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PANCHA DHARANA IN UPANISHADS;- 04 FACTS;- 1-We find this method discussed in the Darsana Upanishad, which is one of the Yoga Upanishads. In each case, it stresses that one must concentrate on the five elements but outside; not inside the body . 2-The five types of Dharana ; which is a stage in meditation – we try to hold on what we are mediating upon without wavering. In the sky which is in the middle of the body, Dharana of the sky outside should be made. Similarly in the breath, Dharana of air outside should be made. In the fire in the stomach, Dharana of the fire outside should be made. 2-1--In the fluid aspects of the body, Dharana of the water outside should be made. In the earthy aspects of the body, Dharana of the earth outside should be made.It is also necessary to chant the pancha bhootha mantras viz., Ham, Yam, Ram, Vam and Lam. It is said that this very great Dharana destroys all sins. 3-Description of panchadharana has been given in yoga granths with several qualities. After getting siddhi in these five dharnas, there is no work which cannot be done siddh or proved. First, stop your breath inside while concentrating on the Mooladhara Chakra in Abhyasi Prithavi Dharana in the beginning and then on the Swadhishthana Chakra in Jaliya Dharana, on the Nabhi Chakra in Aagneya Dharana, on the Heart Chakra in Wayaviya Chakra and on Kanthkoopa and Bhumadhya Chakra in Aakashiya Dharana.It should be done after the practice of pranayam and other mudras. 4-After getting siddhi in all these dharnas, the yogi gets supreme rank. The person can conquer over senility (old age) and death by the regular practice of this mudra. This mudra is also helpful in awakening Kundilini Power. HOW TO CONCENTRATION ON SOLAR PLEXUS?- 04 FACTS;- 1-Solar plexus is often called the abdominal brain. It is an important centre of the nerves, connected with the sympathetic nervous system. It is located in the Epigastric(The upper central region of the abdomen) region, behind the pit of the stomach on either side of the spinal column. It has control on the main internal organs of man. It plays a much more important part than is generally recognised. It takes an important part in the control of emotions and of various bodily functions. 2-It is a known fact that men have been instantly killed by a severe blow over the solar plexus. The solar plexus is literally the sun of the nervous system. When the sun is shining harmoniously, the whole of the physical system is harmonious. It radiates strength and energy to all parts of the body. Thoughts and Prana, when directed towards this centre through Pranayama, will stimulate and awaken the sunshine latent therein. 3-It is composed of white and grey brain matter. It is one of the most vital parts of the body. A blow over the solar plexus is well-known to boxing men as a ready means of rendering an opponent unconscious or at any rate helpless. It is the store-house of Prana. It is the power-house. It is the most important of all the Adharas (supports) of the body that are sixteen in number. 4-WHAT IS ADHARA?-- Adharas are points, which are responsible for the concentration of consciousness and prana during hatha yoga practice.Regarding on big toe, in Tantrism, Indian and Buddhist, many practices were performed with using of this point. There are some technics in which the energy begins to rise from the tips of the toes, and not only from the muladhara chakra. 4-1-You can see such techniques in Vijnana Bhairava Tantra where it is recommended to meditate on the flames rising from the toe of the feet. Furthermore, big toe can be used as a hold during maha mudra. Some of the energy channels are particular going to the big toe. 4-2--Mahamudra’ (also called the ‘Great Hand Posture’) is a Sanskrit word, which means the ‘great symbol’ or the ‘great locks’ or the ‘great seal’. It is a simple and natural practice of ‘contemplation’, which is based on ‘insight’ and ‘tranquility’. All three energetic ‘seals’ or ‘Bandhas’ i.e. ‘Moola Bandha’, ‘Uddiyana Bandha’ and ‘Jalandhara Bandha’ are engaged in this meditation to open up the energy channels in our body by directing the ‘prana’ or ‘vital energy’ in the right direction. It is a part of the popular Meditation. MEDITATION EXERCISE;- 05 FACTS;- 1-Sit erect in Padmasana or Siddhasana. Close your eyes. Draw the air slowly through the left nostril as long as you can do with comfort. 2- Keep the right one closed with your right thumb. Repeat Om mentally. Then retain the breath. 3-Have the attention well-directed towards the solar plexus. Concentrate your mind there. Have the thought centred upon it. Do not make any undue strain of the mind or undue effort of any kind. Direct consciously the Prana to the region of solar plexus through the retained breath. 4-Imagine : "I am breathing in Prana, happiness, joy, strength, vigour, love." Then slowly exhale through the right nostril. 5-Then inhale through the right nostril, retain it as before and exhale through the left. Repeat the process 12 times in the morning. Fear, depression, weakness and other undesirable emotions, which stand in the way of spiritual advancement, will vanish. You will become more and more confident of success in Self- realisation. DESCRIPTION OF PANCHA DHARANA;- 1-PRITHVI DHARANA 1-There are five elements, viz., Prithvi, Apas, Agni, Vayu and Akasa. To the body of the five elements, there is the fivefold Dharana. From the feet to the knees is said to be the region of the Prithvi. It is four-sided in shape, yellow in colour and has its Varna the Sanskrit letter 'L' along the region of earth, i.e., from the feet to the knees. 2-Contemplating upon this, one should perform Dharana there for a period of two hours daily. He then attains mastery over the earth. Death does not trouble him since he has obtained mastery over the 'earth' element. MEDITATION;- 1-Experience the space which pervades the entire body from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. Experience the sthulakasha; the space throughout the body. Develop total awareness of the space which pervades your whole body. Within this space become aware of prithvi tattwa, the earth element, which is related with the sense of smell. 2-Bring your awareness to the sense of smell. Observe all the smells that are in the environment right now. 3-After that ,Feel the body becoming heavy like the earth. Create the feeling of your body sitting inside the earth. Become one with the earth.Visualize the corresponding diety. 2-AMBHASI DHARANA 1-The region of Apas is said to extend from the knees to the anus. Apas is semi-lunar in shape and white in colour. It has the letter 'Va' for its Bijakshara-seed-letter. Carrying up the breath with the letter 'Va' along the region of Apas, one should contemplate on God Narayana, having four arms, a crowned head, dressed in orange-colour clothes and as decayless. 2-Practising Dharana there daily for a period of two hours, he is freed from all sins. Then there is no fear for him from water. MEDITATION;- 1-Feel the space pervading the entire body. Now focus your attention on apas tattwa, the water element. Taste is the tanmatra which is related with the water element. 2-Bring your attention to the taste which is in your mouth right now. Be aware of this taste. Dwell on various tastes. 3-After that ,Imagine yourself sitting in a mountain stream underneath a waterfall. Above you is water, below you is water. Visualize the water and become fluid like the water. 3-AGNEYI DHARANA 1-From the anus to the heart is said to be the region of Agni. Agni is triangular in shape, red in colour and has the letter 'R' along for its Bija. Raising the breath with the letter 'Ra' along the region of fire, one should contemplate on Rudra, who has three eyes, who grants all wishes and who is of the colour of mid-day sun. 2-Practising Dharana there daily for a period of two hours, he is not burnt by fire, even though his body enters into the fire-pit. MEDITATION;- 1-Form/Sight is the sense associated with this element. In this state, conduct extensive visualizations of various landscapes. See each form or scene as clearly as you can, bringing as much detail into it as possible. 2-After that ,Imagine sitting inside a fire. Feel the intense heat. Become the heat.Visualize the corresponding diety. 4-VAYAVYA DHARANA 1-From the heart to the middle of the eyebrows is said to be the region of Vayu. It is black in colour and shines with the letter 'Ya'. Carrying the breath along the region of Vayu, one should contemplate on Isvara, the omniscient. The Yogi does not meet his death through Vayu. MEDITATION;- 1-See yourself within this space and become aware of a gentle breeze blowing. Feel the wind touching your skin. The wind is growing stronger. Feel the wind blowing all around you, filling up the whole space. 2-Feel the wind on your back, against the front of your body. Feel the wind above you and underneath you. There is nothing but wind all around you, making you lighter and lighter. The wind is emptying your body of weight. You are becoming weightless. 5-AKASA DHARANA 1-From the centre of the eyebrow to the top of the head is said to be region of Akasa. It is circular in shape, smoky in colour and shines with the letter 'Ha'. Raising the breath along the region of Akasa, one should contemplate on Sadashiva. 2-By practising this Dharana one obtains the power of levitation (action of rising typically by means of supposed magical powers).. The Yogi gets all the Siddhis. MEDITATION;- 1-Feel as if you are floating through space. Your body is light, weightless and floating through the vast, inky black space. As you float through the dark space become aware of asteroids passing by. 2-Become aware of the stars scattered through the darkness, bright, twinkling points of light. As you continue to float through space see the moon and the sun. Feel yourself merging into the space in which you are floating, becoming one with the space. Experience akasha tattwa, you are akasha tattwa.