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Do not hang the mirrors on walls in the west or south, as it is believed that they would reflect back the positive energy.One can hang the family photos on the SW wall so as to receive solar energy. Do not keep broken mirrors in the house. Mirrors can be placed on the north or east walls.

08 FACTS;-


Cure the cut-corners: As per Vaastu science, if the north-eastern corner of a building, room, office or living area is cut, it constitutes to be one of the major Vaastu defect. In order to cure this serious Vaastu flaw, one can fix-up, paste or hook-up a mirror in north-eastern walls. This shall work as an article to expand that cut or reduced corner and subsequently the presence and movement of ‘Yang’ (positive) energy shall drastically improve in the cut corner.


If one has a south-west facing premises, use the reflective glasses in the window panes located in south-west directions. They should give the mirror effect from out side, not from inside. The glare from the exterior shall ward-off the negative energy entering the house from the negative direction of south-west.


For anti clockwise staircase:-

The staircase should always be turning clockwise while going up, but if the staircase is wrongly built i.e. anti-clockwise, we can use a 2 X 4 square feet sized vertical mirror on the front wall inside the staircase. This shall revert back the negative rotation to right turn, thus the defect shall diminish without making the physical changes.

4- Removal of the impact of negative toilets:-

The toilet should not be placed in north or eastern directions. This brings ill fortune to the inmates. Even, if the toilet is located in the Ishaan corner (north-east) this may ruin the entire family and renders to it hand to mouth according to Vaastu Shastra. Therefore, in order to set-off the negativity of such a toilet, fix up a full length mirror on the toilet’s door, outside the toilet. This shall bring in something positive from the front side of the toilet, thus the negativities of the toilet shall substantially come down.

5-Remedy of wrongly placed ‘columns’:-

Sometimes the builder or civil contractor erects the columns on the ‘Marma-sthan’ i.e. the most sensitive area of the premises. In most of the cases the column or pillar is found in the extreme middle area of the house or commercial hall. This central area is called the Bramha-sthan of the premises and even a little load in this most sensitive part of the Vaastu-purush is enough to destruct the family physically and financially. In such a case, wrapping of the mirror around such column eases the position.

6-Treat the ‘Shar-chi’ (negativity) of main entrance:-

If there exists an electric pole, a ‘T’ junction, a transformer, temple, Dharam Shala, jail, graveyard or ugly looking structure just in front of your main entrance, then hang a ‘Pakua’ mirror (a round shaped convex mirror used in ‘Fengshui, the Chinese art of Vaastu’) on the front wall of your building in such a way that it faces the negative area defined here above.

7-Turning the negative facing of the building:-

If the main door or main entrance lies in the ‘Yam’ or ‘Pitra’ area located in the middle of south or in south west and the entrance starts from the south direction itself, one can use a mirror in front of entrance i.e. on a wall erected in front of entry. This shall sufficiently nullify the negative impact of the wrongly placed entry.

8-Mirror effect ; -

Placing a mirror on the WESTERN wall in between WEST - NORTH-WEST directions creates feeling of failure. A person feels as if he or she is not able to match with the expected level of performance or results. Removing or covering this mirror with a piece of cloth removes the problem.