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FIVE ELEMENT ;- 07 FACTS;- 1-The Five Element Theory, also called the five-phase theory, holds that everything in the universe, including our health, is governed by five natural elements: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER. This theory underscores(to make evident) the Chinese Medicine understanding that human beings, both physically and mentally, are intertwined with nature. 2-Although it is difficult for Westerners to relate this philosophy to the Western approach to medicine, it is fundamental to the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 3-In the five element theory, each of the five elements has a season, particular organs, emotions and senses associated with it, such as taste, smell, color, sound. The wood element, for example, is associated with spring, the liver, and the gall bladder. 4-Similarly, the fire element is associated with early summer, the heart, and small intestines; the earth element corresponds to late summer, the stomach and spleen; metal is associated with autumn, the lungs and large intestine; and water is associated with winter, the kidneys and bladder. 5-Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are interrelated aspects of energy that are evident throughout nature, including in the human body. An individual's state of health manifests according to the balance between these Elements. 6- In contrast to Western medicine's teaching of a separation between the mind and body,each organ as having particular body and mind functions, as illustrated in the belief that the liver is involved in planning, and in the storage of anger, while the gall bladder is the organ of decision-making. 7-We encourage you to read on and learn about your constitutional type, and gain a better understanding of yourself and those around you... THE FIVE ELEMENT & CONSTITUTIONAL TYPING:- 1-THE WOOD;- 02 FACTS;- 1-The WOOD element is associated with new beginnings, renewal and springtime. It corresponds to the Liver and Gall Bladder meridian systems as well as vision, the color green, and the emotions of anger and self-assertion. 2-Wood people excel or have trouble in planning, decisions, and action. The future and their ability to see it can be their strength. When out of balance they may procrastinate or have a sense of no hope. 2-THE FIRE;- 02 FACTS;- 1-The FIRE element is associated with maturity and awareness, warmth, growth and summertime. It corresponds to the Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, and Triple Warmer meridian systems, the color red, and the emotion of joy. 2-Fire people love to reach out and be in relationship with all people. They enjoy to laugh and sometimes they carry a sadness or lack of joy deeper in themselves. 3-THE EARTH ;- 02 FACTS;- 1-The EARTH element is associated with balance and transition, such as Indian summer. It corresponds to the Spleen and Stomach meridian systems, the color yellow, and the emotions of worry and sympathy. 2-Earth people have the ability to nourish like a mother can nourish and care for a child. Thus sympathy and understanding are important. Sometimes an Earth person can feel a sense of emptiness or neediness in their own life 4-THE METAL;- 02 FACTS;- 1-The METAL element is associated with the harvest of the autumn season, of taking in and letting go. It corresponds to the Lung and Large Intestine meridian systems, the color white, and the emotions of grief or Inspiration.

2-Metal people search for what is pure and spiritual. They set the highest standards for themselves and others, self-respect is important. Sometimes they live in a sense of what could have been. 5-THE WATER;- 02 FACTS;- 1-The WATER element is associated with adaptability, conserving resources and the dormant phase of winter. It corresponds to the Kidney and Bladder meridian systems, the color black/blue, and the emotions of fear or courage.

2-Water people have a persistence, willpower and determination and will often excel in situations that others find too scary. Sometimes they may hide a deep sense of being frozen or washed away by their own fear. THE FIVE ELEMENTS ENERGY CYCLES;- 07 FACTS;- 1-The Five elements or phases are most interesting in the way they work together. They function in a cycle of creation or support and a cycle of destruction or regulation, as shown below. Generating Energy Cycle (Chi) Based on Five Element Theory, each elemental force generates or creates the next element in a creative sequence. For example: Water generates wood. Rain nourishes a tree. Wood generates fire. Burning wood generates fire. Fire generates earth. Ash is created from the fire. Earth generates metal. Metal is mined from the earth. Metal generates water. Water condenses on metal. 2-Regulating or Overacting Energy (Chi) Based on Five Element Theory, each elemental force regulates or antagonizes the next element in a creative sequence. For example: Water regulates fire. Fire is extinguished by Water. Wood regulates earth. Earth restrained or broken by Wood. Fire regulates metal. Metal is melted and forged by Fire. Earth regulates water. Water is dammed and absorbed by Earth. Metal regulates wood. Wood is cut or displaced by Metal. 3-When applying this "supportive relationship" to the human body, we see that each internal organ embodies the energetic qualities of the element it's related to. Each organ is responsible for providing the energy needed by the next organ in the generative cycle. 4-For example: A-Kidney (water element) supports the Liver (wood element). B-Liver (wood element) supports the Heart (fire element). C-Heart (fire element) supports the Spleen(तिल्ली )(earth element). D-Spleen (earth element) supports the Lung (metal element). E-Lung (metal element) supports the Kidney (water element). 5-When applying this "regulating relationship" to the human body, we see that each internal organ embodies the energetic qualities of the element it's related to. Each organ is responsible for providing energy to regulate or control excesses or deficiencies in the energy of the organ it's associated with in this cycle. 6-For example: A-Lung (metal element) controls Liver (wood element). B-Heart (fire element) controls Lung (metal element). C-Kidney (water element) controls Heart (fire element). D-Spleen (earth element) controls Kidney (water element). E-Liver (wood element) controls Spleen (earth element). 7-In summary, your internal organs play a dual role in promoting and maintaining your health: generating and regulating energy for each other. Each organ passes energy to the organ it supports, and, when necessary, controls imbalances in the e