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04 FACTS;- 1-Crossing your legs while sitting is a very common yet quite an unhealthy pose.It became an automatic pose that we take almost immediately after we sit.It’s a common pose that is usually associated with style and feminine culture.Many women sit in this pose because they think that it is elegant . 2-On the other hand, men sit in this position differently, with the legs wide open and with their feet facing out. Even though it comes automatically to us, or it’s a matter of habit, this pose is quite unhealthy. Furthermore, it can be dangerous to our posture, therefore can cause aesthetic problems. 3-If you sit in this position often and do so for a longer period, this is what is happening to your body:- If you don’t change the position for more than half an hour, it may cause the paralysis of the perennial nerve which weakens the muscles responsible for lifting the foot. 4-In addition to those who often hold legs crossed, this paralysis affects people who are tied to bed, and those who are not sufficiently stable in the wheelchair. It has aesthetic value, but there are some medical concerns that must be revealed here. 5 REASONS TO STOP CROSSING YOUR LEGS… 1. NUMBNESS IN THE MUSCLES;- Crossing the legs exerts pressure on the peroneal nerve at the back of your knee that supplies sensation to the lower legs and feet. If you remain in that pose for a longer time, legs or feet can go numb. It gives a pain like someone is giving pins or needles to your muscles. If it happens, massage the numb muscles vigorously to increase circulation in the veins. 2. NERVE PALSY;- When you cross your legs for a considerably longer time period, it can cause a condition, known as, peroneal nerve palsy. It results in foot drop. During this condition, you become unable to lift toes properly. In a study from South Korea, many patients were examined. Sitting cross-legged for hours caused numbness and foot drop. 3. RAISED BLOOD PRESSURE;- Many studies have shown that the habit of prolonged cross-legged sitting raises the blood pressure. Even if you usually don’t have problems with blood pressure this sitting position can trigger or cause it. Avoiding crossing your legs while sitting leads to a better circulation, which is, in all cases, positive. Good blood flow makes our muscles and skin healthier, therefore more beautiful. 3-1-You may have noticed when a doctor checks your blood pressure, he asks you to sit with legs uncrossed and arms flat. It’s because a comfortable pose can bring the blood pressure to a normal level and help check it properly. 3-2-What happens when you cross your legs often? It raises blood pressure to a certain level. In 2010, seven studies revealed that leg crossing causes a higher blood pressure. In another study, no difference was found. Most of these studies were on a small scale. 3-3-Two reasons have been understood about elevated blood pressure when you cross your legs while sitting. One knee over the other, sends blood from the legs to the chest, causing increased amount of blood pumped out of the heart. Consequently, it raises blood pressure. 3-4-People with high risk of blood clots should sit with legs uncrossed. Because, crossed legs can cause a barrier in the flow of blood. It could increase risk of a deep vein thrombosis. 4.BAD FOR HEART;- it’s really bad for your heart.When you cross your legs, you’re putting unnecessary pressure on the veins in your legs, especially the ones underneath your knees. What’s the big deal? This restricts the blood flow, causing your heart to work twice as hard. 5. POOR POSTURE;- People who remain in crossed leg pose for several hours develop a poor posture. Their shoulders become round as they lean forward. Obviously, it apparently looks awkward. When the legs are crossed for a longer time period, it makes shoulder become round. It also makes you lean forward. It affects body posture in an adverse way. 5-1- It also gives a stretch to the muscles. When you cross your legs, it can make your posture unattractive. Due to stooped posture, lower back pain and neck pain can also occur. It can also lead to discomfort in the hips. 5-2-There is a pelvic imbalance that makes inner thigh muscles shorter and outer thigh muscles longer. It also puts you at a joint displacement risk. 5-3-Posture issues may seem minor in the beginning but can cause serious health issues in the long run. Most of these posture issues arise because of excessive use of computer and smartphone technology. People spend an unreasonable amount of time sitting in awkward positions. NOTE;- You have read the five reasons to avoid sitting with legs crossed. Decide now to ditch (get rid of) this habit. You can look elegant even while sitting straight.The art is to keep the feet and knees close to each other.To avoid the health issues mentioned above, it’s important to improve sitting and standing posture. Even the way you walk is linked to your health. TECHNIQUES TO CHANGE THIS BAD HABIT;- 06 FACTS;- There are several techniques to change this bad habit;- 1-You can approach this by exploring your comfortable sitting positions. Have in mind that it’s good to have the right support for your back when you are sitting. 2-If you are forced to sit for a longer period, it’s good to change the position of your legs every 10 to 15 minutes. You can also do small movements of your feet and improve the blood circulation. 3-Some people, especially women always sit with their legs crossed without even realizing that they have been in that pose for hours. They must quit this habit instantly to stay healthy. 4-Nowadays, many people have no idea about how to correct their postures. Physical activity has taken a backseat and this is greatly affecting the overall health of people across the world. Sitting with your legs crossed does not seem to be a harmful action but a fair amount of activity should be incorporated into daily life to prevent health issues arising from this position. 5-Furthermore, if you are traveling and cannot get up, the best way to reduce the effect of prolonged sitting is to do small circulatory movements of your legs and to lift your heels occasionally. 6-A good seating exercise is to squeeze and relax the muscles of the buttocks and tights at intervals of 5 seconds. This exercise is especially valuable during the long flights or bus rides. In short, we must learn to avoid crossing your legs for a prolonged period of time. If we are doing it subconsciously, then we must bring it to our consciousness and try to avoid it.