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09 FACTS;-

1-Guest Bedroom is allowed in WEST-NORTH-WEST, the zone of Depression as per Vastu Shastra.

2- Guest room in EAST, improve your association and connectivity with your guest

3-Guest room in EAST-SOUTH-EAST – if you are fed up with frequent and long stays of your guests and want to get rid of them then this is the ideal place for your guests in your home. Otherwise avoid

4-Guest Room in NORTH – new opportunities appear in the form of guests (non-permanent) in your life. Should be avoid here

5- Guest room in NORTH-EAST, good... Atithi devo vava

6-Guest room in NORTH-NORTH-WEST- can be used for the guests for your family, outsider should avoid here.

7-Guest Room in NORTH-WEST (NW) Vastu Zone- avoid here as it creates problem for you getting help and support in the hour of need

8-Guest room in SOUTH- this zone is not recommended for making a guest bed room it proves problematic for reorganization of your effort by society.

9-Guest Room in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST (SSE) Vastu Zone. You feel more secured and strong with your guest around , permissible...

10- Guest room in WEST, with a guest bedroom here you are not able to realize full result of your efforts, your gains appear temporarily, so avoid here.


11 FACTS;-

1-Family Members will discuss more about Social Affairs if Family Lounge is in EAST Direction.

2 - Family Lounge in NORTH – it leads to more discussions to career and growth in life. A person value advise and suggestions of his family in the matter of carriers. They were also become more calculating their family relationships.

3-Family lounge in NORTH-NORTH-EAST, here family members will be more conscious about health , always thinking of taking better care of themselves.

4-Family lounge in NORTH-NORTH-WEST , family member will draw pleasure out of sitting together in this place.

5-Family Lounge in NORTH-WEST (NW) – it ensures timely support of family members (especially, in term of finance) in the hour of need.

6-Family Lounge in SOUTH is a Good Place to Relax.

7-Family Lounge in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST (SSE) Vastu Zone- it will help the family member derive strength from their own company, namely, the feeling of being together. Any member of the family who is in low mood can be feel positive and confident by having a chat with other members at this place.

8-Family Lounge in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) – it will lead to gradual loss of the will among the members to sit with and talk to each other. Discussion taking place here are unlikely to reach any conclusion.

9-Family Lounge in SOUTH-WEST (SW) – siting in this zone , the eldest of the family will inculcate deep revenge and bondage with their ancestors and will except the same kind of emotions and attitude from the younger ones for themselves.

10-Family Lounge in WEST – in such a family longue people will reckon their relations or family member as an asset, they also become positive of their family. The nature of discussion will related to materialistic wealth, saving and profits.

11- Family Members disagree with each other's thought, if there is a Dustbin in SouthWest zone.



15 FACTS;-

1-The dining room or area has a special place in vaastu shastra. The room should contain a table large enough for family and guests to entertain with food. Keep in mind that the dining area is directly related to the health, harmony as well as prosperity of the family. A good dining room, which has been made using vaastu principles, often brings strength to all members of the family.

2-A dining room that is in harmony will naturally strengthen human relationships among friends and family.Regardless of whether you take your meal at the dining table regularly or not, there are some simple vaastu suggestions about the dining room that you want to observe.

3-Suggestions:-The shape supports the energy flow, so the dining table should ideally be in a spuare or rectangular shape.As per vaastu, square or rectangular shape represents the stability.

4-People at the dining table should never face south while taking a meal.The master of the house should occupy the most important chair which is at south west side facing north or east.

5-Any painting placed near the dining area should be cheerful and attractive.Place images of fruits, vegetables, greenery or something which stimulate your appetite. The display of sad art has no place in the dining area. Dining with your family should be a fun and happy experience.

6-According to ancient books on vaastu, it is recommended to place dining table towards the west part of the house.

7-Avoid placing a dining table below the beam. Overhead beam carries burden of the whole building structure, which causes pressing down the luck.

8-It is beneficial to use mirror in the dining room. It also stimulates energy flow, which in turn stimulates conversation.

9-A dining room should be free of distraction including televisions, clutter, and large amounts of table top .It is beneficial to use mirror in the dining room.

10-Place posters or photos of mouth-watering dishes in dining area to arouse hunger.

11-Dining Room or Table Should not be next to Toilet.

12-While Having Lunch or Dinner in Dining Room play continuous music at dining room, the music like Veena, Flute, Shehnai, Harmonium, Gettuvadyam, Sitar, Tabala, Nagaswaram, Gitar, Sarod, Mridangam, Piano, Tabla, Violin, Saxophone, Chenda, Tambura etc.

13-While dining; head of the family must face East. Rest of the family members can face East, North or West.

14-Children should not sit in South-West corner of dining table as this will make them to gain control of house overpower their parents.

15-No one from the family should face South while dining else it causes small disputes among family members.East, North or West walls are best for doors of dining room; avoid door in South wall.


06 FACTS;-

1-Dining in NORTH-NORTH-EAST , here gives good health a person becomes more health conscious and careful about his diet

2-Dining Room in NORTH-EAST gives a religious bent of Mind. People take more of Liquid Diet and Fast a Lot.

3-Dining room in NORTH-WEST – people get support and help when required, leading to fulfillment of their desires

4-Dining room in SOUTH-EAST zone, a dining hall in this zone works as an appetizer. People try to have their meals on times. Its improve digestion, but makes the person more aggressive in nature

5-Dining Room in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST (SSE) – food eaten in this zone not only digested easily, but also provides required nutrients and strength to the body, thus having a healing effects

6-Dining Room in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) – family members are reluctant to use this dining hall. food eaten here does not provide any strengthen or nutrition to the body , rather, regular use of it area for dining leads to health problem.