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07 FACTS;- 1-16 Vastu Zones in your home dramatically control and influence your relationships. For example, South-West controls relationships between husband-wife, parent-children. Similarly, North governs the relationship with clients. North-West governs relationships with Relatives who stand in your support. 2-Vaastu rules say that all directions are good. However, the internal layout of the house (position of the kitchen, toilets, bath rooms, bed rooms, mandir, main door, etc.) and cuts/extensions in the shape of the house if any, decide the benefits or losses due to the energy of any direction.

3-Thus, if the main door is in a direction which is ideal as per Vaastu rules, it will bring in good energy, but if the door is in a direction which is prohibited for an entry by Vaastu rules, it will bring in bad energy. E.g. Vaastu rules do not allow entry from the South West but insist on having the Master bed room in that direction. Thus, we see that the south west is not a good or bad direction per se; it is the best direction to have a bed room and a very bad direction to have a door.

4-The SE direction lies between South & East and brings in energy from both these directions. Also, the related Fire element is "radiant" in nature (as compared to the Fire element related to the East which is mellower in nature). SE is related to Venus which represents the female. So the lady of the house may suffer most of the times if there are any Vaastu defects related to the SE direction.

5-A door in the SE direction brings in Fire i.e. anger. It creates an atmosphere of stress and tension in the family. It also brings in sickness, mostly to an elderly lady if there is one in the family. Many a times the sickness may be severe enough to make the lady bedridden, especially when a door located in the SE direction faces the South and other energies also do not support the lady.

6-The Fire element of SE is also related married life. So if a toilet/bathroom or an underground water body or a cut is present in SE, it can cause hurdles in getting married or in married life or in conceiving a child. In case of any water body or a bath room in SE, one of the daughters may remain unhappy in her married life. As a remedy, fix a picture of a burning candle on the south wall of the bath room if it falls in SE. 7-THE NW & SE AXIS ;- It is observed many times that entry from North West and underground water body in South East or entry from South East and water in North West can bring in loneliness or in other words, a man or a woman may not get married or has to live without a spouse. Not getting married or not conceiving come under a category of living a lonely life. This NW and SE axis is very important axis for physical pleasure and very important axis for stability in life.



1-Improve Relationship with customers, Remove Red Files from NORTH Vastu Zone.

2-Improve Understanding with SPOUSE, Place your Marriage Photograph in SOUTH-WEST Direction.

3- Increase Footfall in your Shop, Display Products in NORTH-NORTH-WEST (NNW) Vastu Zone.

4-Increase Gains in Business by Removing Green Plants from WEST Zone.

5- Increase gains in your Office/Factory, Remove Clutter from WEST Vastu Zone.

6- Increase Money Flow with Flowers in NORTH in Green Vase. Real or artificial.

7- Increase Sale in Restaurant; remove Mixer from SOUTH-WEST (SW) Vastu Zone

8- Increase your saving remove red colour from WEST.

9-Inverter - One will not be able to get Help when needed, if, Inverter is kept in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST Vastu zone, the zone of Disposal and Wastage.

10- Kids room in the EAST-NORTH-EAST makes them more active and energetic. Rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Soul. Keep Fresh Flowers in EAST-NORTH-EAST Vastu Zone.

11-NORTH-EAST zone can be used to make a guest bedroom.

12- Nurture Social Connectivity with Living Room in EAST Zone.

13-Place a group photograph of your office staff in North West zone and you will see that in a few days they begin to work like a team.

14- Placing green plants or a green scenery in the NORTH opens new pathways for getting promotion at work.

15-Protect business place keep Nandi in SOUTH-WEST.

16- Receive Blocked Payments; remove Mirror from SOUTH-EAST (SE) Vastu Zone.Keep a picture or flowers in a red vase in this area to attract house help.

17- Red Color Signboard repels Customers at NORTH Facing Showroom. 18-Toilet in NORTH-WEST reduces chances of getting Support.

19-Remove stress in relationships by clearing East-North-East zone.

20-Save Money by placing Safe in WEST-SOUTH-WEST.

Score Excellent Grades in Exams, Remove Green Colour from WEST-SOUTH-WEST (WSW) Vastu Zone.

21- Seating in NORTH Vastu Zone improves productivity of your Sales Team.If your work or interpersonal family relationships are not satisfactory, then look carefully at the SOUTH WEST MahaVastu zone. Since the Vastu Shastra is concerned with precise energy management, any zone’s active energy can be re-energized to achieve its full potential.

22-A rigorous MahaVastu examination with the aid of an accurate house map and precise stages of investigation will clearly reveal the positive aspects and shortcomings of your home. Returning to the SOUTH-WEST zone of relationships and skills, it should be intact and fully strengthened. If this zone is over-extended, cut or absent, there will be great difficulties in making and maintaining good relationships.

23-This is the place of your ancestors (pitra) and gurus, whose blessings are also needed or all relationships are affected. Your skills are also impacted negatively. A pair of love-birds placed on the table in this zone will help bring affection and love into your relationships.

24- For trouble with banks and other support systems, including your work partner, check the NORTH-WEST Vastu zone. This Vastu zone provides support and help with all official dealings. Be careful with colour schemes and object placement.

25-The NORTH Vastu zone governs relationships with customers and clients. To improve your relationship with the government, place the Asoka Pillar on a table in this zone.