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WHAT IS AYURVEDA?-- 04 POINTS;-- 1-The ancient science of Ayurveda is the oldest known form of health care in the world. Often called the mother of all healing, it originated in India some 5000 or more years ago. 2-Recently Ayurveda has been having a profound impact upon the world of health care. In addition, Ayurveda promises to improve the health and longevity of just about everyone. 3-Ayurveda is a science of Self understanding. By understanding your own unique nature or constitution, you can begin to understand how you interact with your environment and thus make choices that will lead you toward greater health. 4-Ayurveda defines disease as the natural end result of living out of harmony with one’s constitution. Our constitution is the inherent balance of energies within our bodies and our minds. It describes who you are on the most fundamental level. This unique balance of energy determines everything from our bone structure to our predisposition toward certain health challenges. REPRESENTATION OF ELEMENTS IN HUMAN BEINGS;-- The five elements are present in various living and non-living things in various ratios and proportions. Living things have five elements and a soul whereas non-living have only 5 elements in their composition. REPRESENTATION OF ELEMENTS IN 'ATOM';----- An atom also depicts the combination of 5 elements.VIZ,-- 1-The Earth element is represented by the mass of the electron, proton and neutrons as well as subatomic particles within an atom. 2-The Water is responsible for the cohesion between the subatomic particles. They are bound in an atom because of the cohesive nature of the water element. 3-The electric charge depicts the fire energy within an atom. The nuclear reaction is also an example of fire energy contained within an atom. 4--The empty Air element is represented by the force which is causing the movements of the electrons around the nucleus. 5-The Ether is the empty space between or the empty space in and around an atom. NOTE;--The balance of these Energies, particularly Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water) keeps the atom an atom and prevents it from becoming an atomic bomb. Similarly these energies are moving this whole universe. The example of planets and galaxies moving around in space also fit into the example of tri-energy module. CHARACTERISTICS OF PANCHMAHABHOOT(5 elements );-- 1-SPACE (Ether); - Present in hollow cavities within body and empty areas of cosmos, transmits sound, non-resistant to anything, frictionless or smooth, subtle, Soft, abundant. Any diet, food or herbs with similar properties will increase Space element within the body. 2-AIR ; - Light, Dry, Subtle, Mobile, Transparent, Rough are the properties of Air. It is responsible for movement, dryness in the body. Any diet, exercise, medicine which has such properties will increase "Vata" or Air element in the body. 3-FIRE ; - It is hot, sharp, intense, dry, light. It emits light and heat. Any food, diet, exercise, herbs which has similar properties will increase this element in our body. For example- Chillies, Ginger, Garlic, Peppers, will increase "Pitta" or Fire element " in the body. 4-WATER ; – Water is moist, cohesive or sticky, cool, soft and oily . Water is present in many foods, milk and herbs as well as in our body. Excess of water increases the above mentioned characteristics in our body and decreases the opposite. Water intake is useful in diseases caused by fire or 'pitta and air or 'vata'. For example, acidity, skin problems, constipation, dryness, excessive breakdown or accumulation of metabolites/endotoxins. In other words it acts as detoxifying agent. 5-EARTH ;- It is solid, dense, stable, heavy, hard, dull and slow. It constitutes the solid structures in the universe and our body. Any food, exercise, herbs which have similar properties will provide nutrition, support and cause heaviness in the body. It will also improve strength and stability.




3-RUDRA > PITTA RELATION OF FIVE ELEMENTS & TRI - ENERGIES;--- 06 FACTS;-- 1-These are the characteristics of the 5 elements, out of which this whole universe is made up of Using these attributes, everything in this world can be classified to be made up of combination of these 5 elements in different ratios and proportions. 3-Even all the natural elements in the modern periodic table in chemistry can be classified under these 5 elements. For example, a steel rod has more earth than wood. Wood has earth and water. Our body has all 5 i.e. Space and Air (Hollow organs and body cavities), Fire (Chemicals), Earth (Bony structures) and Water (Saliva, Digestive Juices and intracellular or extra cellular fluids). 4-The balance of these elements fluctuates in different environments and one element can transform into another. For example, the water element can change into the earth element if it is stored in a very low temperature. Similarly, Same water if heated turns into steam and evaporates and becomes space. 5-Similarly if we burn something, it changes its form. Suppose we burn a piece of paper, parts of it evaporate by becoming space and air and it changes from earth to Air and Space. 6-These 5 elements represent themselves in the form of 3 energies in humans called 'Dosha' or Tri-Dosha. These dosha can also be called Tri-Energies. WHAT IS THE "TRIDOSH " PRINCIPLE OR TRI - ENERGIES?-- 05 FACTS;-- 1-Another fundamental theory of Ayurveda is the "Tridosh" principle or the tri-energies theory. This can also be understood as combination of panchbhutas (Five Elements) into 3 the 3 biological or physiological and physical forces that cater to the metabolic functions and structural composition of our body. 2-The balance of these tri-energies is known as a state of health and their imbalance is disease. Anything which restores this balance is good for health. So any diet, exercise, behavior or medicine can be recommended to restore this balance and provide health. 3-The science of understanding our nature or our constitution is the science of Tridosha. Tridosha defines the three fundamental energies or principles which govern the function of our bodies on the physical and emotional level. The three energies are known a vata, pitta, and kapha. Each individual has a unique balance of all three of these energies. Some people will be predominant in one while others are a mixture of two or more. Let’s look at each of these now The TRI -ENERGIES are;--- Tridosh;- Energy counterpart;- Elementary Composition Vata Kinetic energy Air + Ether Pitta Thermal energy Fire Kapha Potential energy Earth + Water 4-This is the physical elementary composition of 3 basic energies that act in synergy to maintain the health of the body. Their balance is responsible for health maintenance at the physical level.1- Kinetic energy =Resulting from motion 2-Thermal energy = Relating to heat 3-Potential energy=The energy possessed by a body 5-Life is not merely life span measured in chronological years but it is union of mind-body-senses and soul. So there is a great importance of mind and soul in Ayurveda. WHAT IS THE NORMAL STATE OF THE TRIDOSHAS ?---- When the Tridoshas are balanced, the individual experiences health on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual. This is much more than the mere absence of disease. The following areas help to define what Ayurveda considers as health. 1-Happiness - Sense of well being 2-Emotions - Evenly balanced emotional states 3-Mental Functions - Good memory, comprehension, intelligence, and reasoning ability 4-Senses - Proper functioning of eyes, ears, nose, taste, and touch 5-Energy - Abundant mental & physical energy to perform 6-Digestion - Easy digestion of food and drink 7-Elimination - Normal elimination of wastes: sweat, urine, feces and others 8-Physical Body - Healthy bodily tissues, organs, and systems

NOTE;-The more detailed description is given by ayurvdea ,BUT IN NUTSHELL WE CAN REVIEW OUR GROSS-BODY& IT WILL HELP US TO REACH SUBTLE/CAUSAL/SOUL RESPECTIVELY. Hence, the chapter ends here.......SHIVOHAM.......