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1-The festival is known by different names across the country. In Gujarat, it is Uttarayan, Pongal in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Sankranti in Karnataka, Magh Bihu in Assam, Magha Mela in parts of central and north India ,Maghi in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh , Lohri in Punjab), and as Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra. 2-The significance of Makar Sankranti is that it is the time to remind yourself that celebrating movement is possible only when there is a taste of stillness within you. 3-Makar Sankranti (January 14) is a festival held across India, under a variety of names, to honor the god of the sun, Surya. Though often relegated to a secondary position relative to the three prominent Hindu deities — Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Surya was a key figure in the ancient Hindu texts, the Vedas, and is the subject of the most repeated texts of Hindu liturgy, the Gayatri Mantra. 4-People who have been spiritually aware have always identified this transition as a possibility for human consciousness to blossom. Particularly, the first half of Uttarayan until the equinox in March is a period where the maximum amount of grace is available. The human system is more receptive to grace at that time than any other. 5-History clearly indicates that the maximum number of people have attained in this phase of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere.One of the most famous stories is of Bhishma waiting on his deathbed of arrows for many weeks. Though he was severely injured, he held onto his life until Uttarayan came because he wanted to make use of this transition in nature, to make his own transition possible. 6-That is why in terms of sadhana, Dakshinayana is for purification. Uttarayan is for enlightenment. This is the period of receptivity, of grace and enlightenment, of attainment of the ultimate.During the southern run, what is below the anahata can be purified very easily. During the northern run, what is above the anahata can be worked much more easily. This is the time to harvest, and it is also the reason agricultural harvests begin during this period. ACCORDING TO SHIVGEETA;- By birth a child >SHUDRA At the time of UPNAYAN-SANSKAR >DWIJ When studies FOUR VEDAS & UPNISHADS >VIPRA. At the time when get REALIZATION of FOUR VEDAS >JNANI ACCORDING TO ASHTRAVAKRA GEETA ;- There are FOUR CATEGORIES of HUMAN beings ;- 1-MOODH/FOOLISH>Gross level 2-IGNORANT>Subtle level of Mana 3- INQUISITIVE (curious & in search of eternity...infinite Brahman) >Astral level of intelligence 4-ENLIGHTENED>Cosmic level I AM VERY THANKFUL TO MY READERS FOR THEIR MOTIVATION;BECAUSE AT PRESENT SPIRITUALISM HAS A VERY LITTLE PLACE IN COMPARISON TO MATERIALISM...YOUR COMMENTS REPRESENT YOUR LEVEL(as given above) AS WELL AS ENCOURAGE ME ALSO..THANKS A LOT... SHIVOHAM ...