(For Aura Analyzer / Universal Scanner / E-Scanner , , Pendulum,Traditional & Scientific Instruments , Harmonizer Digital with healing Therapies, Aura Photo & Software ..etc For GEOPATHIC STRESS & OTHER NEGATIVE ENERGIES ,VASTU, RADIATIONS SOLUTIONS, HEALING THERAPIES & GOMTI CHAKRAS, ENERGISED WATER , AURA & CHAKRA BALANCING, PHOTO HEALING THERAPY… related ) Lecher Antenna is an instrument that diagnoses subtle energies through wavelengths. It is based on Nano technology which is used in atom level. It can detect energies and aggressions in environmental, architectural, and in human energy system. It is a must for architects, Interior Designers, Vastu consultants, Civil Engineers, Bio environmentalists, Medical Practitioner, etc. The Lecher Antenna measures the energy fields surrounding the physical body and can be used for many purposes - healing, vastu, good sleep, personal situations, attaining goals, love, progress, prosperity, health, empowerment, money, happiness; … the sky is the limit !The harder part is to hold it, the rest is a mental convention case . In General, the markers list is provided with your antenna when you purchased it. In case you can see the list of values on line for a 18 cm classic antenna. The first exercise is the search of the North, this is the simplest and most effective exercise. I still use it, in order to know if I am "sync" for a search. Indeed, if I can't find the North of a place there strong chances that I am not able to find anything.

EXERCISE 1 : SEARCH OF THE NORTH Step 1 : Take a compass, and hide it in your pocket without looking at where it points. Watch on your list of values to magnetic north, it is written 5.7 cm, so move the cursor of the antenna to 5.7. Move cursor to 5.7

Step 2 : Focus (mentally) on the magnetic north, keeping in mind the following question: "Where is the magnetic north at this exact moment." and then move yourself in a circular way, gently (clockwise sense for example), holding the antenna in front of you. Note on the question: We are speaking here of the magnetic North, this is important to keep that in mind to avoid to point towards a Mr North that could be your neighbor. We also specify the time: at this exact moment, it is an important precision that it is preferable to add to its questions. Step 3 : When you'll enter in the axis of the magnetic north your antenna will become heavier, which will make it fall forward (or backward, it can also thrill depending on the way you handle it).

Step 4 : Take a fixed marker, away and big enough like a tree, a house, a mountain..., this marker represents the direction that was "shown" by your antenna, it magnetic north should be in that direction that.

Step 5 : In order to be sure that you do not commit error, replay step 2, 3 and 4, several times and change sense, a shot in the opposite direction (in the clockwise direction), until you get the same benchmark every time.

Step 6 : Pull out your compass (but keep your place, do not move) and put it on your antenna. Step 7 : If it is indeed the magnetic north you find: it is very good!. Otherwise: Are you certain that your compass works?. Are you sure that the place you are standing is eletromagnetic neutral. Indeed if this is not the case, the compass will give you a false information, you may be good, repeat the exercise elsewhere. Among all times where you have replay steps 2 and 3 there was one of benchmarks which was valid, then retry and try to feel in your hands when the antenna reacts. If you have found the magnetic South, you lack of concentration, but it is not a bad result. Reminder : this network is the most famous of all, it wears the name of the man who discovered it, the Dr Ernst Hartmann, it was discovered at the beginning of the 1950s. It is also known as global network or universal network because it covers the entire surface of the planet. This is a network considered as telluric (coming from Earth). Characteristics on neutral ground: fine bands oriented North-South and East-West 21 cm wide. The meshes formed by these tapes have the following dimensions: 2m in the North-South direction 2. 50 m in the East-West direction Some mesh can be distorted by electromagnetic interference.

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