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IS DIWALI A GATEWAY FOR INNER ENLIGHTMENT ? - What is the meaning of the human incarnation? God; Light; Purity; Peace. If you will question then darkness will start getting removed, because the moment you understand, the light comes.Originating from the Sanskrit word ‘Deepavali’, it literally means rows (Avali) of lights (Deepa). This festival of lights is celebrated on the darkest night (Amavasya) of Kartik month in the Indian calendar, and it symbolizes the vanquishing of ignorance (darkness) by the knowledge (light). 15 FACTS;-- 1-Diwali is light and Light is Diwali .Essence(Saar )is Aatma [the Self], Aatma is Essence. This means that there is no difference between Diwali and the light. 2-But a human being is such that when he thinks of Diwali he thinks that, forty-five hundred thousand years before, something has happened to somebody. When he hears the word "light," he thinks of the light of a lamp, the light of a bulb, or the light of the eyes. Why does this happen? 3- When he hears Saar hey Aatma, Aatma hey saar ["Essence is the Self, the Self is Essence"], whenever he thinks of Saar then he does not understand what it is, and whenever he hears of the Aatma he does not understand what that is. 4-A human being is in the state of utter darkness. He walks, eats, drinks, sees, sings, and plays, but in deep sleep. Why does he sleep? 5-Because in the waking state he has only been given this darkness, ignorance, or sleep state, so that whenever he is awake he does not know his true nature – with the result that he is happy and unhappy both. He commits mistakes and he removes those mistakes. He suffers and has pain and suffering. ... 6- If he does not open to the sense of Oneness, then he remains ignorant. That ignorance is called darkness, just as when there is darkness you do not see anything even though your eyes are there. 7-If a human being is there and ignorance is there, he will not be able to see and know who he is. It is said in scriptures that you have to know what your goal is. Therefore, one has to hanker to celebrate that day, that moment, when there is knowledge of the essence of Oneness. ... 8-Today we are observing the celebration of that absolute Light who incarnated as a form. So he was not a form, he was that Light. We speak of light and form, but a human being thinks that light is that which shines in the form and a man is that who looks like a person walking on the road. 8-1-The human mind is not able to grasp the fact that all is Light. So Light is all. But what should you do when you are a form, and you walk, eat, drink, grasp, and hear, and that has become your knowledge, identification, or adhyaas? 8-2-Adhyaas is a kind of habit pattern – a constant habit of the same knowledge that "I am the body." I, the Self, should be I. But a human being says, "I am this body." This is not his fault. Somebody has put a very hair-like thread in the brain cell so that it divides. It's not the fault of a human being. 9-There is something that early in the morning he gets the waking state of consciousness. He boasts, "I am awake" – and it is only in the waking state of consciousness that he has slept! In deep sleep, he is fully awake. 10-That is why it is said that the yogi is the one who remains awake in deep sleep and who remains in deep sleep in the waking state – totally opposite! That is why as a human being you do not understand if you again and again perpetuate your intellect, mind, and ego-sense with the idea, "I will be able to get the light, or enlightenment." If you are the body, you're never going to get it 11-Why do we need a festival to realize that we exist? A big Question mark…Life has become so messed up that we all have just forgotten to live. Every one of us has become slaves & ultimately a mere machine. 12-It is all one Light; And today is the day of Light. If in our Experience, we have reached the climax of perceiving that Light, then that is the highest worship. After that, you will find that from tomorrow onwards you will be able to see everything in the Light of lights. 13-You will see the forest and you will know it is all Light. You will see the mountains, and the mountains can be dissolved or burned but you will see the Light. You will see earthquakes and volcanoes, and you will see it is all Light. You will see storms and things gone in the storm: it is all Light. You will see all that blueness of the sky: it is all Light. 14-That is blue(Shyam) Light, which you are perceiving as a human being – being very fortunate that you got this opportunity. Whether we know or do not know how we came on earth, who our parents were, why we ended up over here, and what are the reasons – intellectually, we can analyze and decide many things, but the happening is – that Absolute Bliss Consciousness, that very power, manifested, played it, and this is its game. It's a leela [sport]. 15-Everywhere, all the things are being conducted for peace, for harmony, and for that victory. ... It has become quite a saadhana, quite a means, for all of you to reach the unfoldment of the light whose glory we sing – that Diwali came, Diwali came. Today, on Diwali day, I wish you to have that Anubhav, that Aatma light, that enlightenment. THE KEY POINT;- The only reason for this write up is, Realization of our existence .... Diwali as a festival brings everything. It is called the festival of lights. But we call it, “The festival of Enlightenment” Let us all mark this Auspicious Festival as a gateway of togetherness & a feeling called LIFE. Live & let Live should be the motto & each day should be celebrated rather than Passed. All are one & Diwali is for all. “A VERY HAPPY DIWALI & A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR” .........SHIVOHAM.....