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OM DEV -DANAV siddhaga Pujita Parameshwari; Purana Roopa ,Parama Paratantra Vinashini. Devi Mantra Tantra for Buri Nazar Removal MEANING OF NAZAR PROTECTION MANTRA- 04 FACTS;- 1-A very rare Hindu Ritual to exorcise a person suspected of being at the receiving end of black magic or evil-eye, Jadu Tona and Buri Nazar in the Hindi language. 2-The same exorcism ritual can be performed for aura cleansing and can be beneficial for the practitioners of Tantra- Mantra- Voodoo and Occult, who are sometimes known to attract negative energies. 3-The ritual can also be beneficial Tarot Card Readers, Psychics and other practitioner of the paranormal for cleansing their aura. 4-This exorcism ritual, is among those rare paranormal rituals, which are not found on the internet or a book. This traditional Indian exorcism ritual is practiced by certain persons, including Tantriks and householders in some rural parts of the Indian State of Maharashtra. METHOD;- 04 FACTS;- 1-The Mantra is chanted to invoke SATVAI DEVI, a name by, which the Mother Goddess is worshiped in these regions. 2-This aura cleansing ritual has to be practiced in the evening after sunset, the simple method of practicing the Tantra is mentioned below. 3-Take the ingredients mentioned below in the approximate quantity mentioned, in your right hand. Make the person suffering from the Evil-Eye or Black Magic stand in front of you and rotate the hand holding the ingredients from head to toe in front of the body of the affected person while chanting the evil-eye removal Mantra given below once. 4-While rotating the ingredients, take the names of all the people you or the sufferer suspect of infecting his aura with negative vibrations and energies. 5-The Mantra has to be chanted only once, while the rotation[Utara] has to be done three times. 6-Then repeat the Utara Ritual exactly as explained above over the back, left and right sides of the body of the person suffering from the evil-eye. This should be done by make the sufferer turn around in these directions. 7-While chanting the Mantra, replace the word – नाम with the name of the affected person. 8-Ingredients 1-About a teaspoon of Rock Salt 2-Two-Three Dried Red Chilies 3-The Outer Skin of Two-Three Garlic Petals 4-A few Strands of Hair – the hair can be of the practitioner or of the person suffering from evil-eye 5-A Teaspoon of Black Mustard Seeds 9-मंत्र सटवाई सटवाई काळी साडी का नेसलीस काळ्या बांगडया का घातल्यास [ नाम -NAME OF the affected person] ला लागलेली नजर दूर कर || Mantra Satvaaee Satvaaee Kali Sadi Kaa Neslis Kalya Bangdyaa Kaa Ghatlyaas [name of the sufferer] laa Laagleli Nazar Door Kar || 10-Finally, wrap the ingredients in paper and put it to burn over burning coals. The residue-ash can be thrown away outside the house. This evil-eye exorcism ritual should be done for three days in a row and is very effective in removing even the most powerful Black Magic or Evil-Energy, which has infected the aura of the sufferer.