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ACTIVATION OF ''DIVINE BLUEPRINT'' OF AWAKENING;- 1-Many of us are out of alignment with our Divine Blueprint due to an unconscious birth, fear & trauma through our lives or we are a new frequency child or lightworker.Do you ever feel that your Spiritual Awakening has been “paused”, or that you have reached a plateau (Highland )that has continued for months or even years?We emerge from our most extraordinary spiritual experiences, knowing our reality has shifted. 2-Whether through a momentary glimpse of our body dissolving its form into Light, or a powerful meditation in which we feel ourselves as the Planet or the Universe, our perception of Life is altered.These enlightening experiences are as diverse and unique as we are. 3-Often people will have an intense period of time when they may feel that they are on a cosmic ride that continues for days or months, but eventually seems to abate(decrease). 4-Our journey of Awakening is a multi-dimensional, non-linear process that unfolds uniquely for each of us. If we allow it, we are beautifully guided by the Divine every step of the way. The next opportunity for growth and experience organically appears on our path, as our internal life and depth of self knowing grows more rapidly.. AN OBSTACLE IN OUR AWAKENING;- 1-Yet, often, at some point, we begin to feel that we have reached a plateau and feel stuck. For a while, this leveling-off is purposeful and allows us time to integrate all that we have experienced. We may then seek out the teacher, book, or meditation practice to understand and deepen into this new, strange, yet exciting place we have landed. 2-Time passes and we begin to realize that we have less focus on our spiritual and Divine Self. We are back focused in our physical 3D world with which we are most familiar. Yet, this longing still nags somewhere in the background. We have tasted TRUTH, we have danced with LOVE. We have remembered ONENESS. And these experiences live in us. 3-Whether we stay focused on our Divine Self or not, it is very common to feel that we have plateaued along our higher, evolved path. It is, as if, a subconscious part of us pressed a cosmic PAUSE button, and from there, we cruise(Journey) along on the same road for awhile. There is nothing wrong with this route, but a part of us knows there are many more highways of our Soul, our Consciousness, and the Universe waiting to be explored. FEAR OF OUR OWN TRUE SELF;- 1-While we may consciously think that it would be incredible to live as our full True Self operating in a place of Freedom and Love, outside of the fear-based, dominant paradigm of this planet, it also can create worry and resistance. 2-Opening to our own Magnificence, understanding more of the True Nature of the Universe, and experiencing our intimate connection with Divine Creator/God, can often bring up tremendous fear. When we peel back the layers, it becomes apparent that our biggest fear is of our own True Self, our power and our knowing. 3-Most of this resistance is, of course, not on a conscious level, rather it is controlled by a running subconscious dialogue comprised of fears and limiting beliefs that profoundly impact us.....The Divine Blueprint WHAT IS DIVINE BLUEPRINT ?- 27 FACTS;-- 1-Your Divine Blueprint is depicted by your Natal Chart (Astrological Birth Chart), the magnetic energy of which is held within every cell of your being via the energetic levels of the DNA. 2-You can think of your Divine Blueprint as a note your soul gave to you when you chose to enter Earth, detailing your destiny and purpose. It is also your roadmap, your GPS navigator (pilot, guide) & your ‘divine timing’ clock – always guiding you to step into your soul magnificense. This is why ensuring it is anchored into the Earth and that you are finely attuned to it is so very important. 3-At this point ,We should connect ourself to our soul, our guides, the celestial beings of our Solar System, that is tailored to us and our Divine Blueprint, with the intent to fully anchor this energy into the Earth and attune us with it. 4-The frequencies, keys and codes, weaved into your personal channel will allow you to connect to and align with your souls Divine Blueprint, your destiny and purpose on this Earth –greatly supporting your healing, empowerment, mastery and ascension . 5-Your divine blueprint or life plan is created through the agreement of your eternal soul with its guides and teachers, under the overall direction of divine intelligence. Given the larger multi-dimensional perspective available in the interlife, it makes sense that following this blueprint would lead to the best and highest life of which the individual is capable including perfect health, wealth, relationships and creative self-expression. A major portion of energy healing or spiritual healing lies in getting you back in line with your divine blueprint. 6-Your divine blueprint spells out who/what you are: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It defines your desires and how you think, feel and believe. More importantly, it specifies your foundation: what kind of family you have, and what type of experience will drive you forward. Your blueprint holds the overall shape of your life, including your assignments and the resources you have to fulfill those assignments.This blueprint is stored in the bio-magnetic field, and is held within you. 7-We all know people who have challenging lives: children who are battered and abused, or who came into body with serious health problems. Could these be part of that divine blueprint? Who would schedule such terrible issues into someone’s life plan? It is noticed that the pain or struggle we suffer as a child, if we can overcome it, forms the basis for what we teach or how we help and serve others who also need to recover from similar issues. 8-Our saints like Surdas,Tulsidas etc. were not having an easy childhood, and those challenges made them what they are known today. Perhaps this is just creating a silver lining from intolerable circumstances; however, they signed up for life on this plan, It may be that some of us signed up for more advanced courses for reasons that are not clear to the human imagination… 9-Could you have a divine blueprint that specifies some kind of physical or mental disease? We can’t believe that God teaches through sickness, loss, lack, fear or pain. You can certainly find the silver lining in any negative condition, including physical sickness, and its sure that builds character. 10-However, the creativity of the God in you doesn’t need to inflict pain in order for you to learn. We’re in God School, and nobody signs up for Pain and Struggle . In fact, when there is pain, there is a lack of truth; when there is fear, there is a lack of light in the emotional body. God doesn’t inflict pain and fear; we humans allow them when we get off-track… 11-Your divine blueprint contains a number of components that all have to be 100% in alignment for your life to work. Of course, it can take a little while to learn how to read our own records; we’re more complicated than buildings, and think about how intricate(very complicated) those blueprints can be... Consciously or unconsciously, the main aim of energy healing or spiritual healing is to get you back in line with your divine blueprint. 12-Many of us starseeds and lightworkers have incarnated here from higher realms and ascended planets to assist humanity in this time of change and transition. As this awakening has started to unfold, we have felt a calling to discover a deeper purpose in our lives. 13-Understanding 4 important universal laws and how they relate to manifestation is the key to releasing abundance blocks and awakening to our Divine Blueprint, our life purpose and mission.So many of us have bravely awakened in our different stages and cycles. We have heard the call to be of service, yet many of us don’t understand how to handle this transition and manifest our newly discovered purpose or mission. 14-We want to claim our sovereign divine birthright, that of living in total joy, prosperity and abundance, yet we find ourselves confused and stuck as we adapt to these new energies and to navigating our newly awakened realities. Here we will explore 4 universal laws that influence our ability to manifest the prosperous life we intend to create through discovery of our Divine Blueprint. These are;- 1-The Law of Karma> KARMYOG 2-The Law of Attraction >BHAKTIYOG 3-The Law of Intention > JNANAYOG 4-The Law of Detachment> ASTANG/KRIYA YOG 15-Let’s begin by asking ourselves these questions: 1-Do you feel a calling to serve others through your divine life purpose? 2-Do you know that you are divinely guided and protected? 3-Do you know that everything in our material universe is created mentally? 4-Do you receive messages from your guides through ideas arising from inspired thought? If you can say yes to any of these questions, then you have already opened the door to increased abundance and prosperity. 16-It’s important to understand that your awakening and opening this door to the abundance contained within the Infinite Mind is only the first step. The next step is to understand the integration of the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction. 17-In understanding the Law of Karma, we acknowledge that negative actions reflect back to the source as negative circumstances, so do the positive effects of consecrated or inspired action reflect back as positive experiences and circumstances. 18-Once the gateway to abundance and prosperity has been opened, and your true calling discovered, you then begin inspired action to bring your dreams and desires into reality on the earthly material plane. You turn the Unmanifested (soul) into the Manifested (material or matter). These inspired actions (via the Law of Karma), along with the high vibration emotions such as joy, gratitude, excitement, and positive anticipation (via the Law of Attraction) will then unlock the door to the next step of manifestation. 19-This then leads us to another universal law, the Law of Intention. If you are not using the Law of Intention, it is bound to have you spinning around like a hamster in a wheel. You feel like you are exerting a lot of effort, yet you seem to be headed nowhere and perceive life as a struggle. By understanding this law, you align the accumulated positive karma from your inspired action with an intention. 20-Because of the Law of Free Will, we can set any intention we desire.The highest intention you can hold is that of loving devotion and service to others. Aligning to the highest possible intention allows you access to your internal Divine Blueprint, the immense manifestation power of the Infinite Mind. Doing this is truly the key to the mental transmutation of poverty consciousness into prosperity consciousness. 21-Don’t forget, how connected you think you are, or how high you try to hold your vibrational field, you will only manifest your desires by both taking action and simultaneously embracing those actions. Don’t resist those action items that need to be completed. To do so is not inspired action and serves to block the abundant flow of All That Is. Allow yourself to be a thread of divine light that touches the Earth. Use that light to raise the vibrational level of your own consciousness and radiate it out into the world through loving devotion and service. 22-As your inspired action is completed, and the higher vibrational consciousness is fused with loving intention, there is yet one more universal law to consider on your manifestation journey. The Law of Detachment or Surrender must be upheld, and this is the total acceptance of that present moment we call “Now”. 23-Harnessing (control and make use) this universal law is achieved through faith and surrender to the higher Divine order of All That Is. As you stay centered in faith and service, you choose not to embrace feelings of fear, inadequacy, powerlessness, or other lower thought forms the programmed ego-mind chooses to create. 24-Once these universal laws are understood and used to your benefit, you begin to pay attention to signs being sent to you. As you do this, you will be guided by your divine connection to your guides and to higher realms. You will be drawn toward that which serves, and steered (follow in a specified direction) away from that which does not. 25-You move through your actions with a sense of lightness and ease, every action infused with being, without judgement or attachment to outcomes. This state of being requires a complete release of control in regards to how you think the desired result will be achieved. 26-By staying centered in faith and affirming positive outcomes, you show the Infinite Mind of All That Is, that you are the microcosm vibrating in resonant harmony with the macrocosm. The inner and outer worlds fuse and become one. As Above, So Below. You are now able to access the infinite power of Divine creativity and manifestation. 27-Suddenly you will find that all you desire is attained with effortless ease.We move into total trust that we naturally use our more powerful, awakened Self for the betterment of the World and those around us. This template assists us in releasing any self doubt that we may mis-use our gifts in some way if we become our fully embodied, powerful Divine Self......SHIVOHAM....