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NEGATIVE ENERGY (Ghosts,Demons, Devils,etc.)exist mainly in the Nether region (Bhuvarlok) and the Hell region (Pātāl). From there they also inhabit the Earth region (Bhūlok) and affect or possess human beings.The 14 LOKS OF HINDUISM;--

The concept of the 14 Lokas of Hinduism state that they are divided into 7 upper worlds or Vyarthis and the 7 lower ones, known as the Patalas.

THE SEVEN UPPER WORLDS (The 7 Vyarthis); –

1- Satya-loka:-

Brahma’s loka. Satya-loka planetary system is not eternal. Abode of Truth or of Brahma, where atman are released from the necessity of rebirth.

2- Tapa-loka:--

Abode of tapas or of other deities. Ayohnija devadas live here.

3- Jana-loka:--

Abode of the sons of God Brahma.

4- Mahar-loka:--

The abode of great sages and enlightened beings like Markendeya and other rishies.

5- Svarg-loka:--

Region between the sun and polar star, the heaven of the god Indra. Indra, devatas, Rishies, Gandharvas and Apsaras live here: a heavenly paradise of pleasure, where all the 330 million Hindu gods (Deva) reside along with the king of gods, Indra.

6- Bhuvar-loka :-

Sun, planets, stars. Space between earth and the sun, inhabited by semi-divine beings. It is a real region, the atmosphere, the life-force.

7- Bhu-loka:-

The Vishnu Purana says that the earth is merely one of thousands of billions of inhabited worlds like itself to be found in the universe.


1- Atala-loka:-

Atala is ruled by Bala – a son of Maya – who possesses mystical powers. By one yawn, Bala created three types of women – svairiṇīs , who like to marry men from their own group; kāmiṇīs, who marry men from any group, and the puḿścalīs.

2- Vitala-loka:-

Vitala is ruled by the god Hara-Bhava – a form of Shiva, who dwells with attendant ganas including ghosts and goblins as the master of gold mines. The residents of this realm are adorned with gold from this region.

3- Sutala-loka:-

Sutala is the kingdom of the pious demon king Bali.

4- Talatala-loka:-

Talātala is the realm of the demon-architect Maya, who is well-versed in sorcery. Shiva, as Tripurantaka, destroyed the three cities of Maya but was later pleased with Maya and gave him this realm and promised to protect him.

5- Mahatala-loka:-

Mahātala is the abode of many-hooded Nagas (serpents) – the sons of Kadru, headed by the Krodhavasha (Irascible) band of Kuhaka, Taksshaka, Kaliya and Sushena. They live here with their families in peace but always fear Garuda, the eagle-man.

6- Rasatala-loka:-

Rasātala is the home of the demons – Danavas and Daityas, who are mighty but cruel. They are the eternal foes of Devas (the gods). They live in holes like serpents.

7 Patala-loka:-

The lowest realm is called Patala or Nagaloka, the region of the Nagas, ruled by Vasuki. Here live several Nagas with many hoods. Each of their hood is decorated by a jewel, whose light illuminates this realm.


05 POINTS;--

1. In chart , the planes of existence are shown on top of the other, in reality they are around us in all directions. It’s just that Earth being the physically tangible plane is seen; whereas the other planes are progressively more and more subtle and hence invisible to the gross eye.

2-In fact different people, though living on the Earth plane experience thoughts and emotions corresponding to the different planes of existence as per their spiritual level or thoughts. For example Saints, i.e. spiritually evolved people beyond the 70% spiritual level, lead an existence corresponding to the positive planes of existence of Heaven and beyond.

3-In contrast a person planning theft experiences thoughts corresponding to the 1st plane of Hell, one planning some act aimed at harming others at 2nd plane of Hell and so on and a person planning murder experiences thoughts corresponding to the 7th plane of Hell.

4-However no 2 planes of existence can be experienced simultaneously, i.e. a person cannot experience thoughts corresponding to 2 different planes, e.g. Heaven and Mahārlok.

5- The Nether region (Bhūvarlok) to be precise is a region that is aligned away (to put two or more things into a straight line) from God. We have however depicted it as a positive plane as subtle bodies from this region still have a chance to be born on Earth to progress spiritually. Once subtle bodies regress to any of the regions of Hell, then there is a remote possibility of their being born on Earth and progressing towards God.


The region that ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) exist in varies depending on their spiritual power, capabilities etc. Any being (i.e. human being or subtle-body) feels comfortable in their respective region because their frequencies correspond to that region. With increasing spiritual power, the ghosts become even more subtle and are found in progressively deeper negative regions. Thus ghosts who have the least spiritual power are found in the Nether region. The ghosts that exist in the deeper rungs of the Hell region are progressively more powerful and evil.


Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) can move across vast physical distances on the Earth region in a matter of seconds.

They can also move very easily between the Earth region and the subtle-regions in just a few seconds.

Ghosts from the more subtle-regions of the universe can travel to the more gross ones like the Earth region at will. For example, a ghost from the 3rd region of Hell can easily go to the Nether or Earth region.

As a rule, people or subtle-bodies from the Earth region and the Nether region respectively cannot visit regions that are more subtle i.e. the higher positive regions such as Heaven (Swarga) or the lower negative regions such as the Hell region.


10 FACTS;---

Ghosts exist in a variety of places on Earth. They can create a centre for themselves in living and non-living objects. By centre we mean a place where they store their black energy. The centre acts as an entry point and a point of receiving or transmitting their black energy. Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) generally create a centre for themselves in people, trees, houses, electrical equipments etc. When they create a centre for themselves in people, it is to fulfill their desires such as eating, drinking, smoking, sex or to settle a give-and-take account. Since the ghosts are made up of the Absolute Air Principle (Vāyutattva), one cannot see them without subtle-vision.

Ghosts are most likely to be found near the following.


1-1-Ghosts exist around, on and in humans to satisfy their desires, to seek revenge, to settle their give-and-take account with those persons or to derive pleasure out of tormenting them. The ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) occupy any part of the physical body, mind or intellect of the person. This is commonly known as demonic possession.

1-2-The duration of demonic possession can extend for many years or across births. In most cases the person does not know that they are possessed or acting upon the wish of the possessing negative energy, (ghost ,demon, devil, etc.).

1-3-Whether the ghost resides inside or outside the possessed person or object is of only academic importance. This is because the extent of control exerted by a ghost over a human is not related to whether they reside inside or outside a person.


2-1-Ghosts are mostly found on animals. They rarely exist inside animals; however they do so when they want to trouble mankind through controlling them. The possessed animal would become wild and attack humans thus causing distress to them.

2-2-Some animals and birds such as dogs, horses, owls and crows are more sensitive to the presence of ghosts. When dogs are found barking or howling suddenly in the night without any apparent reason, it could be because they sense the presence of ghosts.


3-1-Generally ghosts perch (sit) themselves on vegetation. Here again those trees whose frequencies are similar to those of ghosts are favoured. Everything in the universe has a certain frequency. An aura is a manifestation of this frequency.


4-1-Quite often persons after death continue to be attached mentally to objects that they used to like when they lived on Earth. Their subtle body loiters around items such as a favourite chair, property, etc.

For example, if a woman who has passed on is still attached to her diamond jewellery, then her mind loiters around the jewellery. Such objects are known as haunted objects.

4-2-People wearing them can face a lot of distress if the subtle body for any reason is unhappy that they are wearing it. If the object is possessed by a ghost, the distress experienced by the person coming into contact with it or wearing it is even more due to the associated black energy of the ghost.


5-1-When land is grabbed through violent means, if the victims die in the process, their subtle-bodies haunt the place. They do not allow anybody to enter that area. They torment any trespassers(unwelcome visitor). Such places are known as haunted places.

5-2- In the above example, with time some inhabitants of the house may lose their lives and their subtle bodies also haunt the premises. Later, even outsiders experience distress in the form of hearing voices or shrieks on new/full moon day or in the middle of the night. Then it is known as a haunted house.


6-1-If a person has been murdered or has lost his life accidentally in a vehicle, his subtle body haunts the vehicle. This does not necessarily happen in every case. It also depends on other factors like the destiny of the person, his spiritual level, number of negative impressions, ego and nature of deeds during his lifetime etc.

6-2-When people repeatedly experience various forms of inexplicable distress either in or around a vehicle like feeling apprehensive, feeling a presence in or around the vehicle, vehicle going out of control etc., it is very likely that the vehicle is affected by a ghost.


7-1-In many cases of fatal road accidents, the subtle bodies of the dead persons involved in the accident haunt the place. Angered by their own death, they cause other motor accidents. Many of the subtle bodies of these victims frequent that part of the road. Over time their number keeps on swelling and accidents take place very frequently. Unless steps are taken at a spiritual level to liberate these subtle bodies from this attachment, the accidents continue despite any efforts to curb them at a physical level.

7-2-This is why some spots are very accident prone despite being on a relatively straight stretch of road along with clear signs about being an accident prone site etc.

7-3-Some people build small memorials at such sites in the memory of the deceased. In doing so, the subtle body of the person becomes attached to the accident site memorial. Due to this the subtle body’s further progress to its destined subtle region is hampered (hinder). As a result that subtle body experiences distress.


8-1-The subtle-bodies of inmates who have succumbed to police torture haunt the cells to a great extent. This is one of the reasons one does not feel pleasant in police stations where such deaths have occurred.

8-2- Subtle-bodies of many of those who were unjustly hanged haunt the jails.


9-1-The subtle-bodies of many of those who die after struggling for life in a hospital haunt the premises. The presence of these subtle-bodies or those who have become ghosts creates an environment of negativity. This affects the ailing person as well as their attending or visiting relatives and friends.

9-2-The effect of this negativity could manifest in a delayed healing process, etc. Some vulnerable patients, their visitors or hospital residents may be affected or possessed by ghosts during their stay in the hospital without their knowing.



10-1- Many a time subtle-bodies of those whose funeral rites are inadequately done, frequent the area. This is one of the reasons most people feel uneasiness, heaviness, tiredness, etc. after being to such places. However, most of the times it is attributed to psychological reasons alone.

10-2-When people repeatedly experience various forms of inexplicable distress, around a place, person or object, it is very likely that the place, person or object is affected or possessed by a ghost. Feelings of distress include:

A-Feeling of apprehension,

B-Feeling a presence,

C-Feeling like one’s entire energy is being sucked out etc.

D-Repeated mishaps happening in a certain place, without any apparent reason.

10-3-The actual presence of the ghosts is however evident only to those with an activated sixth sense. The ghosts there cause distress to those who come in the vicinity or possess them, especially those who are vulnerable psychologically (i.e. anxious, depressed) or spiritually (i.e. low spiritual level, already affected or possessed by ghosts).


1-Regular spiritual practice helps to build spiritual strength and this in turn becomes our protective armour against attacks by ghosts.

2-Before entering haunted areas one needs to pray to God for protection. Along with this by continuously chanting the Name of God according to one’s religion of birth we enhance God’s protective sheath around us.

3-Some people think, “I should stay away from finding about ghosts etc., then they will not bother me.”To these people, stresses that it is very important to be educated about where ghosts exist and what to do to protect oneself against their influence.Being in the dark or having an ostrich like attitude about their presence does not exclude us from their harmful effect.

On the contrary, it becomes easier for ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) to affect such people as due to their ignorance, they do not take appropriate precautions to protect themselves......SHIVOHAM....