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SIGNIFICANCE OF A KITCHEN;- 07 FACTS;- 1-The quality of fire will quantify the amount of money you will Vastu for kitchen is important since kitchen represents the “Fire” element. Fire, in controlled environment, is beneficial, but if the fire goes out of hand then it obliterates everything and anything in its way. 2-As actual fire transforms uncooked or raw food into edible one, in the same manner, symbolic fire provides heat to your physical body and desires to your spiritual self for everything in life. 3-If symbolic fire within you died; You start to lose hope in life; all the “burning desires” come to end; your body becomes cold. On the other hand, what would happen if the same fire – symbolic one – goes out of control? You start to suffer medically, the “burning desires” will make you mentally sick and you start to lose your position, respect and dignity in society. Now, you see, why is it important to have kitchen as per vastu shastra? 3- Kitchen is where healthy and nutritious food is cooked. Kitchen is the place of transformation – because it’s in the kitchen where all the raw and uncooked food is transformed into delicious meals. The same food then provides “energy” to family members. The energy that you receive by consuming the food is positive one – that’s why it makes you feel good, happy and contented. 4-What can happen if the same food starts to instill negative energy .Everything in this universe is energy. Fire is also an expression of energy.A controlled fire is beneficial i.e. it is positive energy with respect to you and uncontrolled fire is disastrous i.e. negative energy. 5-Now, imagine – due to vastu defect, which is imbalance in energy –your kitchen starts to give off negative energy rather that positive ones. What happens next? The negative energy starts to affect you physically and mentally. You start to feel the negative impacts on your body and mind.

6-Obviously, you lose your health; with degrading health you don’t stand a chance to manage your day to day work; you start to become frustrated and this repercussions list can go on and on and on.

7-It is therefore very important for you to make your kitchen as per rules and regulations of vastu shastra so that the kitchen generates and enhances positive energy, suppressing – and even eliminating – negative ones. CAN WE ATTRACT FINANCIAL SECURITY & GOOD RELATIONSHIP THROUGH KITCHEN ?

03 FACTS; - 1-The major element which is responsible for cash flow is the fire in your home. Fire can have different forms-It can be in the form of physical fire or red colour. Then further, Red colour can be in the form of flowers, lamps, curtains, or any other object. The whole family of red colour is responsible for your cash flow whether it is pink, mauve, purple, red or even orange. 2-The colour and its direction will decide whether the money would flow in your house or not. That’s the reason why kitchen has been given such an importance in Vastu Shastra. 3-Can a kitchen play any role in maintaining your cash flow? Yes, definitely. Kitchen plays a vital role in maintaining the financial matters of your home. Kitchen carries the burner (fire) and the fire determines money flow.Here’s the List of Problems;- A-Health Loss ;– loss of health for the cook and head of the family, lethal diseases and untimely death. B-Financial Loss; – financial condition deteriorates, credits goes up, bankruptcy. C-Family Disputes; – Clashes within family, separation or divorce and these are – very few. So it becomes very important to know the suitable and not so suitable directions for you kitchen. Here are the different effects of kitchen when placed in different zones of your home. SIGNIFICANT 16 DIRECTIONS OF KITCHEN;-

13 FACTS; -

1-Kitchen in EAST-NORTH-EAST makes people desperate for Fun and Enjoyment in Life.

2-Kitchen in EAST-SOUTH-EAST Vastu zone creates Frequent and Continuous Clashes among the Family Members. It is also the cause of Diabetes in Males of those Homes.

3- NORTH-WEST ;-A kitchen in North-West direction is acceptable but it leads to increase in monetary expenditure.If balanced, the kitchen in North-West zone gives good results but if imbalanced it will hamper support from banks.

4-NORTH ;- The kitchen in the NORTH,NNE,NNW ;imbalances the water element and opportunities stop coming to you which again leads to financial insecurity .NNE kitchen causes health problems.

5- Kitchen in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST Direction causes Severe Violent Clashes between Husband and his Soul. A person and his son.

6-WEST;-The kitchen in this zone gives financial gains only if it is balanced.Never face west while cooking as this leads to severe health problems to the cook.If – while cooking – the cook faces south then family has to face monetary losses.

7-Kitchen in WEST-NORTH-WEST (WNW) – wife keep complaining about habits and nature of her husband otherwise it is good for the family.

8-Kitchen in WEST-SOUTH-WEST (WSW) - affects your saving badly, your children find it hard to secure good marks despite making best efforts. 9-NORTH -EAST ;- North-East is the zone of water. The kitchen in this zone will disturb the attribute of this zone – which means it will disturb the peace of your mind. With the kitchen in this zone, the fire gets weak and you will suffer financial losses due to your own wrong decisions. 10-EAST ;- The kitchen in this zone is OK but you will spend more money to create social associations. 11-SOUTH -EAST ;- The kitchen in this zone is ok if there is no black granite in it because black is water element & the fire gets weak. 12-SOUTH & SSE;- With kitchen in this zone, you will earn through branding, social recognition.To make your Restaurant Famous, Shift Kitchen to SOUTH Vastu Zone. 13-SOUTH -WEST ;- A-Kitchen in South-West leads to clashes among family members.Kitchen in this zone will ruin your relationships and expenditure will be the main reason behind your fights with your family members.

B-Kitchen in SOUTH-WEST zone, instability in carrier and poor relationship at home. Children’s also get marriage in delay.

C-SW is the direction which carries Relationship and skills attribute. SW is the earth element and having Agni in this Zone may enhance Earth element further which is not good its like anything in access is not good. So to contain fire add Earth ELEMENT- place Yellow marble under the cooker. NOTE;- Being an intelligent person you might have already understood by now that doing vastu for kitchen ensures that you and your family are protected and shielded from all negative attributes – arising out of kitchen – and hence you must take the necessary action to do vastu for your kitchen. WHAT SHOULD BE THE VASTU OF SOUTH EAST?- 07 FACTS;- 1-The SE direction lies between South & East and brings in energy from both these directions. Also, the related Fire element is "radiant" in nature (as compared to the Fire element related to the East which is mellower in nature). SE is related to Venus which represents the female. So the lady of the house may suffer most of the times if there are any Vaastu defects related to the SE direction. 2-A door in the SE direction brings in Fire i.e. anger. It creates an atmosphere of stress and tension in the family. It also brings in sickness, mostly to an elderly lady if there is one in the family. Many a times the sickness may be severe enough to make the lady bedridden, especially when a door located in the SE direction faces the South and other energies also do not support the lady. 3-The Fire element of SE is also related to married life. So if a toilet/bathroom or an underground water body or a cut is present in SE, it can cause hurdles in getting married or in married life or in conceiving a child.

4-In case of any water body or a bath room in SE, one of the daughters may remain unhappy in her married life. As a remedy, fix a picture of a burning candle on the south wall of the bath room if it falls in SE. 5-It is observed many times that entry from North West and underground water body in South East or entry from South East and water in North West can bring in loneliness or in other words, a man or a woman may not get married or has to live without a spouse. Not getting married or not conceiving come under a category of living a lonely life.

6-This NW and SE axis is very important axis for physical pleasure and NE and SW axis is very important axis for stability in life.

7-In kitchen, heavy items such as grinders, fridge and likewise items should be placed towards the west and the southern wall of the kitchen. THE FIVE KEY POINTS;- 1-There are four Purusartha; literally means an "object of human pursuit". It is a key concept in Hinduism, and refers to the four proper goals or aims of a human life. The four purusarthas are Dharma (righteousness, moral values), Artha (prosperity, economic values), Kama (pleasure, love, psychological values) and Moksha (liberation).

2-There are four DOORS in SRI YANTRA;which belongs to four directions.As soon as ,we build up our space or our SRI YANTRA of building,it comes in effect.As four directions belongs to...





3-So Fire in South creates the spark that generates wealth. Water regulates the flow of wealth. Earth stores and multiplies wealth.In this way,we can upgrade ourselves with the four aims of a human life.

4-So, keep the kitchen in the south-east or south-southeast and this will keep the spark burning strongly. The main colour should be pastel shades of red, orange and pink.

5-Weak Fire...Kitchen placed in NORTH-EAST weakens the fire in your building and in your body. This results in weakening of self-confidence and negative thinking. Using green stone in the kitchen works magically to manage this problem in already built up structures.