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17 FACTS;- 1-Elemental Strip Technique with Coloured Tapes to exhaust &enhance the five elements... 2-Eagle or the Garuda, Lord Vishnu’s trusted mount, is a metaphysical symbol. It is an eagle with a human face. at SW 3-A Pyramid literally means the ‘Fire Centre’ and has been associated with the ancient Egyptian at NE/NNE/ENE/NORTH/WEST 4-Red elephant;-This MahaVastu remedy can be placed either in the North Zone, or in the South Zone, or even in both these zones simultaneously 5-An Ashoka Pillar mainly yields exceptional results in areas such as – government favours, promotions and at NW 6-A Brass Deer fills you with youthful energy removing stress or at WEST 7-Lord Shiva’s trusted steed – the Nandi Bull protects a business against any unforeseen calamity or danger, and promotes trust at SW/WSW/NW 8-Indra Dev, considered as the Lord of Heaven or Swargaloka, is responsible for the smooth and orderly functioning of the at EAST 9-According to MahaVastu, Surya Dev or the Sun represents the governing or ruling power. The Sun is also responsible for at EAST 10-The Sword has been extensively used as a Vastu remedy in ancient India. Its main use was and still is to ensure power and at NW 11-Love Birds helps to strengthen the love and bonding between two friends, lovers or between a husband and at SW/WSW 12-As per the Pauranic tales, when the Gods and demons churned the oceans, the Kamdhenu Cow is one of the 14 gems that was received... place at ESE 13-A pair of black and white painted, Resin at ESE. 14-LION OF BRASS;-Protects a business and promotes trust and at NNE. 15-The Red Horses enable you to optimise the efforts that you put into any work. This effort is then converted into money and recognition....SE 16-Yakshraj Kuber is the Lord of Wealth and guardian of all the treasures of the atNORTH 17-By placing a Pair of White Horses on the floor in the North-West (NW) Zone of your building, you can ensure that Banks and other finiancial. .....SHIVOHAM..