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There are 45 Powers Behind 16 Directions ... 33 Devtas and 12 Asurs in Vastu Purush Mandla..


05 FACTS;- You can reap health benefits with Vastu in your home itself. Certainly, this is not meant for replacing Medical Science. Since Vastu, Ayurveda, and Yoga are founded on the same philosophy, i.e., Samkhya Yog Darshan (the Indian Metaphysics), so all the three are interrelated.

2-In Vastu philosophy, the entirety of space is divided into 3 equal divisions. Each division of 120° (one third of 360°) represents - Vaat, Pitta, and Kapha. Vaat, Pitta, and Kapha are the three imbalances in Ayurveda, known as Tridosha.

3-Due to these three basic imbalances, the state of physical health varies. Each division of 120° encompasses certain MahaVastu Zones. Whichever of those Zones is imbalanced, as per the 4-steps of MahaVastu, the corresponding dosha will appear as disease in the body.

4-Same is the case with mental health. In Yoga, Triguna (three attributes of mind), viz., Static (Tamas), Active (Rajas), Serene (Sattva) are responsible for the health of the mind. Again, the same (one third) division is responsible for each Guna.

5-With 16 Vastu Techniques you can easily work out the solutions and reasons of why your health is disturbed regularly or why medicines are not responding. By balancing Vastu Zone of Health and Healing, you can strengthen your immune system. With Vastu Techniques you can stop surgeries, if you have to face them quite frequently. 2-IMPROVE GRADES IN STUDIES;-

05 FACTS;- 1-You get improved focus, concentration, better absorption of study material, and faster and clearer content delivery (at the time of examination), with the help of MahaVastu. 2-Many people seek guidance on how they can improve the studies of their children. Vastu has practical, logical and result giving solutions for this problem. To work out a solution you should observe, why your children are not improving in their studies; what exactly happens when they try to study.

3-Ask your children, for example, does their attention shift to the TV, or to surfing the internet; or, do they start getting anxieties; or, is it they just don't like to study. You have to get the symptoms like this. 4-The moment you get the symptoms, you can correlate them with what is placed in the Vastu Zone of Studies and Education. If toys or games are placed in that zone, then whenever they will sit for studies, they will be tempted to play; if a T.V. is placed in that Zone, then at the time of studies, TV will draw their attention; if a computer to surf the net is placed in that Zone, then they will be tempted to go on the internet or chat instead of focusing on studies. If this portion in the building is cut, then they will be tempted to go out and play with their friends.

5-To focus their attention on studies, their study materials must be placed in the Vastu Zone of Studies..WSW. If it is not possible to place their study table or books here, then with the application of Vastu Techniques you can create a balanced state for this Vastu Zones and develop their focus and concentration in their studies. Additionally, by balancing two more Vastu Zones, you can improve their capability of absorbing more in less time, and clearly reproducing the learned concepts during their exams. This will make them perform to their full potential. 3-GETTING FAME & RECOGNITION;-

05 FACTS;- 1-You can enhance visibility of your work and get recognised by balancing two Zones. In a number of case studies we came across people who very easily stole the credit of accomplishment without even contributing up to the mark in the work and efforts. This happens when either they are sleeping in the Zones of Fame or in the Social-Association Zone or these two Zones are balanced in their home either by presence of the ideal activity or through some colours or due to MahaVastu Programming (occurring by chance).

2-If in your home and workplace the Zone of Fame and Social Association is weak or imbalanced, then you and your efforts are neither recognised nor appreciated, in spite of your putting in all the efforts, physical and mental presence, and money resources. So whenever you find that you do not achieve enough visibility and recognition for all the effort you are making then you need to balance only two Zones at home.

3-After the application of Vastu at your home and workplace, you start realizing, within 4-6 weeks, that, people are appreciating you, and your fame and recognition are growing day by day.


One was not getting recognised at his office. He found that due to a toilet in the Zone of Fame and Recognition he was not getting recognized for his hard work and contribution put in for growth of his company. Within 3 weeks of application of simple Remedies and Techniques for that toilet, his MD called him and said, "I was under high pressure to appoint a person for a very responsible job in our new project which is to be executed in UAE. And just 3 days back your name flashed in front of my eyes; so will it be possible for you to go to Middle East and handle the responsibility.... 4-JOY & HAPPINESS;-

06 FACTS;- 1-The source of eternal joy lies within you only, but due to external environmental factors, you are not able to feel the happiness. For example, your hand performs certain tasks like holding objects and feeling the temperature or textures of the objects. If your hand is not able to hold and feel then you consult a doctor. The doctor does not make your hand hold or feel; he, in fact, restores it to the natural balanced state so that it can perform its natural function of holding and feeling.

2-To do so, he diagnoses the root cause of the problem, viz., why the hand is not functioning naturally. In the same way, your mind has a natural capability of experiencing the eternal joy and happiness.

In the same way, your mind has a natural capability of experiencing the eternal joy and happiness.

3-There are two ways in which the conscious mind gets all the experiences, inputs, or information. One is, through sensory organs (Ear, Nose, Eyes, Skin, and Tongue) which are responsible for Listening, Smelling, Seeing, Touching, and Tasting, respectively.

4-The second way of input is from the sub-conscious state of mind. The sub-conscious mind picks up all the information from your living space. The sub-conscious mind is also responsible for connecting with the source of eternal joy within you. If your sub-conscious mind is clouded with non-relevant information, from your space where you live and work, then it loses its capability to stay connected with the source of joy and happiness within.

5-When the 4 Step Vastu is applied at your home and work place, then you start reconnecting to the source of joy and happiness within you. This enables your sub-conscious and conscious minds to experience true happiness, and eternal joy.

6-Physically if ENE and NNW Vastu Zones are imbalanced, due to wrongly placed kitchen, toilet or store in these Zones, then you are not able to enjoy your success, relationships, money, and other achievements. With Vastu, you can diagnose the reasons for not being happy, and by applying Techniques, you can achieve true happiness 5-HEAL DEPRESSION;-

05 FACTS;- 1-Depression is consciousness stuck in either past or in a negative mode. The flow of natural energies from Anandmaya Kosha and Vigyanmaya Kosha to Manomaya Kosha gets disturbed. That's why mind does not feel energetic and consciousness gets stuck into a mode where a (depressed) person does not like anything and loses his ability to enjoy.

2-This psychological problem is related only with the space where you live, viz., your home. In the acute symptoms of depression a person loses his interest in life, day to day enjoyments, and also in doing any work. Vastu cannot replace the therapeutic methods recommended by medical science but it can, certainly, prove to be of great help in restoring the balanced and natural state of mind.

3-While working on problems such as depression, anxiety or abnormal behaviour, always try to work out what are the basic reasons the cast the consciousness into a negative mode. The first and foremost reason, as observed in a number of case studies for healing depression, is having your bedroom in the Vastu Zone of Depression.

4-The second reason is having your temple or prayer room in Vastu Zone of Expenditure and Wastage. The 3rd reason, for temporary depression, is having storage in NE Vastu Zone of your home. And 4th reason for depression is having a toilet in NE Vastu Zone.

5-With 4-steps of Vastu you will be able to match the symptoms accurately. If any of the 4 symptoms in a building matches, then correcting them, by using the 16 Vastu Techniques, can help you in healing depression. 6-PERSONAL INFLUENCE ;-

04 FACTS;- 1-Since time immemorial, man has been aware of places of power and personal influence. On those places, he constructed buildings to rule, or sought to regain power through temples, or worship places. British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill said, "We shape our buildings, thereafter, they shape us". Then the same quote was quoted by Indian Prime Minister Sh. Inder Kumar Gujral ji in his scrap book.

2-In 1960 one spiritual guide recommended then Prime Minister of India Pt. Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru ji, that if TeenMurti Bhawan (then residence of Indian Prime Minister) would have been retained by him or his family then he and his generations would always exercise power and maintain personal influence forever.

3-Buildings, where you live or work, decide the field (size, area and strength) of your personal influence and power. During his research, Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal studied the most powerful and influential buildings. The results of his research were amazing and interesting to note.

4-He found that only 4 MahaVastu Zones were responsible for powerful or weaker personal influence. He used these concepts in regaining the political power and creating influential business brands.

In the same way, you too can create and empower your personal influence in society from your home and work place, with application of Vastu. 7-STOPS DRAINING MONEY & EFFORT;-

05 FACTS;- 1-You can stop wastage and draining out of your money and vital energies with the help of Vastu. If you are sleeping in the Vastu Zone of Expenditure and Wastage-SSW, then you feel that all your assets, money, relations, and vital energies are either getting disposed off or getting drained without any apparent reasons.

2-If you are not sleeping there but the Vastu Zone of Expenditure is hyper-active or extended, even then, you start getting similar dismal results. With the simple remedies and techniques of Vastu you can easily stop this draining and turn it into savings and growth.

3- It is observed that over long periods of time people were unable to control draining of their money and resources, just because they were not able to work out the reasons for the same. But when their home and office buildings were analyzed from Vastu point of view, the reasons became apparent. After the application of Vastu Techniques the draining stopped completely. The resources and vital energies of the inhabitants of those places started getting accumulated and shifted towards constructive growth patterns.

4-In many cases people told Vastu Experts how their grand-parents created the empires, and after making certain changes in their homes and workplaces, the process of draining started in their lives. After the application of Vastu in their Spaces, it was found, either, they had opened a new gate, or shifted their own sitting and sleeping positions, exposing themselves to the Vastu Zones of Expenditure. That was precisely when this process started.

5-Thousands of acres of land and millions of rupees got drained due to such changes that were done in ignorance of Vastu Principles.

Now you too can easily identify the Vastu Zone of Expenditure and Wastage and find out what is causing draining patterns for your valuable assets and vital energies. 8-STRENGTHEN LOVE & RELATIONSHIP;-

05 FACTS;- 1-Family bonding and value systems are the most important factors in social institutions in, almost, all the cultures of the world. If family bonding and value systems are distorted, life becomes very depressing and dislocated; it gets filled with insecurities; also, the growth of all the family members gets hampered.

2-The purpose of making a home is maintaining the family bonding and the value system intact, in order to lead a successful life.Family bonding,

love, relationships and Vansh-Vriddhi (growth of heredity) are controlled by Vastu Zone of Ancestry (Pittra). If, in a home, marriages are getting delayed, or married life is disturbed, or family harmony is disturbed, or there are difficulties in child-birth or, bonding and value system has weakened, then this is the prime zone to focus upon.

3-As per understanding of Vedic philosophy of life, a skill is transferred from a father to his son; viz., it gets transferred genetically. That's why this zone is also considered as the Zone of Skill. Even, for maintaining the family harmony and family bonding, skill is required more than emotions. If this MahaVastu Zone is disturbed due to a toilet or a cut, then family bonding and skills, both, get distorted. Then you feel, 'bonding is strained'; and, no efforts prove fruitful for maintaining the family bonding.

4-In such situations, first of all, you have to confirm, by applying the 4-Steps of MahaVastu, if indeed symptoms are matching, exactly, with location of activities or objects placed in that zone. If symptoms do match 100%, then apply MahaVastu Techniques to restore the family bonding and harmony.

5-There are a number of MahaVastu case studies in which separation of a joint family was getting delayed due to the strained relationships among family members. With application of Vastu, the problem got resolved amicably and quickly with win-win situations for all. 9-POWER & CONFIDENCE ;-

05 FACTS;- 1-You can feel more power and self-confidence with the application of Vastu in your home and workplace. Lack of self-confidence makes your decisions waver, thus, causing instability of mind. Correct decision making comes from self confidence.

2-If the Vastu Zone of Power and Confidence is weak or imbalanced then you feel a lack of confidence and power. If this Zone is extended then inhabitants of that place become over-confident and take bold decisions which are either un-implementable, or lead to losses. So you have to maintain a balance in this Zone for having the right amount of confidence at the right time.

3-Lack of confidence also leads to development of fearful attitude while dealing with the world outside. This puts others in a dilemma whether they should go ahead and work with you. By improving self-confidence you remove this factor also.

4-Lack of confidence also allows people to dominate you all the time. You are not able to keep your point of view and end up working against your consciousness always due to influence of others. To overcome these situations this is very important to keep the Vastu Zone of Power and Confidence.SSE in a balanced state.

5-EXAMPLE;-One was in a highly stressful situation in his joint family business. On the floor on which he was living with his joint family, the Vastu Zone of Power and Confidence was missing due to a cut in that part of the building. His reason for tension was that his brother and father never honoured his views in business. Apart from that he was never able to express his way of thinking in joint decision making due to lack of confidence.

5-1-When Vastu was applied in their home for business growth, the cut portion of the building was also treated. During a follow up discussion, his father and elder brother said that there is a big change in personality and attitude of the younger brother. This client also felt remarkable improvements and he said, "I don't know from where the confidence has come but now I too can place my point of view and thinking at the right time for the growth of our joint family business". 10-OVERCOME ANXIETY ;-

05 FACTS;-

1-Anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent in the times we live in. Here too Vastu can help greatly.The main cause of anxiety is sleeping in the Vastu Zones of Churning, viz., ESE. The second most common cause is doing Pooja or Meditation in this Zone.

If you feel restless and anxieties, you will find either of these two reasons as the cause.

2-With these reasons people tend to get highly restless and turn hypertensive; they are not at ease even with their own self. With such a state of mind they are not able to make wise investment decisions and often bear losses. Over a period of time, they develop ailments such as Diabetes, or/and High Blood Pressure.

3-If a pregnant lady sleeps in this zone, her child comes out to be a Hyperactive Child - always proving destructive and even injuring himself

or herself.If possible, don't ever make bed rooms in this Zone.

4-If you already have one, and there is no scope to shift it to some other positive Vastu Zone, then paint your bedroom either light Cream (Yellow side) or Pastel Green (in very light tone). You will see your anxiety level coming down day by day and will be relaxed in two weeks.

5-This is how Vastu helps you to be Calm, Relaxed and Overcome Anxiety, naturally, without recourse to medicines which often have heavy side effects or addictive characteristics. 11-CLARITY OF MIND;-

04 FACTS;- 1-As soon as Vastu is applied to your home or workplace one of the very first benefits you get is Clarity of Mind.People, who claim that they

got clarity in all aspects of their lives after the application of Vastu, often confess that their mind was clouded earlier. They were not able to see the clear picture; their thoughts were blocked or confused.

2-They wanted to do something but were unable to see the way to do it. The moment they wanted to move ahead to take some action they realised that indecisiveness or dilemmas appeared as blockages, thus, making them lose both clarity of thought and mind.

3-Your sub-conscious mind rules your conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind is continuously picking up information from your immediate environment, and getting programmed. The moment you apply the 4-Steps of Vastu and utilize the 16 Vastu Techniques, not only does the Space inside your building start behaving positively, but your sub-conscious mind also starts picking up clarity and positive information for growth.

4-You start getting clarity on the level of conscious state of mind that guides and helps you to move ahead in your life. 12-CONTROL ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR ;-

06 FACTS;- 1- Vastu is the best and most-effective tool to control abnormal behaviour in homes as well as in work places. Due to irrational behaviour of people in a home, family bonding and relationships get strained; while in an organisation, the productivity levels start coming down. If restlessness gets created in an industry then it leads to labour unrest.

2-Since ancient times, Vastu tools have been employed to control the behaviour of people living on a particular land. Vastu Experts in the past had found the secrets of human behaviour, which, in turn, was found to be directly related with the Earth energies and the energy fields created in a built up structure. About 2000 years ago statues of Buddha were established in Afghanistan, specifically, to control the unrest in that land. 3-You can see how an uncontrollable, restlessness got developed in the land again since those statues were destroyed. If you observe globally then there are certain places on Earth where modern developments have disturbed age old peace.

4- Emotion (Bhawna) is daughter of building (Bhavana); and people are driven by emotions. Erratic emotions are an outcome of imbalanced buildings and disturbed energy fields of Earth and built up spaces.

5- Vastu helps you locate the root cause of abnormal behaviour in a family as well as in a work place, and subsequently, facilitates effective and simple solutions to control it. For example, kitchen in NE Vastu Zone always creates irrational behaviour. With simple solutions of colours and lights you can control such behaviour patterns very easily without undergoing structural changes.

6-EXAMPLE;-One was highly tensed because of his brother getting involved with one of the staff girls, in his office. Instead of taking care of the business, his brother, who was 46 years of age and was married, was getting further involved with that girl. When the client showed the plan to Vastushastri, he got to know that due to changes done most recently in their office, the sitting position of the brother had been shifted to the Vastu Zone of Sex and Attraction.

6-1-Due to that his (brother's) behaviour changed completely along with

his priorities in life..Within 2 weeks of shifting his sitting position back to its original location, he lost interest in that girl and his total focus shifted, again, towards the growth of his business. Similarly, there are many other cases where abnormal behaviour has been restored to normal and healthy behaviour. 13-CREATE FINANCIAL SECURITY ;-

04 FACTS;- 1-Finance is the heart and soul of every business. For starting up, faster growth, expansion, or takeovers, getting funding from financial institutions, equity markets or investors, is a must. In the better interest of the business and to bring down the costs it\'s required that these funds be procured at lower rates of interest than the prevailing market rates. In all of these situations, MahaVastu attracts the right investor or support from financial institutions and markets.

2-There are six Vastu Zones which are, primarily, responsible for getting Support from Financial Institutions. They help to create trust, vision, team, understanding and bonding, thus, supporting your financial vision for growth. Once your office space is programmed with , you get secure and fruitful finance in your company.

3-This is one aspect of Support of Financial Institutions. Another important aspect where Support of Financial Institution is required, is to settle loans and dues. In many cases companies which had sunk into losses wanted to settle their financial obligations with the Financial Institutions.

4-In those cases, with the help of Vastu Techniques, they were able to settle with their banks for one third or even less of their outstanding loan amounts. There are certain key points in Vastu Zones referred to above. If balanced correctly they manifest the desired solutions with Banking and other Financial Institutions. Opportunities 14-CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES ;-

04 FACTS;- 1-You can create New Opportunities for yourself , instead of just waiting for them or chasing after people to try and grab something. There is a Vastu Zone for creating opportunities... If you feel that you are stuck in your life; you don't have the job or work that goes well with your skills and knowledge, or you just want to expand the horizons of your Karma (Actions for Contributing to the world - even for making more money), just try Enlightening Technique in North Vastu Zone. Wait for two weeks and see what series of opportunities life presents before you ...

2-To create New Opportunities, Vastu has very specific solutions, mostly designed for better work and money-growth. With a little knowledge of Vastu , you can customise your solutions. For example, you want to change your present Job, and you are seeking some better offers. Now in the same change, if you want a shift from one industry to another (say Food processing to Media), then Vastu helps to 'tap' a new sphere with better offers. Many case studies at show how people did that with the help of Vastu .

3-Similarly this also applies to business. If you are running your own business well and want to invest in some new venture but you are not getting the right kind of new opportunities, Vastu can prove quite helpful in that too.

4-Recently, for example many people got opportunities to invest in the field of property, just at the right time, and made fortunes out of it. People whose "Zone of Opportunity" was blocked, did not get a chance, even with money kept ready for investment. 15- GET BEST PRODUCT QUALITY;-

05 FACTS;-

1-You can assure the best possible quality of your products, even better than the expectation of your buyers, from your factory with Vastu. Over the last 18 years, Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal has worked with more than 3000 industrial units, and fixed all their quality related issues, successfully. He thinks, "Quality is the most critical and challenging aspect in an industry, apart from Sales, Finance, HR and Production". It took him almost five years to understand quality from MahaVastu's point of view. 2-Once, he was attending a workshop on applied Kaizen for industrial production and quality. Suddenly a thought flashed in his mind that if the Kaizen philosophy focuses on quality at each step of process instead of checking it in the end, then MahaVastu must have a definite solution.

After that Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal concluded that while applying MahaVastu one should always focus on the key processes and place them in their respective MahaVastu Zones. One must also focus on input and output from each process and correlate them with the attributes of each Zone.

3-This insight led to great success. Later when he got a chance to visit old industrial set-ups in Europe, his ideas got confirmed. No matter if it was Scotch, Wine, Car, or Diamond- Polishing, or any other industry, he observed that most successful units were following an equation. That was exactly the same formula which he had thought of earlier. These factories had been satisfying their customers for centuries.

4-Through application of the same equation in Vastu industrial designing, he got astonishing results. Some of the industries he has 'designed' have made their mark globally; their brands are ranked the best in the world. Many of them are leading brands of India. "Making your product irresistible with Vastu gives real satisfaction" he says.

5-And understanding your quality is the key for bigger growth in Vastu. He has his own definition for quality, viz., "a state of product, highly irresistible, with the satisfaction level of the customer going beyond his expectation which forces him to fall in love with your product. Then there remains no question of price; customers just want to possess and try it out with their beloved ones." WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MAHAVASTU?

10 FACTS;- 1-SYSTEMATIC PROCEDURE In Vastu, we first work out the root cause of imbalances in the building. Then use the 16 Techniques for correction of imbalances without making any demolitions (in 98% buildings) in the built-up structure.

2-HIGH PRECISION LEVEL While diagnosing, high Precision Levels are practised and deviation of even 3° is not allowed. With such precision, Symptoms do match 100% with the problems.

3-FOCUS ON ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS Vastu is a product of minute observations in more than 10,000 documented case studies. With this vast repertoire of knowledge, one can accurately match the symptoms of a problem with 4-Step evaluation.

4-RESULT-ORIENTED APPROACH It offers scientific solutions of problems in already built-up spaces using tested and effective 16 Techniques and Remedies.

5-SPECIFIC REMEDIES FOR SPECIFIC PROBLEMS Whether it is purchasing a new property, getting loan, or, winning legal battles, Vastu offers practical and easy to apply Problem-Specific Remedies.

6-FLEXIBLE AND ALTERNATE OPTIONS For optimum use of the available space, Vastu is the perfect answer as it Offers Flexibility and Options.

7-APPLICATION TO IRREGULAR SPACES With the Vastu Chart Analysis, we come to know which zones are weak or strong in an irregular shaped Flat or Building. It clearly highlights which portions are effectively Cut or/and Extended and what effects they entail. Accordingly, we can restore the balanced situation using the 16 Techniques.

8-SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION PROCEDURE The real purpose of Vastu is to study a building to check if it is suitable for a particular cause or not. Vastu presents a systematic and logical procedure for creating a detailed evaluation report of your building. You can accurately evaluate the effects of any activity when it is placed in 16 MahaVastu zones.

9-EFFECTIVE USAGE OF COLOURS AND SHAPES MahaVastu explains Attributes & Effects of Colours & Shapes, logically, which match (100%) with the real life observations. So, Colours and Shapes are used to good effects by practitioners of MahaVastu.


your building basically affects your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind picks up information from your surrounding environment. When Paintings, Photographs and Sculptures are selected properly, they impart a new direction to your subconscious mind, finally leading to manifestation of desires.