Pyramid is resonant(echoing) to the earth’s magnetic field and creates a life force energy. Pyra comes from the Greek word fire and mid from the Latin word Mede which means middle. So Pyramid is actually “Fire in the middle”. Fire in the middle is an apt description for the natural life energy force that is found in the center of the Pyramid.


04 FACTS;-

1-A temple is the seat of divinity and is also a sacred institution that aims at giving mental and physical solace to the devotee. The Garbhagruha or sanctum sanctorum encompasses the center or the nabhi of the superstructure. From the square shape of the Garbhagruha to the final (which is a point) is the shikara.

2-This curved form is identified in modern times as the pyramid. The shikara normally refers to the superstructure of the sanctum sanctorum and is the most important part of the temple. The pyramidal superstructure has a number of storeys. The shikara can be a square, circular, hexagonal (6 sides) or octagonal (8 sides). The vertical growth of Shikara is also sometimes used to designate the whole superstructure of the temple.

3-The term Shikara is frequently mentioned at several places in the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha when referring to the ‘Prasada’ or temple. While the shikara generally refers to the curvilinear vertical growth of the sanctum sanctorum, the gopurams or gate towers refer to the gateways to the various enclosures and a temple.These are also pyramid shaped and the cross-section is reduced as they go up.

4-Sri Chakra in the Pyramids and in the Indian Temples assuredly channelise the bio-energy continuously. To correct the aura of an individual. To clean a place of unwanted energy interference. To ward off evil. To correct vastu defects. To increase happiness and contentment. To reach one’s goal in life.


10 FACTS;-

1-Pyramid power is supernatural or paranormal properties of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and objects of similar shape. This power, is said to preserve foods, maintain the sharpness of razor blades, improve health function, and cause other dramatic effects.

2-Pyramid power is one of many theories, referred to as pyramidology.

Some of the effects are:

A-Food kept under a pyramid will stay fresh for two to three times longer than uncovered food. Artificial flavorings in food will loose their taste, but natural flavors are enhanced.

B-The taste of foods change; they become less bitter or acid. Spectrographic (an instrument for dispersing radiation & mapping spectrum-a band of colours, as seen in a rainbow, )reading of the treated item will show a change in the

molecular structure.The pyramid will dehydrate and mummify (dry up and preserve) without decay or mold growing.

C-There is also a slowing or complete stopping of the growth of microorganisms (a bacterium, virus, or fungus).

3-Reactions to pyramid environments:-

A-Persons living, meditate, work or sleep inside of a pyramid building or under a pyramid framework, generally feel immediate positive reactions. Creatures are magnetically attracted to Pyramid replicas(an exact copy).

B-Testimonials from several sources, demonstrate that pets of all kinds thrive under, or within open frame pyramids. Dogs and cats are observed to respond to the pyramids.

4-Pyramid research:-

Researchers discovered that items placed under a pyramid stay "charged" for various lengths of time after being taken from under the pyramid. Crystals and water keeps their "charge" longer than anything else.

5-The theta and alpha brain waves are increased with individuals who meditate. These frequencies are also higher and the signal strength is twice the 9 amplitude of normal.

6-A Canadian hospital tried using a pyramid in their burn ward. The results were that after being under the pyramid for a few minutes, the patients' pain started to reduce.They also found that burns areas healed much faster.

7-It's a scientific fact that the geometric structure of the pyramid collects and radiates energy. So, when one meditates under a pyramid, the energy power of the practitioner increases. Not just that, things kept under a pyramid similarly get energised and their freshness remains for a long time.

8-In Greek, pyramid means 'in the middle of fire' (pyro= fire, amid= in the middle). Of all the four elements, fire represents universal energy and power.

9-About 10,000 years ago, the Egyptians built the Great Pyramids at Gizeh as store houses of universal energy. The power of the pyramid was obtained through a blending of the radiated cosmic energy with that of the gravitational force of the earth.

10-Many believe that the Great Pyramids at Gizeh, one of the seven wonders of the world, was originally built to balance the energies of the earth. It's located at the exact centre of the earth's land mass. Scholars have also confirmed that the pyramid was built as an instrument of initiation into altered and higher states of consciousness."

"PYRAMID'' (geometry);-

04 FACTS;-

1-When we think of pyramids we think of the Great Pyramids of Egypt.They are actually Square Pyramids, because their base is a Square.A pyramid is a three-dimensional shape. It has triangular sides that come together in a point at the top, call the "apex".

2-A pyramid with a square base (bottom) and four sides is called a square pyramid. A pyramid with a triangular base and three sides is called a tetrahedron. The formula for the volume of a pyramid is:





3-This means that one must find the volume by multiplying the base (B) by the height (h), then dividing the product by three. The base is also known as the product of the length and the width, thus this formula could alternatively be written:-





4-Either way works, but the technical formula for the volume of a pyramid is the former, due to its use of the capital B, which is shorthand for length and width as previously mentioned.Faces, Vertices and Edges of a 3-dimensional Figure:-

(i) Faces: Each flat part of a solid is called its face.

(ii) Vertices: Each corner where three faces of a solid meet is called its vertex. The plural of vertex is vertices.(iii) Edges: The two faces of a solid meet in a line, called an edge.


12 FACTS;-

1-The shape of Pyramid is like the Carbon Atom which is one of the base structures of creation. The Carbon Atom is a tetrahedron (triangular pyramid0 and has the inherent characteristic that when aligned to magnetic north is rings and sings. The pyramid shape acts like a lens and focuses the earth’s magnetism.

2-All pyramids, whether they are in Egypt or elsewhere on the planet earth, aligned to the magnetic north, which amplifies/boost their energy.This energy is

life force source energy, which surrounds all life form when active. Pyramid attracts positive etheric energy and converts the negative into positive ion.

3-When Pyramids worn as a hat, have a strong ionization effect within the body. Healing Enegy Tools;Negative ions enhance the oxygen intake of the human body and through that, strengthen, concentration and capacity of the human being activates. The endocrine glands of the body are activated through the vibration of the electrical precursing field of pyramids. This balances the precursing energy field around the endocrine glands and makes expanded consciousness.

4-Negative Ions (an atom or molecule) help to reproduce and repair body cells. They're transmitted into the body through the air and are circulated by the blood. Too many positive ions (the result of air pollution) can cause depression, and ultimately, illlnesses. Thus, negative ions have a beneficial effect on the body.

5-Pyramids generate negative ions. In addition, they are believed to have a generally balancing effect on the body's electromagnetic field. This effect is greatly enhanced if the materials used, is gold or copper.

6-Charging Crystals is a popular use with pyramids. Quartz crystals are most effective for that, as they hold the charge for several weeks. These crystals can then be used for healing purpose as they release their charge into the surrounding.

7-Large pyramids (the kind you sit inside) are often used for meditation, massage, acupuncture, and Reiki.

8-Many people have also experienced that after sleeping inside a pyramid they find that they need less sleep and feel more relaxed and at peace when they wake up.

9-Many people put their drinking water in pyramids to charge it with the pyramid's negative ions.It is recommended to put a glass inside a pyramid

for about half-an-hour, and large quantities overnight.

10-The pyramid activates the energies of the pineal and pituitary glands Users experience balance, relaxation, tranquility, well-being, and in some instances, the reduction of headaches.

11-Some experiments using properly oriented model pyramids, built of a variety of materials and oriented to the Earth's north-south axis, have preserved organic matter.

12-A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies. With regular use, the pyramid will help to create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly.


07 FACTS;-

1-Careful study reveals several unique and beneficial qualities that may be derived from Pyramid Meditation. Experienced Meditators relate profound results in their quest for expanded awareness.Many people feel that psychic/mental powers are stimulated or heighten by the use of pyramids.

2-Psychics who use pyramids in that fashion have achieved an altered state of consciousness more rapidly than they would have otherwise, placed on the head focussing through the chakra system, during Meditation sessions, clearing psychic passages which may have become blocked.

3-The pyramid is a geometric amplifier which increases the power of prayer or strengthens the spiritual request of a religious devotee.

Pyramid Meditators suggest that the best results are achieved by sitting upright with the upper chakras located approximately one third up from the pyramid base directly under the apex.

4-The use of a pyramid in meditation can excellerate the process bringing feelings of calmness, wellbeing and a more open and positive attitude. Many users claim increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of awareness.

5-Verbal and written testimonials, among experienced and non-experienced pyramid meditators throughout the world have reported that the pyramid shows the following reactions ,viz...

1. A sense of weightlessness.

2. Electric-like tingling sensations.

3. Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body.

4. Tranquility, relaxation and freedom from tensions.

5. Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions.

6. External stimuli, sight and sounds particularly fade away.

7. Time distortion, Space consciousness prevails.

8. Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels .

6-Meditation with a Head Pyramids are helping the brain to retain its theta frequency state and waking consciousness while sleeping or meditating. Theta is the state of mind where you can create everything and change reality instantly. Deep meditation brings us into this state, and is favourable for instant healing. Theta ranges from 4 to 7Hz. It’s a very powerful mental state, a state of deep meditation, deep relaxation and mental clarity.

7-It relieves stress and reduces anxiety in people prone to it, and brings absolute perfect calm. Theta governs the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the subconscious, and also directs our beliefs and behaviour. It allows you to act below the level of the conscious mind, and will bring feelings of spirituality and inspiration. Theta can be compared to a kind of trance(a state of profound abstraction) and it’s the first stage of dreaming.


05 FACTS;-


Studies show that meditation relaxes your muscles and declutters your mind. The result using a Head Meditation Pyramid is total mind and body rejuvenation, and near immunity to stress and pressures of everyday life.


You’ll experience refreshing, rejuvenating deep sleep. With this one simple change in your daily life, you’ll see immediate results.


Amplify your ability to tap into ideas and create new ones. By connecting thoughts from both your conscious and subconscious mind, Pyramid energy will help you unlock new ideas easier than ever before.


Effortlessly achieve laser-sharp focus and develop a goal-oriented mindset. In this state of mind, you can accomplish all your daily tasks in less time.


Meditation with a Head Pyramid has a powerful impact on every aspect of a person, from lowering blood pressure, to strengthening the immune system.


Doesn’t the word ‘pyramid’ remind you of Egypt? The three-dimensional triangular sides with broad bases and tapering tops bound to appear in your head. These structures are storehouses of energy as they are build to incline towards Earth’s magnetic field and are perfect receivers and transmitters of cosmos energy.

Meditating under such a structure is called ‘Pyramid Meditation,’ and it gives the best results! Wait this is not it, as you read ahead you will know how you can reap the benefits of this unique meditation technique.....


1-Copper is the third most abundant trace mineral found in the human body and an amazing conductor of electricity, and for this reason many healers use it to conduct vital life energy Qi, Chi, Prana. It can smooth and amplify the flow of life energy within the body, and in doing so it also smoothes the thoughts, emotions, and energies.

2-It is capable of grounding without draining our precious energy and encourages the physical/emotional bodies to find alignment. It’s mineral make up encourages the balance between warm sun energy and cool lunar energy.

3- An excellent assistant for increasing your ability to express and accept your true feelings. In legend, Copper is said to be the metal of the God, who facilitates that mental agility, and quick wit.

4-Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, from electricity to the mystical subtle energies emanating from higher planes. Copper Meditation Pyramid will balance your personal energy reserve and confidence.


04 FACTS;-

1-Find A Pyramid

It is as simple as that. You either go to one of the pyramid centers that have cropped up across the city or build a basic three-dimensional geometric structure at your place. Build it with natural materials like wood, marble, and make sure it is at least three times bigger than you, height and width wise.

2-Keep Away From Gadgets

Remove the presence of any gadgets except maybe a device to play soothing music while you meditate inside the pyramid. The devices will cause a rift in the transfer of energy vibrations and spoil the whole purpose of the meditation. Remove any leather and metal objects as their absorbing properties will cause a reverse effect.

3-Clothing And Neatness

Loose and light clothing will make you comfortable and better receptive to energy. A clean and odorless space will make it hassle-free for you to meditate. If you prefer, place a deity or an image of your choice in the meditation space to increase positivity and good vibes.


After the above arrangements have been taken care of, sit down on a comfortable mat in either the east, north or north-east direction and start your meditation by exhaling and inhaling deeply and feel your breath while you do so. Do this with a composed mindset and be assured of feeling positive vibrations.


1. Improves Eyesight:

Pyramid meditation can help you improve and correct your vision in strengthening the eye muscles as well as shaping the eyes.NOSE TIP & THIRD EYE GAZING can be fruitful inside Pyramid ...

2. Improves Hearing:

There are a couple of hearing problems, which can be improved and sharpened by using the energy derived from pyramid meditation.

3. High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is often called hypertension. This can be significantly lowered if pyramid meditation is practiced every day. You can get relief from all kinds of stress and enjoy life to the fullest by practicing this form of meditation.

4. Treats Insomnia:

There are millions of people all over the world who suffer from insomnia. Pyramid meditation can help in soothing the brain and relaxing the legs. People who have slept in the pyramids have seen a significant level of improvement in their sleeping habits.

5. Offers Relief From Arthritis:

Pyramid meditation is an ideal remedy for all those who suffer from arthritis. Even back pain can be eased if you practice this meditation every day.

6. Heals Sores And Broken Bones:

One of the most unique and amazing benefits of pyramid meditation is the healing of sore and broken bones. Those who have a strenuous/vigorous, lifestyle can definitely opt for pyramid meditation.You can get rid of all kinds of acne and skin problems with pyramid meditation.

7.Balances Hormone Levels:

Pyramid meditation improves the functions of the thyroid gland, which produce hormones. Thus, it balances the hormonal level in the body.

8. Pyramids For Students:

Pyramid meditation is very popular among students and teachers. It helps sharpen their memory and increase the confidence level as well. One can easily prepare for their exams without feeling extra stress and anxiety.

9. Offers Energy:

Drinking water that has been charged with pyramid energy is a better source of energy.

10. Provides Relief From Headaches:

If you suffer from migraines or headaches, you can definitely consider practicing pyramid meditation. This will help you find quick healing.Women who have slept in the pyramids have reported improvement in their menstruation cycles.

11. Improves Cognitive Abilities:

Pyramid meditation improves the functions of the mind. It increases intelligence and concentration level. It also maintains emotional equilibrium.


Pyramid meditation is an interesting, beautiful and simple way of bidding farewell to all your health problems. Once you make this a part of your life, you will start seeing a difference sooner than you imagined.