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04 FACTS;-

Bedroom is the place where a person spends more than 6-8 hours a day. So, it has maximum effect on the mental state of the person.

2-Avoid placing it in the zone of depression and low moods – WEST-NORTH-WEST.When a person regularly

sleeps in this direction, he or she is likely to suffer with ailments like Thyroid. If your bedroom is already located in this direction, you can get it painted in cream colour. Along with this placing a brass deer will help you get rid of your negativity.

3-Bedroom must also be avoided in the zone of disposal, i.e.,SOUTH SOUTH WEST.The Vastu zones that should be avoided are the EAST-SOUTH-EAST, SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST and WEST-NORTH-WEST. In the first zone, over-analysis, churning and obsessive thinking will affect relationships, health and sleep. In the second zone, all three factors will get degraded, deposited and wasted away, as this is the primary function of this zone. In the third zone, depression will reign supreme.

4-In already built up flats and houses these bedrooms can be treated by using light pastel wall colours. Lastly, the NORTH-EAST zone or ‘devsthan’ may be used by old people, but sleeping here can cause dementia.


A Bedroom is generally a place where you relax and take a break from your busy schedule or your daily mundane activities. Hence, you need to choose the bedroom according to the guidelines of Vastu Shastra.Now, let us list out the different MahaVastu Zones used for bedrooms and the different Attributes of each zone:-


1-The bedroom of your house should be ideally located in the South zone of Rest, Relaxation & Fame.

2-A bedroom in the West Vastu zone of Gains is also considered favourable in Vastu. However, according to MahaVastu, one should never sleep with his/her head in the North zone as it leads to many health problems and diseases. This has a scientific basis to it as well.

3-East – Sleeping in this Vastu zone helps to get a seat in the ministry/parliament and helps in making you socially very interactive.

4-East-North-East (ENE) – A bedroom in this zone brings in joy, inner happiness and a sense of leading a meaningful life. A bedroom in this zone is suitable for the old people.

5-South-South-East (SSE) – It is advisable to sleep in this zone, as it strengthens your mental and physical growth.

6-South- East (SE) – This zone is considered to be the zone of Fire, so sleeping in this zone is not recommended, as it leads to a short-tempered nature.

7-East-South-East (ESE) – Sleeping in this zone causes family instability and disturbed relationships. It may also lead to hypertension in persons sleeping in this zone.

8-North-West (NW) – This zone is highly beneficial for those who need financial assistance and bank loans.

9-West-North-West (WNW) – A bedroom in this zone is a big ‘NO’, as it is a place for Kop Bhavan- i.e., a place one retreats to whenever he/she is annoyed with somebody.


Shift your bed from the West-North-West, East-South-East and the South-South-West zones, as they are the negative zones

11-A bedroom in the East-South-East zone of Anxiety & Churning causes family feuds and instability in relationships. However, this zone is suitable for those who are involved in research and scientific work..

12-The ideally beneficial Vastu zones for a bedroom are SOUTH, WEST and EAST. Depending on which occupation you follow, this selection can be refined further. The SOUTH is the Vastu zone for relaxation and fame. It will induce calm, peace and a healthy, relaxed life plus monetary gains. The WEST zone is the area of gains and capital and this will promote financial gains and prosperity in every aspect of your life. 13-Bedroom in NORTH great boon for carrier this bedroom come with minor sleep related problem.

14-NORTH-EAST zone or ‘devsthan’ may be used by old people, but sleeping here can cause dementia. 15-The EAST zone of social associations will be a healthy and happy bedroom for you. For students and youngsters, the WEST zone is beneficial. There are documented case studies in which MahaVastu consultants just shifted the bedroom of Politicians and bureaucrats in the EAST and it helped them achieve not only a bright, successful public life but cabinet profiles as well.

16-The NORTH is good for career-oriented persons. The SOUTH-WEST zone is good, except that married couples sleeping here will expect too much from each other, which could be stressful. The WEST SOUTH-WEST zone will benefit a stock broker.

17-The ideally beneficial Vastu zones for a bedroom are SOUTH, WEST and EAST. Depending on which occupation you follow, this selection can be refined further.

18-The SOUTH is the Vastu zone for relaxation and fame. It will induce calm, peace and a healthy, relaxed life plus monetary gains.

19-The WEST zone is the area of gains and capital and this will promote financial gains and prosperity in every aspect of your life.

20-If you have a bedroom in between EAST-SOUTH-EAST, which as per MahaVastu is the zone of anxiety, you will not be able to relax and will have frequent disagreements with your spouse. When made in between South and SOUTH-WEST directions it will devoid you of your efforts and will make you feel as if your life is worthless. Similarly, Toilet made in between NORTH- NORTH-EAST direction will weaken your immunity and you will fall ill quite often. When made in NORTH, a toilet will block your career and income.

21-Bedroom - NORTH-WEST bedroom, highly Beneficial’s for those who need for bank or institutional loan funding or financial backup.

22-SOUTH-WEST Bedroom helps in Acquiring New Skills and Keep Honing the Old Ones.

23-Bedroom in EAST-SOUTH-EAST increases Anxiety and Churning in its occupants.

24-Bedroom in NORTH-NORTH-EAST provides relief to sick patients but prolonged usage leads to Weak Immunity and Cough Related Problems.

25- Bedroom in NORTH-NORTH-WEST Vastu zone is good for Newly Wed Couples.

26-Bedroom in SOUTH give Peaceful and Relaxed Life with Calm Mind.

27-Bedroom in SOUTH-EAST-increases motivation to do a work but prolonged usage lead to aggressive behavior.

28-Bedroom in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST (SSE) Vastu Zone to develop Great Mental and Physical Strength.

29-Bedroom in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST causes No Result of Efforts, Loose Body Vitality and Develop Health Problems

30- Bedroom in WEST attracts Money and Gains in all aspects of Life.

31- Bedroom in WEST-SOUTH-WEST is Excellent for Students and for those who are willing to take risks in Stock Market.

32- Boost your Strength and Confidence with Kitchen in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST Direction.

33-Burdened with High Debts, Shift your Bed from SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST Zone.

34-Burn Bad Past with Fire in West-North-West.


03 FACTS;-

In addition to all these, colours also play a significant role in creating a positive energy around us. Some colours motivate and inspire us, while some create a desire for intimacy, love and passion. There are also colours that distract us creating a negative feeling around us.

2-For example, if you paint the walls of your room located in the WEST of the SOUTH-WEST direction (WSW) in Grey or in shades of Blue, it will enhance/promote Creativity and Practice of Knowledge. 3-Red, Pink or Purple are considered to be Romantic Colour sand should be preferably used for the Bedrooms in the SOUTH direction.


05 FACTS;-

1-Living room is the heart of a house. It’s the place where you spend time with your family and entertain your guests. Best direction for living room should be NORTH-EAST or EAST but it depends on the direction house faces. For north or east facing house living room should be in NORTH-EAST. For a SOUTH facing house it can be in SOUTH-EAST.

2-For WEST facing house living room can be in NORTH-WEST direction. Color of the walls in living room should be light. White, cream, yellow, orange, green, blue all in lighter shade can be a good option. Light colors brighten up the space and make it appear larger as well. Placement of furniture in living room should be in SOUTH-WEST and west direction.

3-Owner of the house should always sit in SOUTH-WEST or WEST direction facing either NORTH-EAST or EAST. Reason is that sun rays and fresh air from east and north direction ensures positivity.

4-Furniture should be rectangular or square and there is always some space left between wall and furniture to ensure the free flow of air. Placement of furniture should be done in a way that it should appear uncluttered and allows free movement of the dwellers.

5-Avoid seating area under a beam as it can increase your stress. Better idea is to conceal the beam with false ceiling. All the electronic and electrical gadgets should draw power from socket placed in east or SOUTH-EAST direction. T.V should be placed in a direction in such a way that viewer should face EAST or NORTH direction.


12 FACTS;-

1-Drawing Room in WEST is more Productive and Fruitful for Business Meetings.

2-Drawing Room - Does everyone who comes Home gives you a Free Health Tips? This is one of the Effect of Drawing Room in NORTH-NORTH-EAST Zone.

3-Drawing Room - Meetings prove Fruitless if your Drawing Room is in EAST-SOUTH-EAST zone.

4-Drawing room - The energy generated by EAST zone facilitates the social connectivity. It is the ideal zone for a drawing room.

5-Drawing room in EAST everlasting social bonds are formed.

6-Drawing Room in NORTH is good for having New Money making Opportunities.

7- Drawing room in NORTH, new opportunity and new possibility of making money emerge that involve the skill and capabilities of all the people involved in discussion.

8-Drawing Room in NORTH-NORTH-WEST (NNW) Vastu Zone. Inhabitants keep in meeting and helping others without actually getting monetary benefits for their own selves.

9-Drawing Room in NORTH-WEST Direction Ensures Fruitful Meetings that Involves Negotiations for the Inhabitants.

10- Drawing Room in SOUTH gives more Relaxed Meetings.

11- Drawing Room in WEST-NORTH-WEST is mostly used for sharing your problems with the visitors.

12-Drawing room- People will always talk about Studies, Education and Government Related issues if you have your Drawing Room in WEST-SOUTH-WEST Vastu Zone.


05 FACTS;-

1-Septic Tank in EAST-NORTH-EAST makes people lethargic with a sense of Heaviness. They never feel refreshed, some of the all family member of the family suffer for the constipation and need external stimulants to be refreshed.

2-Septic Tank in EAST-SOUTH-EAST Zone is one of the Most Favorable Location.