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06 FACTS;---

The foundation of vastushastra is doing activity by understanding the flow of energies in different directions in a building. The direction we face while doing any activity greatly effects it's outcome. We start imbibing the characteristics of the direction we face. vastu gives clear guide lines on thinking, work and directions.


If you want to focus on money sit facing North.


To connect with people for social or political purposes, you should face East.


To enhance your performance in the field of art and design, you should work facing West.


To connect with your soul or divine guide, you should sit facing North-East.


Similarly in a business organization, planning people should sit facing West,while marketing people should sit facing North. Sales people should face West, finance and management people work well if they are facing East. Production team if works facing West, results are excellent.


A-Students of law can achieve better results facing South while science, logic, architecture students will gain if facing West.

B-Religious studies or philosophy students are best while facing East direction.

3-North is the direction for political or administrative studies.


3-Green sceneries should be placed towards North for new opportunities and growth. MahaVastu gives you proven Vastu formulas that have instant results. There is no need for demolitions or reconstructions.


06 FACTS;-

To Bring in Positive Energy into Your Home

1-The Right Placement of Kitchen

Vastu for a kitchen is important since it represents the “Fire” Element so it is advisable to plan your kitchen according to Vastu recommendations. It is advised to keep the medicines away from the kitchen. South-east is considered ideal for the kitchen.

2-Meditation Muses

Yoga and meditation are recommended for those who are suffering from mental agony or other psychological diseases. A meditation for around 15-20 minutes in a day with the chanting of mantras helps to infuse positivity and good energy in the surroundings.

3-Swastika symbol ;-

A Holy Symbol

Swastika is considered to be the symbol of wealth and prosperity; therefore, hanging a Swastika in the North-East zone can harmonise your living space with the universal cosmic energy.


03 FACTS;-

1-The major element which is responsible for cash flow is the fire in your home. Fire can have different forms-It can be in the form of physical fire or red colour. Then further, Red colour can be in the form of flowers, lamps, curtains, or any other object. The whole family of red colour is responsible for your cash flow whether it is pink, mauve, purple, red or even orange.

2- The north area should have fresh flowers in a green vase. The west zone should have silver statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to remove hurdles and enhance financial prospects.

3-The colour and its direction will decide whether the money would flow in your house or not. That’s the reason why kitchen has been given such an importance in Vastu Shastra.


05 FACTS;-

1-When you open the door for alcohol, it can come anytime and destroy you completely.Not many people are aware of the fact that vastu can help you controlling or even quitting drinking habits effectively.

2-People don’t quit drinking despite the fact of risking their lives . Overcoming an addiction can be a long process and you may find it difficult to stay in control. But, don’t give up until you hit the rock bottom and not until you see a drastic change at your personal front.

3-Quitting alcohol is a clever decision. There are still opposing forces fighting against your will and this is normal because alcohol has managed to condition your consciousness as a useful and risk-free companion.

4-People usually think of getting results out of nowhere or giving up on hope

These magical vastu tricks can help you shut the door on alcohol. Not just the door, but close the main gate as well, so that it does not even reach your door.

5-Secret Vastu Tips to Stop Drinking:-

A-Placement of Liquor Bottles

Keep liquor bottles in the South-South-West i.e., the zone of disposal to get rid of this habit.

B-Bar in the East-North-East zone always helps you to enjoy drinking. It is advised to shift your bar from this zone of recreation & fun in order to save your life in the longer run.