WHAT IS WHITE LIGHT PROTECTION?- 07 FACTS;- 1-1-Meditator order to invoke call on (a deity) the divine presence, as white light. One needs to call it and to know that we can protect and heal ourselves or our love ones from any physical or emotional challenge. All we have to do is to learn to visualize and to call it, and it is there. 1-2-White light is the space within the universe that houses positive energies. White light can be called upon by anyone (healers, empaths, the devout, and you too!) for assistance, healing, and protection from negative energies or wonky vibrations. 2-IMPORTANT TO KNOW White light cannot be used to harm anyone or anything. Nor can it be harmed in any way. 3-CALLING UPON THE WHITE LIGHT Making a shout out for the white light or channeling in its pure energies to wash over you is not unlike dropping to your knees and making a prayer request. However, you don't have to be religious, simply be open to receive. The light is available to all... more easily accessible if you are receptive to its healing and uplifting vibration. 4-COSMIC CLEANING 4-1-Negative or dirty energies can be sent to or directed toward the white light for purification and transformation. For example, after cleaning your aura, you can request that the impurities you have combed out of your auric field be sent to the white light for cleansing. 4-2-The concept of white light transformation is very simple. Think of packing up all your dirty clothing and dropping it off at the dry cleaners. You return a few days later to pick up your clothes after they have been cleansed, pressed, and wrapped up in plastic for you. Whatever enters into the white light realm comes out clean and pure. 5-WHO ARE WHITE LIGHT AGENTS?- Deities ,Angels, lightworkers, saints, and ascended masters. 6-WHERE DOES THE WHITE LIGHT RESIDE? 6-1-The white light has been attributed to the 5th dimension, 6th dimension, and the 7th dimension. 6-2-There is no right answer and no real debate; it is simply a matter of studying various channeled materials and taking your pick. Or you may choose to delve into (dig in)your own meditative self-discovery. Dabbling (wet) in channeling or tapping into our higher self-knowledge can be scary, exhilarating (thrilling), or both. 6-3-Your experience will likely be somewhere in between these two extremes as you begin your exploration. The problem is that our earthly experiences tend to cloud our perceptions when we begin our search for truth. 6-4-It is not really important to know where the white light calls its home. Trust that when you desire the protection of the white light that it will be delivered .It will show up on your restriction . All you need to do is open up the door and welcome the light in to do its job. 7-WHAT ARE SPIRITUAL REALMS / STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS? 7-1-THIRD DIMENSION (The physical plane) ; - The earth, our home planet resides in the 3rd dimension. It is not our true home, often thought of as a melding (combine) pot of karmic balancing. An advanced school that allows acceleration of soul growth through the human experience. 7-2-FOURTH DIMENSION(The astral plane); - Playground of the astral travelers, this is the land of dreams and nightmares. The 4th dimension is also the address of the akashic library, where all of our actions and experiences (past, present, and future) are cataloged. 7-3-FIFTH DIMENSION; - The illusion of time does not exist in this plane. Whereas the 4th dimension is a place for discovery, sifting through all the clutter of your life lessons, karmic connections, etc. Here Inner knowing has been achieved, a place of extreme relaxation. 7-4-SIXTH DIMENSION; - A blending of spirits. Evolution of being One. The facade of being separate falls away in the 6th dimensions. The ideology of I AM GOD first emerges from this level of consciousness. Full of heart. Favorite hang out of the ascended masters, angels, and our higher selfs. 7-5-SEVENTH DIMENSION; - Call it what you will: The 7th dimension has no limitations. It's a pure state of being,the realization of self. WHAT ARE THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF WHITE LIGHT MEDITATION ? 05 FACTS;- 1-For Natural Healing ,Meditation, undoubtedly, is the best way to get to know your inner self. It is a proven fact that those who meditate regularly experience total rejuvenation, revitalization, and transformation. 2-White light mediation, or Jyoti Dhyana as it is called in Sanskrit, is an intense meditation technique that allows you to enjoy your natural healing capacity and wellness potential. 3-Practicing this regularly allows you to know the true form of your soul, and inner self. You will be able to achieve a complete sense of solace; your anger and emotions will be under your control. You will be able to achieve the feeling of oneness, enjoy a new sense of purification, and enlightenment. 4-There are numerous benefits that you can obtain by practicing Jyoti Dhyana. Here are some of them: 08 POINTS;- 1-Improves and enhances your motivation. 2-Empowers determination and endurance potential. 3-Helps you focus better on your goals. 4-Helps you adhere to your vision and achieve your goals. 5-Improves your self confidence. 6-Helps to overcome obstacles hindering your path to success. 7-Helps you to have a clear thought process. 8-Cleanses and clears your clogged core and thus, keeping you away from illness. 5-You just need 10 minutes a day to practice white light meditation. Since the results are better when you practice this at a relaxed state of mind, it is advisable to start doing this as soon as you wake up. Just make sure that you keep these pointers in your mind to get the best results: 06 POINTS;- 1-Always be patient. 2-Be sincere. 3-Never meditate expecting results. 4-Keep negative thoughts always off your focus. 5-Always be rimming (to furnish with border)with positive energy. 6-Meditate in a fully compassionate way. WHITE LIGHT MEDITATION PRACTICE;- EXERCISE ONE;- 24 POINTS;- You can follow the step by step instructions mentioned here and start practicing white light meditation right away: 1-Sit in a quiet place. 2-Sit in an upright position, spine, back, and neck straight. Choose a seated pose of your choice. 3-Play some soft music to indulge in deep meditation in the background. 4-Let your hands rest on the thighs with the tips of thumb and middle fingers in touch. 5-Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. 6-Take a deep inhalation via your nose and exhale via your mouth. 7-As you inhale, feel the air filling in your chest along with serenity and peace. 8-As you exhale, expel all your negative emotions – stress, anxiety, worries. Do this 5 more rounds. 9-Keeping your eyes closed, feel a pale blue light atop your head. Experience the warmth. 10-Once you feel the warmth spreading, allow it to enter into your body, right through your brain. 11-Let it flow in a clockwise way, allowing the light to cleanse your brain completely. Do this until you feel light. 12-Now, let it flow into your Ajna chakra and slowly down through your Vissudha and Anahata into Manipura. Feel the energy filling in each of your Chakra, cleansing, and decongesting (to ease clogging in) each one, before letting it flow out of it to the next. 13-Once it descends into your Sacral Chakra, feel the light swirl in a very quick manner, in the clockwise direction. Let it clean in a very aggressive and powerful manner. Experience the powerful light decongesting the clogged Solar Plexus and revitalizing and recharging you. 14-Now let it travel down and deep into your Mooladhara Chakra located within the base of your spine. Feel it swoosh (move with a rushing sound), swirl, and clean in a very vigorous way. Let it keep cleaning until you feel completely light and recharged. 15-Now, allow it to travel swiftly into your thighs, down the calves, and finally into your toes. 16-Once this is over, you should allow light travel from the ground back into your head, in a straight line. 17-Feel it moving swift across the seven powerful chakras and finally filling within your brain. 18-Allow it to make a quick swirl, clockwise, and then feel it explode out through your head, leaving you totally calm and relaxed. 19-Bring your hands at chest level and join the palms in Namaskar Mudra. 20-Say a quick thank you for experience the divine calmness. 21-Rub your palms vigorously until palms get heated up. 22-Place the palms on the closed eyes. 23-Slowly, open the closed eyes to the palms and wait until it gets adjusted to the light. 24-Open your eyes, feel relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and positive. Start with 10 minutes a day, slowly increasing the duration to 30 minutes. EXERCISE TWO;- Relax your body and relax your mind. The more you are unaware of your body during this time, the easier it is for you to concentrate with your mind on just relaxing. NINE STEPS;- 1-Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and slowly let it out. Imagine all the tension that is leaving your body now like a fine gray mist as you breathe out. Take a second deep breath in, hold it and let it go. Allow your breath to be deep, to be slow and to be rhythmic. 2-And now, with your minds on, just imagine a very large, white ball of light, moving towards you slowly. It comes closer and closer – getting larger and larger, until it is surrounding you completely, covering you completely, like walking into a cloud. It encourages you to let go of all your thoughts, all your emotions and just totally, deeply relax. 3-From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, relaxing, being more and more fully relaxed. And just concentrate on that beautiful cloud of white all-consuming light. 4-You are now surrounded by white light. This is a shield. The white light surrounding you protects you. It glows with the love of the divine rich beings of light. 5-As you accept the white light into yourself, into your mind, into your heart, into your understanding; you are committing with the deep rich source of all life, of all love. 6-The white light symbolizes a divine source of love that knows no boundaries, protects all beings, and protects everyone in a wonderful supportive way. It protects from harm at all times. It is the strongest force in the entire universe. 7-It can protect from all types of invasions, outside the influences. It is a white light armor, this bright, shining white light; this armor is yours to command, to put on and to use if and when you decide that you will accept, you will call, that you will use this white light armor. 8-You just say to yourself, “I accept this white light protection”, and the protection surrounds you, like this white cloud, like a white armor. Instantly, it springs into action, covering you with the purity of light, covering you with protection. “I accept the white light protection”, allows me to be protected by the divine. 9-Now, visualize your love ones. See them in your mind’s eye. Extend that beautiful cloud, that white cloud, that white armor out to every one of your relatives, of your friends, your loved ones. See it as a mightiest force in the entire universe. The most radiant white armor around them, protecting them; forming an invisible wall of protection. SENDING OF WHITE LIGHT PROTECTION TO LOVED ONES;- 07 FACTS 1-It protects your love ones against any form of bad thoughts, negativity, worry, or anything that could hurt or harm them. It supports, loves and protects them completely. Visualize that light swirling around them having been called into place at this time. It creates a beautiful, supporting, loving armor of protection. 2-If you have a friend or a loved one that needs any form of healing whether it be emotional support or physical support, you may now just imagine, just visualize that person and send a beautiful, white, floaty cloud of protection out to that person. 3-See a glow of white light encompassing (surround) them, the divine, loving beings surrounding them and assisting them wherever they may. This white light emanating, is swirling around, creating an armor of protection for them; shining, supporting, assisting them and giving them protection. 4-It protects all who ask. It seeks to support and give divine love to all who ask. You may send this beautiful cloud of white light, right out, around the entire universe, to all places you feel may need protection, to all people you may wish to send all your thoughts of love to, but especially to yourself. 5-Visualize that white, floaty cloud, that beautiful radiant armor around yourself, around your home, around your possessions, in your work space, in your travel space, wherever you go, wherever you need to be. 6-Take that white light with you, on your journey, day by day. Accept the white light of protection, the protection of the divine – that is done. 7-Now, slowly, calmly, easily, begin to return to your awareness. You may feel perfect physically, mentally or emotionally. You may feel refreshed, as if washed in a cool spring stream, but you will be protected by the great divine white light of love and protection.


BLUE LIGHT MEDITATION (This third-eye meditation)



1-Sit in a quiet place. 2-Sit in an upright position, spine, back, and neck straight. Choose a seated pose of your choice. 3-Play some soft music to indulge in deep meditation in the background. 4-Let your hands rest on the thighs with the tips of thumb and middle fingers in touch. 5-Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. 6-Take a deep inhalation via your nose and exhale via your mouth. 7-As you inhale, feel the air filling in your chest along with serenity and peace. 8-As you exhale, expel all your negative emotions – stress, anxiety, worries. Do this 5 more rounds...10 minutes.


10 minutes Sit perfectly still and, with eyes softly focused, watch a blue light.


10 minutes Close the eyes and slowly and gently sway from side to side.

NOTE;- This third-eye meditation is in two stages.Repeat three times–10-minute stages i.e..watch a blue light and then gently sway from side to side again.


03 FACTS;-

1-There is a affinity between you and the star because we are made of light, as are the stars. We vibrate as light as do the stars. You can always find a star with which you simply feel in tune, which is on the same wave-length. That is your star; meditate over it.

2-By and by allow it inside. Look at it, then close your eyes and see it within. Open your eyes; look at it. Close your eyes; see it within. Soon you will find it is within you. Then whenever you close your eyes you will find it there.

3-And when you start feeling it inside, feel it just near the navel; two inches below the navel. Deposit it there; go on depositing it and soon you will feel great light arising inside you as if a star has already in reality burst forth; and it will not be only that you feel it, others will start feeling it – that a certain kind of light has started surrounding your body, your face has become it. Just look for a few nights and you will be able to find your star. ......SHIVOHAM...