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05 FACTS;--

1-Cultivate indomitable will. Practise self-control and self-mastery. Have self-confidence. Develop independent judgment. Do not argue. Strive ceaselessly for Self-realisation. Kill this little ego. Develop pure love. Rise above all distinctions of caste, creed and colour. Give up the idea of ‘I-ness’, ‘Mine-ness’. Look within for the happiness which you have sought in vain in the sensual objects.

2-Moksha is the summum bonum (the highest good) of life. It is freedom from births and deaths. It is not annihilation. It is annihilation of this little ‘I’. It is obtained through knowledge of the Self. You will have to know the Truth through direct intuitive experience. You will have to cut asunder the veil of ignorance by meditation on the Self. Then you will shine in your pristine purity and divine glory.

3-Do not try to drive away the unimportant and irrelevant thoughts. The more you try, the more will they return and the more strength will they gain. You will only tax your energy and will. Become indifferent. Fill the mind with divine thoughts through meditation.

4-Without perfect Brahmacharya, you cannot have substantial spiritual progress. There is no half measure in the spiritual path. Control the body first. Then purify your thoughts through prayer, Japa, Kirtan, Vichara and meditation. Make a firm resolve, “I will be a perfect Brahmachari from today.” Pray to the Lord to give you spiritual strength to resist the temptations of life and kill lust.

5-Constant study of the lives of saints will enable you to lead a virtuous life. You will imbibe very noble qualities. You will be gradually moulded in the spiritual path. You will draw inspiration from them. There will be an inner urge in you to attempt for God-realisation. Pray to the Lord that you may become a saint. WHAT IS THE BASIS OF YOGA ? ----


A-Have self-confidence. Develop independent judgment. Cultivate the indomitable will.

B-Practise self-control and self-mastery.

Do not argue. Strive ceaselessly for Self-realisation. Kill this little ego.

C-Develop pure love. Rise above all distinction of caste, creed and colour.

D-Give up the idea of “I-ness” and “mine-ness”. Look within for the happiness which you have sought in vain in sensual objects.


A-One rupee of pleasure is mixed with fifteen rupees of pain. Pleasure that is mixed with pain and fear is no pleasure at all. If you begin to analyse this one rupee of pleasure, you will find that it is no pleasure at all.

B-It is mere play or delusion of the mind. Milk gives pleasure to some and pain to others. Milk brings on retching (make the sound and movement of vomiting) in fever. The third cup of milk induces vomiting. What is this? This is play of Maya. This is Indra-Jala of Avidya-Shakti. The Indriyas and mind are deceiving you at every moment. C-Beware. Wake up. Open your eyes. Develop Viveka. If you suffer from cancer of the stomach, can you enjoy Rasagulla and sweets even though you are a multi-millionaire? The doctor will put you on a diet of pepper-water only.

D-If your wife/husband dies, you are drowned in sorrow. You cannot expect happiness from finite, perishable objects that are conditioned in time, space and causation. Eternal, independent, infinite bliss can only be had in the Atman that is hidden in your heart. Search, understand and realise Atman.


A-The secular knowledge that you get from Universities is mere husk only. It serves the purpose of earning the bread only. It cannot give you peace of mind and salvation. It thickens the veil of ignorance only.

B-He who says, “I am specialist in Biology and various logies” is only a fool. One Mantra, one Sloka of the Upanishads will blow up the knowledge that you derive from colleges. Study the first Mantra of Isa Upanishad: “Isavasyam idam sarvam—The whole world is indwelt by the Lord.”

C-Rejoice in Atman by removing the names and forms. Do not be covetous. Imbibe the ideas of this Mantra. Practise. Feel the indwelling presence. Live in the spirit of the Mantra. You will become a King of kings, Emperor of emperors, the Sun of suns, the Light of lights. Do not be puffed up with your University degrees. Be humble.

D-Destroy scientific atheism. Have faith in the teaching of Srutis. Do Kirtan in a chorus with harmony and concord, Sing 'AUM' from the bottom of your heart with Bhava. Then you can realise the infinite peace and bliss this very moment.

Importance Of Guru


A-Yoga is communion with Lord. The goal of life is Self-realisation. There are two ways for attaining God-consciousness. They are the Pravritti-Marga and Nivritti-Marga. Pravritti-Marga/Sahaj Yoga is the path of activity with detachment for attaining the cosmic vision in and through the diverse experiences of normal life.

B-Nivritti-Marga is the path of absolute renunciation or Jnana-Yoga. Karma-Yoga is only Jnana-Sadhana, i.e., means for attaining Self-knowledge.


There are four kinds of temperaments, viz., the active temperament, the devotional temperament, the mystic temperament and the intellectual temperament.


Food plays a very important role in exciting the senses and passions. An aspirant should be very careful in the selection of articles of diet of Sattvic nature in the beginning of his Sadhana period. Later on drastic dietetic restrictions can be removed. NEXT;--BASIC PRINCIPLES OF YOGA IN DAILY LIFE .........SHIVOHAM....