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14 FACTS;- 1-Passion is the root and anger the stem. You will have to destroy the root (passion) first. Then the stem (anger) will die by itself. A passionate man is more angry. A Brahmachari always keeps a balanced mind. He has a cool brain at all times. 2-The root cause of anger is ignorance and egoism. Through Vichara (right enquiry), egoism should be removed. Then alone can one control his anger completely. Through development of the opposite virtues such as FORGIVENESS,LOVE ,PEACE,MERCY ,FRIENDSHIP ( Kshama,Prem Shanti, Karuna, etc.), anger can be controlled to an enormous degree. The force can be reduced. Atma-jnana alone can fry all Samskaras of anger and eradicate it as a whole. 3-If an aspirant has controlled anger, half of his Sadhana is over. Control of anger means control of lust also. Control of anger is really control of mind. He who has controlled anger cannot do any wrong or evil action. He is always just. It is very difficult to say when a man will be thrown into a fit of fury. All of a sudden he gets an irresistible fit of anger for trifling matters. 4-When anger assumes a grave form, it becomes difficult to control. It should therefore, be controlled even when it is in the form of a small ripple in the subconscious mind (Chitta). One should watch his mind very, very cautiously. Whenever there is the least symptom or indication of light irritability, then and there it must be nipped. Then it becomes very easy to control anger. Be careful and vigilant and watch the ripple, then only you are a sage. 5-Whenever there is a little irritability, stop all conversation and observe Mouna (the vow of silence). Practice of Mouna daily for one or two hours is of great help in controlling anger. Always try to speak sweet soft words. The words must be soft and the arguments hard; but if the reverse is the case it will lead to discord and disharmony. There is a sharp sword in every tongue. Do not argue much. Do not retort. Speak sweetly always. Do not use abusive words. Become a man of measured words. If a man abuses or insults you, keep quiet. Identify yourself with Atman. Atman is the same in all. It can never be hurt or insulted. 6-If you find it difficult to control anger, leave the place at once and take a brisk walk. Drink some cold water immediately. This cools down the body and mind. Chant ‘OM’ loudly like a lion for ten minutes and then chant ‘OM SANTI’ mentally or verbally for five minutes. 7-Think of the picture of your Ishtam. Pray. Repeat your Ishta Mantra for ten minutes. Gradually the anger will vanish. 8-Find out the real cause of your anger and try to eradicate it. If a man abuses you and calls you names, you become furious at once. Your blood becomes hot. Why do you feel offended when he calls you ‘a dog’ or ‘a donkey’? Have you developed now four legs and tail like a dog? Why do you get excited for little things? 9- Enquire: What is this abuse? Is it not mere vibration in the ether? Am I body or Atman? No one can injure Atman. The Atman of the abuser and the abused is one. Do I really gain anything by retaliating? I waste my energy. I hurt the feeling of another man. I disturb and pollute the thought world. I do real harm to the world by sending a current of hatred. This world is unreal. I will live here for a short time only. Let me bear this insult. Let me excuse him. I will develop inner mental strength and power of endurance. 10-You can thus very effectively eradicate the feelings of anger. A time will come when you will not be irritated even a bit by harsh words, abuses and insults, of this kind. You will not pay the least heed if a man says that such and such a man has said bad words against you. You will simply laugh the whole matter away. An irritable man is very weak and has no mental strength. 11-You must try to remain cool even in the most provocative(acting as a stimulus) conditions. If you are hungry and if you suffer from any disease, you generally become more irritable. If you have some troubles, difficulties or loss, you get irritated for little things. If a Sannyasi who lives in the cave says that he has controlled anger, you cannot believe him. The waves are for the time being suppressed. There are no opportunities for his getting irritated. If some transactions take place, if he is ill-treated, he will again manifest his anger. The world is a better training college for the control of anger. 12-All evil qualities proceed from anger. If you can eradicate anger all bad qualities will die of themselves. Anger begets eight kinds of vices,VIZ. I-Injustice, 2-Rashness, 3-Persecution, 4-Jealousy, 5-Taking possession of others’ property, 6-Harsh words 7-Killing 8-Cruelty. 13-Anger and lust are the two inner enemies that stand in the way of developing Bhakti.From lust follow the ten vices that are mentioned in Manusamhita;- 1-Love of hunting, 2-Gambling, 3-Sleeping by day, 4-Slandering, 5-Company with bad women, 6-Drinking, 7-Singing love-songs, 8-Vulgar music, 9-Dancing, 10-Aimlessly wandering about. 14-THE KEY POINT;- If you look into the defects of anger and the benefits of patience, you will never become angry.The combined method is more effective. If one method fails, take recourse to the combined method. Do Japa, Pranayama. Sometimes do Vichara.......SHIVOHAM....