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cleaning dream symbol----

1-To dream that you are cleaning implies that you are removing some negativity in your life and overcoming major obstacles. You are moving ahead toward a new stage in your life. In particular, if you are cleaning your house, then it means that you need to clear out your thoughts and get rid of your old ways and habits.

2-Sweeping: Cleaning house (own tent, tabernacle that the Holy Spirit lives in); repentance;

Dreaming that you are cleaning your home can mean that you believe that your judgment has been clouded.

3-Any type of cleaning in a dream can suggest ‘cleaning up’ or removing outworn ideas and attitudes. You may be sweeping to clear the ‘house’ or inner self of the buildup or ’dust’ or residue that accumulates from experience.

4-Washing Machine Cleaning up your act in the sense of dealing with past negative feelings or habits. Thus it can suggest making changes in the way you go about things or present yourself..

5- Back Dream Explanation — If one sees the back of his friend in a dream, it means that his friend will turn his back to him at times when he needs him most. If one sees the back of his enemy in a dream, it means that he will be guarded against his threats. If one sees the back of an old woman in a dream, it means that the world is turning its back to him. If she is in her middle age in the dream, it means that he is seeking something hard to obtain. If she is a young woman in the dream, it means that he is expecting something and must be patient to acquire it. One's back also represents old age. One's back in a dream also represents one's dependence on a strong person.

Moon in general-----

Dreaming about the Moon in general, for instance looking up and observing its shape and brightness, symbolizes an invisible power or force which holds significant control over your life. It could be in the form of humans, such as your parents whom you have obeyed virtually your whole life, or someone of great authority or with an ace up his or her sleeve who can make or break you at a whim. It could also be in the form of life's circumstances, such as being born poor and having no means to have an education or a better way of life at the moment. Traditionally, the vision of the Moon has always been associated with the female figure, and as such its symbolic meaning may vary according to the dreamer's gender and sexual orientation. In many cultures, the Moon in a dream symbolizes the mother figure. The mother is viewed as someone whose power or authority is balanced with tenderness, care and compassion. Interestingly, this same dream vision could indicate that a female member of your family or circle of friends may be having a baby.

Moon hiding behind clouds-----

Dreaming about the clouds obscuring your view of the Moon and denying you the opportunity of basking in its glory is an unfavorable sign indicating struggles and difficulties involving a project or undertaking. There is a possiblity that you may not be able to complete what you have recently started. You would feel disppointed in yourself and grow resentful towards people who you thought would guide you along the way but were nowhere to be found in your times of need. Your superiors and co-workers might question and cast a doubt on your capabilities. You can still turn the situation in your favor if you reconsider your priorities, change your directions and surround yourself with people who will stand by you without expecting much in return.

Moon peeking through a cloud----

Dreaming about observing the Moon peeking( look quickly ) through the clouds or through the haze serves as a warning that a close friend or family member could get seriously ill anytime soon. You might be forced to set your immediate plans aside in the meantime to lend support to this person. It could mean postponing a much anticipated out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip or rescheduling an all-too important personal or business appointment.

2-To dream of someone others waist, identifies that you will approve and praise something in the workplace or that you will make good suggestions


1-When you dream about a rose this usually represents love in some fashion but it can also represent fertility, admiration, and fidelity. The color of the rose also has a special meaning in your dreams. Red roses are most often for love and romance. Yellow roses can denote friendship or a life long non-romantic love.

Red Roses:

2-Finding love - a new relationship is beginning.

A sign of recognizing love in your life.

Being happy in a relationship.

Being given a red rose is an indication that someone new is coming into your life. or that you are going to reach a new and promising level in your love life. (read all at source)

3-To see roses blooming in your dream, signifies faithful love, and the arrival of a much joyous event. Roses also symbolize virginity, love, remembrance, passion, desire, good fortune, femininity, and romance, particularly if they are red roses.

Roses may have some spiritual significance as well. They are used when expressing both positive and negative emotions. They unfold and can be considered symbols of innocence. (read all at source)

Dream About Wearing Masks---

1-If the dream depicts yourself wearing the mask, consider the context and the person whom you are interacting with inside the dream. The mask suggests that you are trying to be someone that you are not either to impress or deceit the others.

2-The mask can also be considered as a way to hide your true feelings and emotions. You are suppressing your own opinions to make others feeling better.

3-Yellow is an important spiritual color. Some may view this as a symbol of peace and harmony. Symbolically, yellow indicates kingship as it was a Chinese imperial color, but also the color of Saint Peter's robes. As yellow is also the color of the sun, it suggests that God is on your side.

Detailed dream interpretation...

If you dream of the color yellow this portends intelligence, light, and generosity ahead. Yellow is the color of movement and communication.Since yellow is the color of the sun and sunlight, it symbolizes energy and the fullness of life. Yellow also provides a rich harvest. To see yellow foretells annoyance and envy on other people, or other people’s envy of you, mainly because of your special skills and properties. Yellow is also the color of femininity. To see or taste turmeric in your dream symbolizes passion and zest for life. You are looking for a stimulation of your senses.


To dream of the color blue symbolizes honesty, integrity, intelligence, dedication, solace, and divinity. You may be wanting to escape from the pressures of life. You have an extremely positive outlook on life and believe that you will experience only good in your future.

Depending on the context of your dream, the color blue can also reflect a mood of anguish and despair.


In general, to dream of shoes signifies your attitude towards life. You are a very practical person and are steadfast in your opinions and principle.

To see new shoes in your dream insinuates that you are embarking on a journey to an unknown destination in your life. You may be arrogant and sure of yourself. If someone gifts you shoes in the dream, it relates to the expectation of that person towards you.

Consider the type of shoes as a gift to get a more detailed interpretation.New shoes in dreams suggests that you are successful in a new life path that you have chosen.Dreaming of silk is a sign of joy and happy times. It also suggests a positive omen in life. But silk is also a symbol of vanity and your strife for respect and appreciation, despite no valid achievements in your life. Silk can also mean that you are trying to compare yourself with other people. Carrying silk in a dream suggests that you might be happy for quite some time, but at the same time, you will be dependable on your family and friends.


Silk can be deceiving in the sense that simply wearing silk does not cover the everyday problems and grieves. Any dream in which something is made of silk means you will get lucky in business issues and social problems.

Positive things are going to happen if...

Feel happiness to see or wear silk in your dream.

The silk is natural.

New ventures are positive.

You follow a clear path of action.

1-Traditionally dream of the yellow color is interpreted as a harbinger ( signal )of intelligence, luck and energy to everyday life. Symbol of sunlight illuminates all and gives warmth. It is basically the color of intellect….Yellow

Depending on the context in the dream, yellow can link with lightness of feeling; intuition; hopefulness for the future; a clear intellect or extroversion. Because it is a colour associated with shining, it may indicate your innermost wisdom shining out – especially if you are dressed in bright yellow.

2-Yellow is the color of intelligent design, and when we dream in yellow it reflects a special kind of clarity. Yellow is a bright idea, and an epiphany on a grand scale. When we dream of yellow, our deeper consciousness is paving the way (yellow brick road?) to a path of higher understanding and mystical awareness.

3-Yellow centralizes our energetic focus so that we may intensify our presence. That intensity then radiates outward - just as the light of the sun does. Effectually, dreaming of yellow indicates a time of intelligent reflection in which we are influencing the world around us in amazing ways.

4-On the negative side it can suggest cowardice, jealousy, caution or quarantine. So in some dreams it is linked with sickness or some form of inner illness, or a warning that something is not right.

5-Yellow roses are used to depict friendship without sexual love, or a love that is not leading to partnership.

Corn and sun dried landscapes are yellow, and so in a dream can indicate feelings of content, fruitfulness and richness of spirit. As the sun is thought of as yellow the colour also depicts life giving and warming influences or attitudes, of the expression of your own life flow.

6-Yellow also links with gold, its ability to remain untarnished and its precious quality. So if yellow in your dream has any of these associations it would link with what is of great value and abilities in you.

7-In some forms of meditation yellow also signifies a shift in awareness, or a change in the way you sense things.

1-The marigold is likewise associated with the sun - being vibrant yellow and gold in color. The flowers are open when the sun is out. The marigold is also called the “herb of the sun”, representing passion and even creativity.

It is also said that marigolds symbolize cruelty, grief and jealousy. It can mean to show strong passion, being associated with the legendary brave and courageous lion. Its Victorian meaning, desire for riches, is probably consequent to the legends of the flower being Mary’s gold, depicting coins.

2-If you see Marigold flower in your dream it means mental disturbance.

3-What Does the Marigold Flower Mean?

Aside from being an important part of any organic garden as a pest deterrent, the Marigold has loftier meanings like:----

1-Despair and grief over the loss of love

2-The beauty and warmth of the rising sun

3-Winning the affections of someone through hard work

4-Creativity and the drive to succeed

5-Desire for wealth

6-Cruelty and coldness due to jealousy

7-Sacred offerings to the Gods

8-Remembering and celebrating the dead

9-Promoting cheer and good relations in a relationship

While the Marigold has picked up a few negative connotations over the years, most of what it means remains positive in contemporary times.

4-As for a woman, seeing flowers in a dream means getting pregnant or overcoming her difficulties.

Urinate dream meaning;--

1-It is very common to dream that you have to urinate but you can't find a place where you can urinate. Such a dream can mean that you feel that your emotions have been all bottled up and you have no safe place to release them. In dreams it symbolizes the need to eliminate an issue from the past or a negative influence in the present.

2-If you dream that you wet the bed or urinated in it, this indicates shortage of management in your life. You are not able to control your actions anymore. There is a possibility of you wanting to urinate, and the subconsiuos mind of yours gives a signal to you to wake up and go to urinate.

3-Also the urine may be a good sign of wealth. As feces the urine may bring you unexpected financial success.The dream symbol of urine signifies that the dreamer suffers from the tension of his soul and urgently looks for relief.

4-In general, any kind of excrement's in a dream, including urine, is not a negative display, but rather it refers to a positive aspect of your waking life. Another important meaning of urine in a dream is fertility.

Bottle dream meaning;--

Bottles are good to dream of if well filled with transparent liquid. You will overcome all obstacles in affairs of the heart, prosperous engagements will ensue.

2-If empty, coming trouble will envelop you in meshes of sinister design, from which you will be forced to use strategy to disengage yourself.

3-When a person sees water in dream it means that he will live happy life and will gain money and prosperity in future. It is the symbol of marriage too.

4-When a person sees pure water in dream it symbolizes that he will attain social justice and peace.

5-When a person sees that he is giving a glass of water to someone it symbolizes that he will listen the good news related to his child. Holi;- 1-Your life is very colorful and soon you will get good news.


To see a temple in your dream represents inspiration, spiritual thinking, meditation and growth. It is also symbolic of your physical body and the attention you give it. Perhaps you need to pamper yourself. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are looking for a place of refuge and a place to keep things that are dear to you.To see a temple in your dream represents psychological or emotional refuge. You may want to find balance or recenter yourself during or after a difficulty.A temple is a sign that something in your life if unusual and you want to return to some sense of normalcy or grounding.Temples, sanctuaries or retreats in a dream represent security, peace, finding a shelter away from fear, and victory over one’s enemy. A temple in a dream also represents children, weddings, benefits, profits, prudence, or having reservations about one’s dealings with others. Dreams come to us basically from the past thoughts and desires stored in the subtle body.So, when you are seeing a dream of some temples means you might have associated with those things either in this lifetime or the past life.And most of the times we forget the dreams.dreams come to us because when the gross body is asleep, the soul identifies itself more with the subtle body as it cannot do any activities with the gross body at that time.So when the soul identifies with the subtle body, then the thoughts, desires stored in the subtle body is seen.As you are seeing Krishna and charnamrita in dreams, maybe you have a great desire to become a devotee or you might have been a devotee in past life. So if you continue the process, you can advance very rapidly.And it also depends not only on dreams but also what tangible service we do in our wakeful state. Because that's the way to purify our senses, doing service for Krishna.Visiting TempleOften, dreams are the faithful emanations of what is happening in your subconscious mind. Different cultures view dreams differently. The interpretations to dreams are of diverse kinds. While some view it in terms of understanding human psychology, some even view it as a way of supernatural forces talking to man to indicate him of certain future events or guide him to take a particular course of action. Visiting temple in dream could be viewed differently and interpreted in a variety of ways.How to interpret temple dreams rightlyTo be able to interpret a temple dream the correct way, it is necessary to pay some thought to the processes happening in your life at the moment, the type of psychological experiences you are undergoing and the nature of the temple dream itself. Once this is done, you would have the right insight into a temple dream.The sanctuaryTemples are viewed as human sanctuaries and the abodes of gods. They are the places where the humans frequent with their prayers, queries and pleas. At times when afflictions haunt the human minds, people visit temples and seek some solace. They too visit temples to pay their tributes and for thanksgiving. In the first place, a temple dream could mean your heart is seeking some comfort.A call to pay back your debtsOften, dreams are viewed as the most prominent avenue for the gods and supernatural forces to interact with the humans and convey what they wish to in the good interest of the subject concerned. Seeing a temple in dream could mean you have some thanksgiving in pending. So browse through your past and check if you have committed to make some offerings to the temple in return to some blessings. If something is pending, then it is advisable you do it without any delays so that your debts are cleared and you receive more blessings.The divine assuranceOften, a temple dream could mean divine assurance and protection. Psychologically when you are troubled and seek the intervention of the power from above, a temple in dream could mean you have been guarded divinely and you can leave all your worries whatsoever moving comfortably with the course of life. You may reinforce this feeling in your by making a visit to the temple of your favourite god in reality too.The bottom lineWhile dreams as such do not hold any concrete meanings and fixed interpretations, it is important to approach them considering the specific situation of every individual. What a temple dream could mean to you ultimately depends on your religious inclinations, If you are highly religious and hae a deep interest in temples, then examine the process of life you are going through during the time of such a dream and also the contents of your dream so that you can get to know what your subconscious mind is indicating you.

Goddess KaliDreams ;-

are keys to unravel the truths hidden deep inside our psyche. Most dreams have both psychological as well as spiritual dimensions. The messages conveyed by dreams in both these regards are highly thought provoking and useful. It is also said that supernatural powers often try to communicate with humans through dreams.

Goddess Kali Mean

Therefore interpreting the dreams in the right perspective can help gather some intuitive messages. They can in turn guide your vital decisions regarding life or help anticipate something that might happen to you so that you stay prepared in advance.

The Nature of Goddess Kali;-

Seeing goddess Kali in dream could mean different things to different individuals depending on the situation in life they are facing as well as the nature and setting of the dream they had. In general, Kali is a ferocious aspect or manifestation of Mother Parvati.The Nature of Goddess KaliShe wears a garland of human skulls and hangs in her waist a gown made of hands severed from human bodies. Her tongue is protruded out and she carries a dreadful sword in her arms. The ferocious form strikes a thunderbolt on the evil forces vanquishing them and comforting the devotees through her compassion and grace. Therefore, though goddess Kali looks terrific, by nature she is so benign and merciful.Psychic dimension of goddess Kali DreamTalking from a psycho-spiritual point of view, witnessing Kali in dream could mean the individual is highly afraid in life and is amidst some excruciating difficulties. The fear hidden in the subconscious mind might bubble up to the surface during the dream state by visualizing the ferocious form of Kali.Psychic dimension of goddess Kali DreamTalking from a psycho-spiritual point of view, witnessing Kali in dream could mean the individual is highly afraid in life and is amidst some excruciating difficulties. The fear hidden in the subconscious mind might bubble up to the surface during the dream state by visualizing the ferocious form of Kali.Psychic dimension of goddess Kali DreamTherefore, the individual might gain some confidence in facing the tough situations and move successfully forward turning the obstacles into stepping stones to success.Spiritual Dimension of Goddess Kali DreamGoddess Kali is a highly compassionate deity. Appearing in her devotee’s dream she might confirm her divine protection for him or her. When you dream of mother Kali at times when you are going away from goodness, it is time for you to do some reflection and change for better as she is indicating to you that you must correct yourself.Spiritual Dimension of Goddess Kali DreamWhen you face difficulties and have nearly got broken down losing hopes, dreaming Kali at that juncture could put back the lost spirits in you and carry you forward safely and successfully. Therefore, you have every reason to gain hope and see the positive side of life and prepare yourself to emerge victoriously.How to Interpret Goddess Kali DreamWhen trying to interpret the dream pertaining to Kali, analyze the situation in your life and also consider the setting of the dream. With a deep self introspection, you are the best person to interpret your own dreams. Ultimately the purpose of dreams is to gain more insight about yourself and use the input positively for your development and growth.