06 FACTS;-

1-Many of the houses and flats nowadays come fully furnished. These are equipped with most of the common household items. If improperly placed or located, the room functions, walls and floor colours and materials, the furniture, decoration items, drainage, washing machine, microwave oven and other household objects, can cause considerable havoc. Overall, see if there is a harmonious and balanced energy cycle in your house.

2- We usually keep a number of Interior Objects of daily use in our homes, such as TV, Beds, Sofa sets, Almirah, Washing Machine, etc. According to Vastu, each such Interior Object is symbolic of an element, such as Water, Air, Fire, Earth or Space (Panchtattva).

3-Further, each of these elements convey an emotion and fulfill a function, small or big in our lives. Therefore, the placement of an Interior Object in the Right Vastu Zone is very vital in our daily lives to have a positive and fruitful influence.

4-Objects kept at certain places in our homes, factories or offices have a positive or negative impact on our lives in some way or the other. According to Vastu, any interior object is symbolic of an element and emotion, and fulfills a function, small or big, in our lives. Therefore, its placement in the right Vastu Direction/Zone is of utmost importance.

5-Any Built-up Space receives continuous messages from objects placed in various zones. In fact, each Vastu Zone has a specific attribute, eg. the North-East is the Zone of Wisdom & Clarity of Mind, while, the East is the Zone of Social Associations. Therefore, each zone is appropriate for a certain kind of object and supports a specific function.

6-Do not construct storerooms and generator rooms in the east and northeast direction. Southeast is the place for generators, kitchen and other fireworks.


1. Churning with Washing Machine -Washing Machine is known to be the symbol of purification. The East-South-East is an ideal zone for the placement of washing machine as, it is the zone of churning & analysis.

Tip - Never keep a washing machine in the South zone because it is the zone of Sleep and Relaxation and placing a washing machine in this zone leads to inner conflicts and struggles.

2. Placement of Bed- As per Vastu Shastra, each member of the family should sleep in the North or South zone with their heads in the respective directions.

3. Deal with your Dustbin - According to the principles of vastu, the dustbin should be placed in the South-South-West, East-South-East and the West-North-West zones of your house.

4. Splurge on Sofa but in the Right Direction - The East is the ideal zone for placing a sofa set, as we can utilise this area for social gatherings. As per the science of vastu, all the family discussions should be done sitting in the North-East zone.

5. Television – This is one of the prime sources of entertainment & fun. Hence, when kept in the East-North-East zone, it infuses lots of fun and happiness in one’s life. However, avoid placing it in the South-South-West vastu zone of expenditure & wastage, as it results in losses.


19 FACTS;-

1-The Washing Machine, as we all know is meant to wash clothes. Hence, the activity taking place in it is that of Churning. Now, as per Vastu, the East-South-East (ESE) Zone is the Zone of Anxiety & Analysis or Churning, and so, this is the ideal place to keep a Washing Machine.

2-There are many other Vastu Zones too, such as the West-North-West (WNW) (the Zone of Depression), which is also ideal for a Washing Machine because here, it will not only clean clothes, but also clear the mental clutter by removing emotional blockages.

3-The North-West is also a good place to keep a Washing Machine, as by placing it here, we can get the support from banks and other people.

4-To Control Headaches, Remove Washing Machine from NORTH-NORTH-EAST Vastu zone. 5- Develop Strong Memory by Removing Washing Machine from WEST-SOUTH-WEST zone. 6-Washing machine lying in WEST of your Home ...Person becomes desperate for gains which however do not materialize. 7-If you have Washing Machine in East, You will keep thinking about your Social Relations. 8-The Mind is always filled with Cluttered and Useless Thoughts if you have a Washing Machine in NORTH-EAST Direction. 9-Wash past and fears with washing machine in WEST-NORTH-WEST. 10-Washing Machine in NORTH-WEST (NW) – there will be good and positive exercise with supportive people as well as bank. 11-Washing Machine in EAST-NORTH-EAST (ENE) Vastu Zone- the person will always be preoccupied with one issue or the other, even while doing pleasurable activities 12-Washing Machine in EAST-SOUTH-EAST reduces unnecessary churning of Mind and provides calm and peaceful atmosphere. Make good decision 13-Washing Machine in SOUTH-EAST Vastu Zone. Person will always thinking of hard cash and how to make more money. 14-Washing Machine in SOUTH-WEST increases churning about Family Members leading to difference. 15-Washing Machine in WEST-SOUTH-WEST (WSW) – it will create attitude of being overcautious in the residents (especially for children) they will take more time to complete a job. 17-Washing machine placed in SOUTH zone hampers sound sleep of the residents. Even in bed, they keep analyzing things and become anxious. 18-Washing machine-You will waste your Time analyzing trivial matter; their decision will lead to losses, more ever if you have a Washing Machine in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST zone of your Home.

19-Ideal Location For a Washing Machine,IN SHORT;-

North East No

East North East Yes

East No

East South East Yes

South East No

South South East No

South No

South South West No

South West No

West South West No

West No

West North West Yes

North West Yes

North North West No

North No

North North East No


13 FACTS;-

1-Avoid placing Computer in NORTH-NORTH-WEST zone which is used by Studying/Growing Children. 2-One can work on Computer for long hours by keeping it in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST zone. 3-People Trading in Stock Market can do their Research Work on Stocks on a Computer Kept in WEST Zone, But Make Sure, and The WEST zone is balanced as per Five Elements. 4-Working on a Computer kept in South gives Fame and Administration. 5-Computer in EAST connects you with the outer world and helps you know about the Events taking place in your surroundings. 6-Computer in EAST-SOUTH-EAST, to make good use of computer for doing data entry, complex calculation and for research and development must be kept in this zone 7-Computer in NORTH-EAST Vastu Zone can be used for getting New Ideas/Insights. 8-Computer in SOUTH-EAST (SE) Vastu Zone. It ideal for maintaining the cash balance 9-Computer in SOUTH-WEST, very good for skillful work like designing it helps for enhancement of skill and gives better result 10-Computer in WEST-NORTH-WEST can be used to counter Low Moods, Stress and Depression. 11-Computer in WEST-SOUTH-WEST, good for getting knowledge, children is use for educational purpose. it is good for accountancy 12-Computer is only used for Fun and Enjoyment; you can keep it in EAST-NORTH-EAST Zone. 13-Computer/Study Table in NORTH-WEST (NW) - study in retail chains and general administration will be good here. It is particularly beneficial for home since and inventory management students.


15 FACTS;-

1-People prefer to Stay Away from You, Specially, when you need them, If you have a Heater in NORTH-WEST Vastu Zone.

2- Heater in EAST gives Average Results in terms of Money and Social Connectivity.

3- Heater in EAST-SOUTH-EAST increases Excessive Thinking and Over Analysis due to Non Focus on useful thoughts. This lead to frequent clashes and disagreement among family members.

4-Heater in NORTH creates Hurdles in Receiving New Opportunities in Career.

5-In business, new costumers, new orders and recovery of payments elude them.

6-Heater in NORTH creates Hurdles in Receiving New Opportunities in Career.

7- Heater in NORTH-EAST leads to Short Temperament and Hasty Decision Making.

8- Heater in NORTH-NORTH-EAST attracts disease and leads to low immunity. Residents find it hard to get rid of conscious medication.

9-Heater in SOUTH, residents is able to enjoy a good and relaxing sleep. They receive due appreciation for their effort.

10-Heater in SOUTH-EAST improves cash in hand and facilitates recovery of Blocked Payments.

11 - Heater in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST imparts Power, Confidence and Security to all Residents.

12-Heater in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) Vastu Zone- it is not used much and when used, it increases wasteful expenditure.

13-Heater in SOUTH-WEST (SW) – undesired heated arguments among family members and poor performance at workplace leading to instability relationships and carrier.

14-Heater in WEST-SOUTH-WEST (WSW) – affects your saving badly, your children find it hard to secure good marks despite putting in their best in studies.

15-Heater Kept in SOUTH ensures Good Sleep and lets you receive Due Recognition of your Efforts.


12 FACTS;-

1-One will not be able to get Help when needed, if, Inverter is kept in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST Vastu zone, the zone of Disposal and Wastage.

2- Inverter in EAST-NORTH-EAST (ENE) – its make life devoid of fun and happiness. You find yourself unable to get refreshed, even you go out with this purpose in mind 3-Inverter in NORTH-NORTH-EAST causes Cough, Congestion and other Respiratory Problems. You need immediate medical assistance.

4-Inverter in NORTH-WEST Vastu zone ensures timely Support and Help.

5- Inverter in SOUTH Vastu Zone- a person will keep feeling stressed and there will be an urgency to get relaxed.

6-Inverter in WEST-NORTH-WEST ensures you'll get a shoulder to cry on when needed

7- Inverter in WEST-SOUTH-WEST zone, a student will keep helping other throughout the year. At the time of exam he will ask his friends for their notes and other kinds of help.

8-Are you losing your Social Circle? Check

if your Invertor is lying in East Vastu Zone.

9- Invertor in NORTH zone Hampers your Career Growth and makes you dependent on others for help

10-Invertor in SOUTH WEST , it affects people in such a way that they are reluctant to use their skill and for help from others to get their work done.

11-Invertor in WEST Zone blocks regular Gains for the Family.

12-Invertor is good to keep in SOUTH-EAST Vastu Zone but make sure, it will disturb the availability of liquid cash but it works properly and is not defective.


03 FACTS;-

1-As the refrigerator is a store ;it is dominated by earth element.The south-west corner is recommended for placing the refrigerator.

2-The appliance can also be placed in the west, and north-west direction. It can even be kept in the south-east direction.

3-Avoid placing the refrigerator in the north-east or the east direction.


04 FACTS;-

1-The Television (TV), as we all are aware is one of the most popular means of entertainment and a major source of information, as life without it is almost impossible!However, have you ever thought that what would be the most appropriate Vastu Zone to place a TV? 2-The main function of the TV is to transmit information and entertain us by refreshing our minds, releasing the day-to-day stress. So, according to the Science of Vastu, the East-North-East, (the Vastu Zone of Recreation & Fun) is the ideal place for a TV.However, a TV kept in the East Vastu Zone also gives good results by improving the overall social connectivity and awareness of the viewers. 3-A TV kept in the South-West Zone is also beneficial to its viewers, as it works as a ‘skill enhancer’. And a TV, when placed in the West Vastu Zone of Gains proves beneficial to people, particularly in trading business.On the other hand, a TV when kept in the West-South-West Zone of Education & Savings hampers children’s study and concentration.

4-Even when a TV is placed in the West-North-West (WNW) Zone of Depression, it could become the cause of low moods among the viewers. So choose the Right Vastu Zone for your TV to attract more positivity, gains & happiness in your lives!


09 FACTS;-

1-Television in EAST-NORTH-EAST, this is the ideal zone for a TV. Its fill the atmosphere with fun and energy, refresh the viewers and the enjoyment is maximum here.

2-Television in NORTH-NORTH-EAST (NNE) – a person watches health related channels and becomes over conscious about there health. Practically speaking, this leads to poor health and low immunity.

3- Television in SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) – decisions taken on the basis of information received through TV (e.g. information about share market) lead to losses and adverse result. After some time, the TV will not work properly and need frequent repair.

4-Television in WEST- people will be able to get gainful information from tv programme here, it is particularly beneficial for people involved in the trading business.

5-Television in WEST-SOUTH-WEST (WSW) – TV kept here hampers children study and concentration, they will think of watching cartoons and other programmes. However it can be used by children for watching educational programme

6-TV - People attract Support for their Causes with a TV in NORTH-WEST Zone. 7-TV in NORTH gives better vision of one’s career. Person will look for new avenue for himself and watch career oriented programme 8-TV in SOUTH zone- it relaxed a person completely and enjoy sound sleep 9-TV in SOUTH-EAST zone people will be more aware about programmes related to money flow, thrillers, like crime reporter, sansani, and action movie.

Zones Placement of TV Effects,IN NUTSHELL;- 1. East-North-East (Vastu Zone of Recreation) Ideal Zone for a TV.. Excellent 2. East (Vastu Zone of Social Associations) Improves Social Connectivity.. Good 3. West (Vastu Zone of Gains) Proves Beneficial for Viewers.. Good 4. West-South-West/ West-North-West Avoid Placing a TV... Bad


1-The LCD or the home theatre is simply a mode of entertainment, but it creates different effects when placed in different zones, according to MahaVastu. When it is placed in the EAST of the NORTH-EAST Zone (ENE), it fills the atmosphere with fun and energy, refreshing our minds and enlightening our souls.

2--AC, cooler should be placed in WEST direction as west of the house becomes hot during the day.

3-Fireplace all things related to fire or heat should be placed in SOUTH-EAST direction as this direction represents Agni or Fire element.