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26 FACTS;-

1-AUM is the all-pervading sound that has come out of GOD . OM sound is the beginning of creation . OM has emanated from the cosmic vibration .AUM is all in all . OM is the mystic word of power .

2- AUM is the magic word of marvellous potency . AUM is the comforter and prop of all .OM represents all names of GOD , because OM is the substratum or the matrix or the basis of all sounds or names . In OM all names or sounds or words are included . OM is the greatest of all sounds or words . OM is the ocean into which all rivers of sounds , names , and words flow .

3-OM is the voice of all creation . OM is guru's voice . OM is the voice of Hiranyagarbha . OM is the voice of the Vedas . OM is the basis of all sounds . OM is the cosmic sound . OM is the primal sound of the universe.

4-OM is the priceless treasure of a student in the path of jnana yoga . OM is the password of Vedantins . OM is the passport of those who are sailing in the boat of knowledge of the Self to reach the other shore of fearlessness and immortality , Brahman .

5-OM is the Soul of souls . OM is the Light of lights . OM is the panacea for the destruction of sins and the dire disease of death . OM is the celestial ambrosia that confers immortality . OM is the sacred Triveni in the

Trikuti .

6-Meditate on OM . Plunge in OM . Have a dip in OM . This is the most sacred bath that will quench the fire of samsara .

7-OM represents the canvas or the background . The forms of this universe represent the pictures in the canvas . The canvas is real , but the picture in the canvas is unreal , because fire in the canvas cannot bum your fingers , the knife in the canvas cannot cut your fingers , the tiger in the canvas cannot bite you .Even so , OM or Brahman is the only solid reality .

8-The names and forms are unreal like the pictures in the canvas .OM , the real atman , is the substratum for all the sounds , languages , body , mind , prana and senses , the karana-sharira ( subtle causal body ) and the five sheaths ( bodies ) , and this universe .

9-Just as the substratum is an under-stratum or layer , a fundamental element , the substance in which qualities exist , so also OM is the substratum or the underlying reality in which all objects appear as waves in the ocean ( of existence ) .

10-The waves are mere appearances . So also the forms are mere appearances . The forms are unreal . Forms are unreal in the sense that they are only relatively real , that they are changing and impermanent . In the example of the ocean and wave , the ocean alone is real .Even so , OM or Brahman alone is real .

11-OM is a single syllable and of the nature of the atman . All words are simplified ( reduced or distilled ) into the one Pranava , the OM , to describe Brahman . OM is Taraka Mantra — the mantra that helps the human to cross the ocean of samsara , the mundane existence . Taraka is Brahman alone . Taraka or OM alone should be worshipped .

12-OM is the essence of Vedanta . OM is the highest flower of the tree of the Upanishads . OM is the root of the entire universe . OM is Akshara-Brahman . OM is the source of all words , articulations , and languages . OM is the real name of Brahman .

13-OM is the symbolic representation of Brahman , the Immortal Self . OM is the Word of Power . OM is the Pranava . OM is the sacred monosyllable of the Vedas .

14-Each of the component letters of OM is a symbol of each of the aspects in which Brahman is known .OM is the spirit , substratum , or essence . OM is the immortal Soul ( of souls ) .

15-OM is the inner music of the Soul . OM is the music of the Silence . OM is the cream of the Upanishads .

16-OM is the supreme pinnacle of the magnificent peak of Vedanta .That wherein there is neither hunger nor thirst , neither sorrow nor pain , neither " you " nor " me " , neither " this " nor " that " , neither " here " nor " there " , neither yesterday nor tomorrow , neither east nor west , neither sound nor colour , neither light nor darkness , neither seer nor seen , is OM .

17-That imperishable Brahmic seat or ineffable splendor , that indefinable , inexhaustible , illimitable Essence which pervades the whole universe , that which is called the continuum or the residuum or the noumenon by the Western philosophers , that place where all speech stops , all thoughts cease , where the function of the intellect and all organs stop , is OM .

18-OM is the Support " ;" One of pure desires should concentrate one's mind upon the atman through OM which is the atman " ;" OM is Brahman " ;" The word OM is All ".

19-A number of other texts of the Srutis ( scriptures ) clearly point out the usefulness of OM in the process of realizing Brahman , the Immortal Self . They declare that OM , Brahman , and the Atman are one and the same .20-OM is the symbol and natural name of Brahman . Chanting of OM , japa of OM , singing of OM and meditation on OM , purify the mind , remove the tossing of the mind , destroy the veil of ignorance and help the aspirant to merge in Brahman .

21-All mantras begin with OM . All Upanishads begin with OM . All religious ideas are centered in OM . The breath sings always OM , the song of infinity and immortality . Thought of OM elevates the minds

of all .

22-The Christians and the Hebrews end their prayers with " Amen " which is a modification of OM . The Muslims end their prayers with " Amin " , also a modification of OM .

23-The Mandukya Upanishad , Mundaka Upanishad , Chandogya Upanishad , Prashna Upanishad , Katha Upanishad , the Gita and Brahma Sutras sing the glory of OM .

24-OM is our very life . OM is our very breath . OM is the life of the Vedas . OM is the life of all mantras . OM is the basis of this world . OM is everything .

25-OM is a common ( ie , universal ) mantra . OM is the common property of all . All the various significances are centered in OM . OM represents the Deity or the Soul of all religions and faiths , cults and schools . It should be accepted by everyone .

26-Just as the rope is the substratum of the snake and just as Brahman is the substratum of prana , mind , senses , and the body , so also OM is the substratum or cause of the whole . Therefore all is OM .


05 FACTS;-

1-Japa , chanting , and meditation on OM are the most important portions of the Vedantic Sadhana . . .

2-The state of turiya , Brahman , the atman and OM are one . OM is an embodiment of the essence of the whole of the Vedas . . .

3-The whole essence of the Vedas is compressed in the symbol of OM . This symbol is endowed with occult powers of the highest character . Aspirants who tread the path of Vedanta always repeat OM mentally and enjoy supreme bliss from this mystic practice . . .

4-Meditation on OM leads to the realization of Brahma

Jnana . . .Think of nothing other than OM . May OM be the solace of our life . May OM be the solace of our past , present , and future .

5-OM is the Name of Brahman . Through proper understanding of OM and its right significance , we can find out the way to approach and realize Brahman .


14 FACTS;-

1-Meditation on OM with feeling and meaning leads to realization of Self . This is the Vedantic Sadhana . This is Jnana Yoga .

2-Meditation is the keeping up of the continuous flow of one idea of Brahman in the mind like the flow of oil from one vessel to

another vessel.

3-When you chant or sing OM , melt the mind in the Immortal Self .

One who meditates on OM becomes a spiritual dynamo(an extremely energetic person) . One radiates joy , peace , and power to those who come in contact .

4-One fills the world with spiritual vibrations ; becomes a channel for the inflow of spiritual force or divine energy ; knows the relationship between the universe and the human , between humans , between the human and Brahman ; and beholds the Self in all beings and all beings in the Self eventually . The whole mystery of creation and the riddle of this universe are revealed unto one , like amalaka(अमला) fruit in the hand .

5-One becomes a spiritual hero in the adhyatmic battlefield who has won the laurels of knowledge of Self by gaining victory over the mind and senses , the enemies of knowledge and peace .

6-The goal can only be attained through meditation on this mystic symbol , OM . Meditation on OM is the only real , royal road to the attainment of salvation .

7-Meditation kills all pains , sufferings and sorrows . Meditation destroys all causes of sorrow . Meditation give vision of unity . Meditation induces sense of oneness . Meditation is a balloon or parachute or the airplane that helps the aspirant to soar high into the realms of eternal bliss , everlasting peace and undying joy .

8-It is to attain the different samadhis that this Pranava is useful . . . The Sannyasins , are ordained to meditate on the Pranava for this very reason . They have already reached a high stage and meditation on OM raises them further and ultimately they become Paramahansas .

9-Thou art OM;(Tat Tvam Asi..तत्त्वमसि), Rest in OM ,Live in OM ,Become that OM . OM is Our sweet immortal abode , the original home of indescribable effulgence (shining brightly )or lustre .

10-Meditate on OM as silence , an embodiment of peace . This is abstract or subtle meditation ( sukshma dhyana ) .

11-Meditate on OM with the feeling : " I am an embodiment of silence or peace " .

12-This is Vedantic Nirguna meditation or Ahamgraha Upasana ( meditation on identity with the Self ) .

13-Meditate on OM as an embodiment of bliss or ananda . This is also abstract meditation .

14-Meditate on OM with the bhava : " I am an embodiment of bliss " . This is Ahamgraha Upasana .

May the Divine Flame ( of OM ) grow brighter in us.May the Divine Light ( of OM ) lighten the spiritual path . May ( the ) Divine Glory ( of OM ) shine on us for ever . May peace and harmony fill our hearts , minds and the cells of our very being.


Sing or Speak loudly with realization of the meaning of these 108 ...

1-Asango-ham - I am unattached Om Om Om

2-Achintyo-ham - I am unthinkable Om Om Om

3-Ajo-ham - I am unborn Om Om Om

4-Ajaro-ham - I am without decay Om Om Om

5-Akarta-ham - I am non-doer Om Om Om

6-Abhokta-ham - I am non-enjoyer Om Om Om

7-Aksharo-ham - I am imperishable Om Om Om

8-Agrahyo-ham - I am ungraspable Om Om Om

9-Achyuto-ham - I am changeless Om Om Om

10-Ananto-ham - I am infinite Om Om Om

11-Advaito-ham - I am one without a second Om Om Om

12-Anamayo-ham - I am diseaseless Om Om Om

13-Atindriyo-ham - I am beyond the senses Om Om Om

14-Amaro-ham - I am immortal Om Om Om

15-Avyayo-ham - I am inexhaustible Om Om Om

16-Avyapadesyo-ham - I am indescribable Om Om Om

17-Aprameyo-ham - I am immeasurable Om Om Om

18-Avang-mano-gochro-ham - I am unattain­able by speech and mind Om Om Om

19-Akhandaika-rasa-chin-matro-ham - I am the one undivided essence of consciousness alone Om Om Om

20-Antarat-maham - I am the inner Self Om Om Om

21-Paramat-maham - I am the supreme Self Om Om Om

22-Paripurno-ham - I am all-full Om Om Om

23-Nityo-ham - I am eternal Om Om Om

24-Suddho-ham I am pure Om Om Om

25-Siddho-ham - I am perfect Om Om Om

26-Buddho-ham - I am awakened Om Om Om

27-Mukto-ham - I am liberated Om Om Om

28-Nitya-bodha-svarupo-ham - I am of the nature of eternal knowledge Om Om Om

29-Nitya-tripti-svarupo-ham - I am of the nature of eternal satisfaction Om Om Om

30-Nity-avijnana-svarupo-ham - I am of the nature of eternal wisdom Om Om Om

31-Nity-amukta-svarupo-ham - I am of the nature of eternal freedom Om Om Om

32-Bhu-mananda-svarupo-ham - I am of the nature of infinite bliss Om Om Om

33-Niralambo-ham - I am without any other support Om Om Om

34-Nirvikaro-ham - I am without modification Om Om Om

35-Nirvisesho-ham - I am without particularities Om Om Om

36-Nirbhayo-ham - I am without fear Om Om Om

37-Nish-kriyo-ham - I am without action Om Om Om

38-Nirguno-ham - I am without attributes Om Om Om

39-Nirakaro-ham - I am without shape Om Om Om

40-Nir-malo-ham - I am without impurity Om Om Om

41-Nir-anjano-ham - I am spotless Om Om Om

42-Nir-visesha-chinmatro-ham - I am the unlimited consciousness alone Om Om Om

43-Nish-kalo-ham - I am without parts Om Om Om

44-Nir-vikalpo-ham - I am without mental modifications Om Om Om

45-Niram-soham - I am without divisions or limbs Om Om Om

46-Desa-tito-ham - I am transcending space Om Om Om

47-Kala-tito-ham - I am transcending time Om Om Om

48-Desa-kala-vastu-parichheda-rahitoham - I am without the differentiations of space, time and individuality, Om Om Om

49-Triguna-tito-ham - I am above the three qualities of Prakriti Om Om Om

50-Dvand-vatito-ham - I am above the pairs of opposites Om Om Om

51-Maya-tito-ham - I am above Maya Om Om Om

52-Matri-manameya-titoham - I am above knower,knowledge and known Om Om Om

53-Nada-bindu-kala-titoham - I am above Nada, Bindu and Kala Om Om Om

54-Turiyatitoham - I am above Turiya Om Om Om

55-Sarvatitoham - I am above all things Om Om Om

56-Dvaita-advaita-vihinoham - I am without dualityand non-duality Om Om Om

57-Bandha-mukti-vihinoham - I am without bondage and liberation Om Om Om

58-Adi-madhy-antahinoham - I am without beginning,middle and end Om Om Om

59-Karya-karana-varjitoham - I am different fromcause and effect Om Om Om

60-Nama-rupa-vivarjitoham - I am free from name and form Om Om Om

61-Sada-sad-bheda-rahitoham - I am without the difference of being and non-being Om Om Om

62-Sajatiya-vijatiya-svagata-bheda-rahitoham -I am without the difference of genus, and without external or internal variety Om Om Om

63-Aparichhinnoham - I am without limitation Om Om Om

64-Akasavatsarvagatoham - I am all-pervading like the sky Om Om Om

65-Kevaloham - I am alone absolute Om Om Om

66-Kevala-asti-rupoham - I am the embodiment ofmere existence Om Om Om

67-Prajna-nagha-noham - I am the mass of knowledge Om Om Om

68-Vijnana-ghanoham - I am the mass of wisdom Om Om Om

69-Chaitanya-ghanoham - I am the mass of consciousness Om Om Om

70-Chid-ghanoham - I am the mass of sentience (consciousness) Om Om Om

71-Ananda-ghanoham - I am the mass of bliss Om Om Om

72-Satta-matroham - I am existence alone Om Om Om

73-Satta-samanyo-ham - I am existence-in-general Om Om Om

74-Soham - I am He Om Om Om

75-Shivoham - I am Shiva (auspicious, blissful) Om Om Om Shivah

76-Kevalo ham - I am Shiva, the Alone,the Absolute Om Om Om

77-Svayam-jyotih svarupoham - I am the embodiment of Self-effulgence (shining brightly) Om Om Om

78-Svayam-praka-soham - I am Self-luminous Om Om Om

79-Tejo-mayo-ham - I am All-brilliance Om Om Om

80-Jyotir-mayo ham - I am All-light Om Om Om

81-Jyotih- svarupo-ham - I am the embodiment of effulgence Om Om Om

82-Chin-mayo-ham - I am the embodiment of consciousness Om Om Om

83-Chinmatroham - I am consciousness alone Om Om Om

84-Chaitanyoham - I am consciousness Om Om Om

85-Kutasth-oham - I am immutable (rock-seated) Om Om Om

86-Sasvat-oham - I am everlasting Om Om Om

87-Svaradaham - I am Self-King Om Om Om

88-Veda-Vedanta-vedyoham - I am what is to be known through the Veda and Vedanta Om Om Om

89-Akhand-ananda-vigrahoham - I am the form of undivided bliss Om Om Om

90-Omkara-svarupo-ham - I am the embodiment of Omkara Om Om Om

91-Pratya-gatma-ham - I am the internal Self Om Om Om

92-Pratyak-tattvo-ham - I am the internal Reality Om Om Om

93-Para-brahma-ham - I am the Supreme Brahman Om Om Om

94-Paramanandoham - I am the Supreme Bliss Om Om Om

95-Chida-kasa-laksha-noham - I am of the character of the ether of consciousness Om Om Om

96-Rasanam Rasa-tamoham - I am the best essence of all essences Om Om Om

97-Sarva-dhishthan-arupoham - I am of the form of the substratum of everything Om Om Om

98-Sarva-sunyo-ham - I am devoid of everything Om Om Om

99-Sarva-purno-ham - I am filled with everything Om Om Om

100-Nirvana-sukha-rupoham - I am the embodi­ment of the bliss of Nirvana Om Om Om

101-Sarvatah Panipadoham - I am with hands and feet everywhere Om Om Om

102-Sarva-tokshi-siro-mukho-ham - I am with eyes,heads and mouths everywhere Om Om Om

103-Sarva-tahsruti-mana-ham - I am with ears everywhere Om Om Om

104-Prapan-chopasa-moham - I am the cessation of the appearance of the universe Om Om Om

105-Sarira-traya-vilakshano-ham - I am other than the three bodies Om Om Om

106-Pancha-kosa-vyatirikto-ham - I am different from the five sheaths Om Om Om

107-Avastha-traya-sakshyaham - I am the Witness of the three states Om Om Om

108-Sat-chida-nanda-svarupoham - I am the embodiment of Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Om Om Om reserved.