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NAD YOG;- 13 FACTS;- 1-Attaining Samadhi through sound is Nada Yoga. Samadhi is the experience of pure consciousness which transcends mind and body. On the path to experiencing pure consciousness an individual discovers the wisdom of the body, emotional and cognitive (concerned with the process of knowing) intelligence, the union of body and mind (atman or soul), and the expansion of Atman into Nada Braham or Shabd Braham (God of Sound or Word). Beyond the experience of Nada Brahman comes the realization of the Nirgun Brahman or pure consciousness. 2-Nada means flow of sound and Yoga means Union. Nada Yoga is the process of the union of the individual mind with cosmic consciousness through the flow of sounds. When the river of consciousness is impeded(obstruct) by the ego, Nada or special sounds can remove the obstruction allowing the river of individual consciousness to unite with its source, the ocean of pure consciousness. 3-Nada is also called Shabd or word and is produced either by striking two objects known as Ahat Nad or without striking two objects which is called Anahat Nad. The Anahat sound can be heard at the Anahat or heart chakra. Anahat Nada is the sound of Aum and is the primal and uncreated vibration through which the universe was born. 4-All other sounds emerge from Aum. Prakirti is energy, energy is vibration and all vibrations are sound. From human DNA to bacteria and worms, from the earth to solar systems and distant galaxies and from the newborn stars to the black holes, everything has its own sound and music. The whole universe hums with its own rhythm and frequency. And when we can hum with the frequency of the universe, we become one with it and are transformed into a Nada Yogi. 5-In Patanjali’s Yoga, Aum represents Ishwara or Sagun Braham (universal consciousness with attributes). Because all other sounds emerged and are an extension of Aum, a Nada Yogi can make any sound a tool to reach the primal sound Aum and realizes Sagun Braham or Ishwara and then the pure consciousness of Nirgun Braham. 6- In Semitic tradition the Bible says ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ 7-On the path of Nada Yoga, the body is healed, the mind recovers its balance and the person becomes a fully functional individual, living with a sense of well-being. In this sense Nada Yoga works as medicine and therapy, helping a person to lead a healthy, happy and balanced life in the world. 8-Sound or Nada meditation is the most powerful path to self-realization .The reason being that out of the five elements (Panchmahabhuta) which form the microcosm of the body and the macrocosm of the universe, the element of space is the most primal. 9-Space is connected with the ear, and the ear is the receptacle to sound. In that way sound is the primal experience of all; in comparison to smell, taste, vision and touch. It is also the most accurate and more precise than the others. In the mother’s womb the first sense organ to develop and mature is the ear, and the sensation of the sound is the first one to be experienced. 10-During the dying process, the sense of hearing is the last one to disappear. That is why in various spiritual traditions around the world when someone is dying, scriptures are read, and sacred mantras are chanted. This brings peace to the dying person. 11-In Tibetan Buddhism ‘The book of Living and Dying’ is an example of such tradition. ‘The Book of Living and Dying’ contains concrete and comprehensive instructions that guide a person to die peacefully, attain freedom or have a good rebirth. 12-In our world speech and language have lost their aesthetic and sensual qualities and have become more technical, dry and intellectual. Words like love, spirit, energy, passion and consciousness are repeated endlessly and mechanically, they do not have an impact on the body and mind. They don’t relate to what they represent and don’t stir our feelings to bring change and transformation. 13- Nada Yoga helps us in discovering the sensual and spiritual qualities of sounds, language and words and connects them to the living and non-living things and events which they represent bringing richness to the life. NAD YOG;SOUND CURRENT MEDITATION;- 1-The regular practice of this meditation provides a sense of being at one with many vibrations. The whole body may often feel completely immersed in the current being heard while the higher senses are awakened. 2-Nad Yoga, sound current meditation, attunes the mind to the resonance of the divine sounds coursing through creation. The practice of the simple meditation makes tremendous expansion of the mind possible, enabling the practitioner to experience the presence of multi-dimensional forces within each person’s being. 3-This meditation is best done lying down. Thus, it is necessary that you be alert enough to prevent drifting off to sleep. It can be done sitting, but the effect is not as profound unless you are relatively advanced in the practice of meditation. EXERCISE ONE NINE STEPS;- 1-Lie on a firm, flat surface with no pillow. Keep the legs straight and uncrossed, and the arms at your side with the palms of the hands turned upward. The body should be as relaxed as possible. 2-It is very important to be in a quiet, dark place and best if practiced at night or in the early morning when the rest of the world is still. If noise is a problem, earplugs may be used. 3-With the eyes and the mouth closed (this is important), turn all your attention to the inside of your head, and begin to listen carefully. Concentrate on the right side of the head, near the inner ear. There will be a sound of some sort. 4-Perhaps you will hear a light ringing sound, a soft buzzing sound, or something akin to a faint rumble. Listen as closely as possible to whatever sound it is that you are hearing, with absolute attention—as though you were trying to hear someone in another room who is speaking in a whisper. 5-As you listen, the sound you hear will grow louder, and you will start to hear other sounds. In fact, so many sounds may start to swell at once that the original sound may be lost. As the sounds become louder, focus your attention on just one, as if you were trying to single out one instrument in a symphony. 6-Concentrate intently on that one sound. It will become louder and louder, and you may in time experience the sensation of having your whole body resonate with that sound. As you listen the sound may stop and turn into something else—more refined and vibrant (bright and strong). Go with that, and by all means keep the attention as focused as possible. 7-There are many sounds you may hear; bells, flutes, falling water, the sound of the ocean, the singing of birds, and more. As you practice this meditation regularly, you will hear subtler sounds that are somehow more brilliant in their tone. If the attention begins to wander, however, they will fade. 8-The regular practice of this meditation provides a sense of being at one with many vibrations. The whole body may often feel completely immersed in the current being heard while the higher senses are awakened. 9-When you meditate on the sound current that flows through the entire universe, you tune your attention to the source of the flow. As you become one with the sound, you may experience many other planes of awareness and change your entire perspective on life. Begin practicing Nad yoga for at least 10 minutes, increasing the time to as long as you want. NOTE;-During the process,chant OM mentally.. EXERCISE TWO ANTAR NAD MUDRA AS A FULL MOON MEDITATION (To be practiced on the Full Moon)Time: 11 - 31 minutes. 06 STEPS;- 1-This version of the meditation is a key to opening the flow of Kundalini. The new awareness will give you the authority to make the right choices to conquer the ugliness of life. You will be peaceful and secure. 2-MANTRA;- Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Rang Har Ray Har Har, Har Ray Har Har, Har Ray Har Har, Har Rang 3-MUDRA & MOVEMENT;- Put the hands flat together in Prayer Pose at the Navel Point. As the mantra starts with Sa Ray Sa Sa start to bring the palms up the center front of the torso(the trunk or the part of the human body) about 4·6 inches in front of the body. 4-As you pass the Heart Center, begin to open the hand mudra to make an open lotus by the time the hands reach the level of the Brow Point. The open lotus has the base of the palms together. The little fingertips touch, the thumb tips touch, and the rest of the fingers are spread open. 5-As the mantra begins Har Ray Har Har turn the fingers to point down, with the back of the hands touching. 6-It is a reverse Prayer Pose. Slowly bring this mudra down the chakras in rhythm with the music until the fingertips reach the Navel Point on the sounds Har Rang. Then turn them around and begin again.