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09 FACTS;-

1-In Hinduism, it is believed that, “Pindeshu Brahmande,” meaning, “whatever is found in the universe is found in the body.” The physical processes of the universe are paralleled by the biological process in the human body as well as our buildings.The study of SRI YANTRA help us to know all this.

2-There are 45 TRIANGLE of goddess who are governing the energy-fields.Same is with Every building.Every

building is governed by energy-fields which are termed as Devtas, these comprise a vital element of MahaVastu.

3-Man makes structures and buildings to perform certain functions in a building. As soon as space is enclosed, it starts behaving as a scaled down model of the Universe. 4-Different energy-fields emerge automatically. These energy-fields react with human consciousness. They alter, blend and redirect consciousness as per their own attributes.

5-There are 45 such major energy-fields in a building that control and influence consciousness, and 980 minor energy-fields. These energy-fields are termed as Devtas in Sanskrit.

6-The meaning of the word Dev is, 'the one who is self-Illuminating'. As per the property of the energy-field, their names were derived.

7-In a building, the combination of 45 Devtas is called Vastu Purush Mandala the one who is carrying 45 energy fields is Vastu Dev. These 45 energy fields or Devtas are mentioned in detail in Vedas.

8-The presence of these Devtas has been felt at a specific place in any building. Exactly the same form of energy (corresponding to a Devta) gets developed in exactly the same portion/place/space, in a building, when it is constructed, forming a grid, which has been termed as Vastu Purush Mandala.

9-Vastu Purusha Mandala is divided in to 9×9= 81 parts (as shown in the diagram), each part names the God holding Vastu Purusha down in respective part. There are 32 Gods in outer part and 13 Gods in inner part. This means that there is presence of different Gods in Vastu Purusha Mandala and each of these Gods rule different parts of a human life as per their qualities.


It's really interesting to know the attributes of these fields.The powers are:


The Supreme Creator.

Location: Center Brahmasthan;THE DOT OF SRI YANTRA

2. Bhudhar;-

The Power of Manifestation. Carries the power of Manifestation.Bhudhar carries the power to manifest. Aryama has the power to connect with the world in order to (find a mating companion to) sustain the process of evolution.

Location: North

3. Aryama;-

The Connector. Supports growth and Connects to the material world. Helps to get a bride for a groom. Helps to get a companion to carry ahead the process of evolution.

Location: East

4. Viviswan;-

The Controller of Change Controls the change which initiates the process of manifestation. Moves the manifestations process ahead.Vivaswan controls the change, which in turn, initiates (manifestation of) the whole existence.

Location: South

5. Mitra;-

The Motivator. Inspirer. Power of stimulation and coordination. Ability to bind the world together.Mitra, which has been invoked repeatedly in Atharvaveda, carries the power of holding the world together;

Location: West

6. Aapaha;-

The Healer,The Healer Healing powers. Strengthens the Immune system and gives a long life. Creates Vision and brings the driving force into humans. Life of all water streams on the planet and causes their movement. Aapaha boosts your immune system. In Vedic literature Aapah is perceived as power that is responsible for all the flows in Universe. Sometimes that very meaning comes very close to the flow of a river. So Aapah is responsible to preserve the flow of life by empowering the immune system.

Location: NNE (N7), NE (N8)

7. Aapahavatsa;-

The Carrier Carries the powers of medicines to the points of disease. Carries insights from Intuitive body to Mind body.

Location: NE (E1), ENE (E2)

8. Savita;-

The Igniter, Ignites the fire within and helps to initiate things. Bestows the power of meditation. Stimulates the actions and brings them into action. Activates the power in something through friction. Develops association with influential people. Provides support and money.

Location: ESE (E7), SE (E8)

9. Savitra;-

The Pusher. Bestows the power of Determination in everything. Grants the power for luxuries. Grants strength and nourishment. Keep butter oil (Ghee) here. Gives the strength to move ahead in life in all circumstances.

Location: SE (S1), SSE (S2)

10. Indra;-

The Protector, Primary Dev to safeguard Money. Power of conception to safeguard childbirth. Gives strength and longevity to life. Indra is Devta or presiding God of East and contains the power of controlling influence. Symbolically, Indra is considered as mind, the ruler of 5 physical senses. In a society, Indra represents the ruling power that connects and binds people together.

Location: SSW (S7), SW (S8)

11. Jaya;-

The Winning Tool. Refers to all the infallible weapons and tools which ensure victory in life. Imparts Skills and Expertise. Keep all books/tools related to the performance of one’s skills.

Location: SW (W1), WSW (W2)

12. Rudra;-

The Channeliser. Maintains the flow of all activities in life. Keep ready to sell goods and food grains here. Generates tears to detoxify the body and emotions.

Location: WNW (W7), NW (W8)

13. Rajyakshama;-

The Holder. The power that holds together the foundation of everything, strengthens and maintains it. It also Stills the Mind. If unbalanced, the mind becomes unstable.

Location: NW (N1), NNW (N2)

14. Aditi;-

The Peace Maker. Provides security and helps in maintaining integrity. This energy field provides protection. Provides connectivity with oneself. An imbalance here makes a person nervous and restless and is haunted by the fear of unknown. The person feels directionless and the whole life seems getting imbalanced. Best place for Meditation – helps in receiving solutions from the universal consciousness to come out of difficult circumstances.

Location: NNE (N7)

15. Diti;-

The Visionary. Grants the capability to express wider vision and liberal thinking. Gives the power to develop the vision, to see the real truth of life and the actual form of nature. In balanced state, it gives clarity of mind, purpose and what to do to achieve that. An imbalance here leads to a confused mind and the inability to visualise all the aspects of a situation.

Location: NE (N8)

16. Shikhi;-

The Yogi Gives the power to project one’s thoughts and influence the world with one’s thoughts. It is the source of all powerful thoughts and Ideas.

Location: NE (E1)

17. Parjanya;-

The Insights Granter. It is the cause of generation of all flora. When one meditates here, the insights satisfy the mind’s curiosity. It also grants fertility in cows and women. This is responsible for growth in plants and production of fruits.

Location: ENE (E2)

18. Bhrisha;-

The Gravity. The power of bringing out a new thing by rubbing two things. If this is weak, actions will not be executed properly. Either too much thinking will delay execution or nastiness without thought will result in undesired outcome.

Location: ESE (E7)

19. Aakash;-

The Inner Space. Grants the inner space to the mind to result manifestation.

Location: SE (E8)

20. Anil;-

The Uplifter. Adheestha Deva of Vayu, it makes any process happen. It gives power to all efforts like the Vayu lifts the fire into space. The power to make an upward movement, the power to vigorously move ahead in life in spite of difficult situations.

Location: SE (S1)

21. Pusha;-

The Strengthener. The power of nourishing, strengthening and promoting. Safeguards the roads for journeys. Helpful in getting back the lost money. Imparts powers to select the bridegroom. Grants the powers to buildings to save them from destruction.

Location: SSE (S2)

22. Bhringraj;-

The Discriminator. In a person, it’s the element of being Genius. Has the power to grant wisdom and to manifest what is left after removing the unnecessary elements. Extracts nutrients from the food and sends them to the body while disposing off the waste. Imbalance leads to increased expenditure, efforts do not become successful and a person keeps wasting time in useless pursuits.

Location: SSW (S7)

23. Mrigah;-

The Initiator of Curiosity. Gives the Curiosity to search or investigate something. The power to give skill and craving to get into detailed knowledge of something through practice.

Location: SW (S8)

24. Pitra;-

The Ancestors. Provides all means and sources of happiness for survival. Provides the capacity to donate, safety and happiness. Power to grant male child birth and new bride. Develops love and bonding within the family. Bestows skill and competence to address any situation in life.

Location: SW (W1)

25. Dauwarik;-

A-The Door Keeper; Has infinite knowledge, is a genius and carries heritage and traditional knowledge. Retaining age old knowledge is his capability. Helps a person move from one step of knowledge to another. Does not let one indulge in unwanted thoughts and subjects by acting as a filter.

B-Helps in deciding which knowledge to grasp and which to avoid. Enhances memory in the inner (subconscious) mind. Must be balanced for excellent studies else knowledge can’t be retained by students.

C-Bestows the power of discrimination – helps a person to evaluate expected benefits of spending his time, energy and money. Increases savings by controlling wasteful expenditure at physical and mental level.

Location: WSW (W2)

26. Shosha;-

The Dryer. Drys up the emotions created by Rudra. Stops the weeping started by Rudra and removes negative emotions to stop depression.

Location: WNW (W7)

27. Papyakshma;-

The Addictor. Gives disease, drinking habits, guilty feelings and weakens the mind. Continues to look for other’s mistakes and thus gets disconnected from the society and resort to alcoholism. Leads to accumulation of guilt and miseries in body thus causing mental blockages.

Location: NW (W8)

28. Roga;-

The Weakener. Weakens the strength but also acts as a supporter. Destroys diseases and provides the power of support in tough times. Like an inverter, draws electricity while charging but immediately supports when needed. When balanced, it immediately provides money and support from people when needed.

Location: NW (N1)

29. Naga;-

The Craving. Power of giving emotional enjoyments and thus controlling a person.

Location: NNW (N2)

30. Jayant;-

The Success Maker. Ensures Victory in all endeavours. Refreshes the body and mind – person gets charged with enthusiasm and zeal to execute new ideas. The atmosphere in the house remains cheerful and this increase social contacts.

Location: ENE (E3)

31. Mahendra;-

The Administrator. Most significant Dev for developing the power of association amongst people. Has the power of getting things done by his supreme administration qualities. The energy with which the controller controls is Mahendra. Bestows connections with high ranking Government officials and thus generates abundance, luxuries and money.

Location: East (E4)

32. Surya;-

The Controller. The core controller in any system. Lord of the eyes – gives farsightedness and the power to observe. The person gets fame and recognition only when Surya is balanced.

Location: East (E5)

33. Satya;-

The Creator of Goodwill. Primary Dev for developing goodwill and status while establishing a new concern. Establishes authenticity, credibility and reputation. His nature includes sharpness, aggression (emotional surge) and being undeterred. Grants thinking and analysing abilities to a person.

Location: ESE (E6)

34. Vitatha;-

The Pretender. Relates to all the unreal world, falsehood, pretension, showing-off. One can pretend to be capable and healthy from inside and use this energy positively. Imbalance here leads to disrepute and disgrace in society.

Location: SSE (S3)

35. Grihakshat;-

The Definer / The ceasor. Power in the building which controls your mind. It defines the boundaries of mind and all work.

Location: South (S4)

36. Yama;-

The Maintainer / The Order. It means self control and moral duty. It binds the world in laws. If offers infinite space for the mind to move but only as per principles and laws.Yama is the God of absolute rest and power to bring any phenomena to completion. Completion of one's life on this planet is considered as death; so in Hindu Vedic philosophy Yama is perceived as the God of death also.

Location: South (S5)

37. Gandharva;-

The Preserver. It’s main job is to preserve Somaras (Amrit) i.e. Treasure (Vitality in a human body). Supreme Dev of all kinds of Music and Arts. The confer ecstatic states of mind (like one reaches trance state through music). Extracts all vital nutrients from the food and dispose off the rest.

Location: SSW (S6)

38. Sugreev;-

The Receiver. The power of receiving the beauty, i.e. Power to make all subjects easily comprehensible. Power for practice of knowledge (Vidyaabhyaas). Starts from childhood when a child receives knowledge and then also grants the power of receiving money. Imbalance makes the process of receiving not completed despite numerous efforts. Children cannot gain knowledge despite repeated efforts as they keep forgetting all they have learnt.

Location: WSW (W3)

39. Pushpdanta;-

Assistant. Vehicle of Kuberji whose attributes are blooming and expanding. When balanced, it fulfils all desires of growth in life. Nourishment and fragrance in life is brought by his powers. Imparts growth and prosperity by being the helper of the controller – Varuna Dev.

Location: West (W4)

40. Varun;-

The Observer. Controller of the world. Grants the emotional drive which controls humans. Controls human tendencies through his Paash and that drive keeps a person running. Observes all work being done in the world and also grants immortality. Grants power to bind a bride and the bridegroom. Grants growth and prosperity. Varuna is the observer and controller of worldly affairs, the presiding Devta of West. Gods of all the seas on Earth is also Varuna. He is responsible for creating the governing protocols of the world.

Location: West (W5)

41. Asur;-

The Illusionist. Adheesth Dev for Mayavi powers. Gives spirituality and spiritual depth. Helps in releasing the mind from temptations and false hopes and in moving on a spiritual path. Signifies all negative powers. People with fighting spirit. All Danavi, Asuri and Mayavi as well as Daivya shakti fall under his purview.

Location: WNW (W6)

42. Mukhya;-

The Caretaker. Head of all the energies which manifest the purpose of a building. Head of the main purpose of the building. The power of accomplishing the manifestation process. This power gets the products ready for sale to accomplish fulfillment. Lets the idea (from Vigyanmaya kosha) to manifest in the real world.

Location: NNW (N3)

43. Bhallat;-

The Power of Abundance. It means very big, in colossal abundance. It magnifies all efforts and also their results. Should be balanced to achieve anything big in life.

Location: North (N4)

44. Soma;-

The Treasure. Seat of Kuberji. Gives power to achieve profits in business and safeguard from enemies. Creates such a magic that whatever is done attracts attention of other. Practically converts all work into money. When balanced, people will appreciate all efforts and buy your products.Soma is a Vedic god of elixir of life and presiding Devta of North zone. He also has properties of healing and sexual power. Transformation of sexual energy in elixir is governed by Soma.

Location: North (N5)

45. Bhujag;-

The Immunity. Preserves life saving medicines and also is The Lord of Treasures. Ensures health and smooth flow of money. Associated with Kundilini Shakti.

Location: NNE (N6)


The attributes of these energy fields are clearly defined by our rishis ; they developed the art of perfect placement of different activities to experience the peak performance in their actions.

2-Based on this understanding, they made temples to such a great precision so as to fulfill their wishes. Hindu temples are ideal examples of the application of the Alchemy of Space. The same knowledge tools are used in MahaVastu to solve problems or to achieve our targets.

3-Vastu Shastra describes 45 powers working as Devas and Asuras in a built space. It offers rules to keep the 45 powers in perfect balance in our home in order to achieve results we need in life.