers in this zone.

3-If this zone is cut it will make the person restless thereby multiplying the levels of anxiety further. Similarly, an extension of this zone will make him over analytical. Sleeping here leads to disturbed relationships and health. Hence, bedroom in East-South-East is a strict no.

4-However, if your bedroom is already in this zone, it does not mean that you have to deconstruct the house or shift your bedroom to a less comforting room. Vastu Shastra not only tells you about the ideal zones, it also tells you how to curb the negative energies in case there is a Vastu fault. Just paint the walls in either light cream. It will absorb the stress and anxiety levels to a great extent.

5-Another zone that affects mental health and is primarily seen as the cause of acute depression is West-North-West. Bedroom should be avoided in this area of the house as well. Depression can also be caused if you create a temple or a prayer room in South-South-West, which is marked as the zone of expenditure and wastage.

6-Likewise, dumping things or locating a store room or a toilet in the North-East direction of the house can leave the occupants in a state of depression.

7-Although the most impactful solution is to shift the activities to their respective zones, it may not always be possible due to paucity of space or other reasons. You can opt for many alternative solutions like using appropriate colours or lights.

8-Apart from getting rid of anxiety by following the above-mentioned solutions, one can also move ahead with more agility by simply placing a sculpture of a deer in the West-North-West zone and also by placing a washing machine in the same, as it will wash away the bad experiences of the past and help you start afresh - with the promise of little or no stress and anxiety in the future.