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09 FACTS-------- 1-The ancient Hindu astronomical text known as the Suryasiddhant, locates Meru at the 'Navel of the Earth' and describes it as 'Passing through middle of the earth-globe, and protruding on either side'. Further ahead, it mentions a Meru in the middle of Earth, a Sumeru at the North Pole and a Kumeru at the South pole (which may lead us to believe that this structure stretches from pole-to-pole 1-a-NOTE THAT SRI YANTRA IS the pyramidal form called Meru in India. Mount Meru is a mythical mountain. So named because of the mountain shape of the figure. Pictures of pyramidal Sri Yantras can be seen in this post..... 1-b-WHAT IS DAHRAKASH----Meru in the middle of Earth,is CONSIDERED DAHRAKASH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BODY i.e. HEART .... AT THE TIME OF DEATH the soul (as the -subtle form----PRAN) collects ALL FOUR (MAN ; BUDDHI ; CHID ,,AHANKAR) & LEAVES THE BODY .....WHILE LIBERATED ONE( FREE FROM DESIRE) MERGE INTO SUPERSOUL... THEY ARE SELF -WILLED (ICHHADHARI ) & COME TO HELP ETC. 2-Tibetan Buddhism regards Meru as the Center of the Universe and believes it to be beyond the physical plane, in a realm of perfection and transcendence. Symbolic representations of Meru are frequently found in Tibetan and Bhutanese mandalas designed to aid in meditation. 3-Just as described in the 'Legend of Meru', Earth's Axis extends THROUGH both ends of the Globe (Sumeru-Meru-Kumeru); is NOT visible to the naked eye (beyond the Physical plain), protrudes at the POLAR regions (covers North Pole and South Pole), and from the perspective of a man standing at the Pole, the entire cosmos quite literally revolves around it as well.... 4-Thinking logically, either of the TWO poles could then be the right location.. However, Vārāh Mihir, the most famous Indian astronomer from ancient times, identified North Pole as the location of Meru in his celebrated work Panch-siddhāntik Sumeru and its surroundings are home not just of deities, but also other beings of popular mythology who rarely intrude on the human world. 5-Above Meru is Brahmalok or the 'Abode of Brahma' and on its various levels are present various other demi-gods. 6-The Highest Physical Heaven, Trāyastriṃśa or the 'Abode of 33 Devas', lies on its peak and is the dwelling place of Indra, the Lord of Demi-gods. NOTE THAT 33 DEVAS NOT 33 CRORES AS TOLD TO DEFAME HINDUISM... 7-The Chaturmahārājikāyika or the 'Four-Guardians-of-Directions' (mentioned in the prayer in the beginning), live on its slopes. 8-Below them, is the dwelling space of other magical species such as the Apsaras, Gandharvs, Nagas, Yakshas, Siddhas, Vidyadhars and the Kumbhandas. Below all these, in and around the ocean, at the base of Meru, dwell the Asuras. 9-Since Tavatimsa Heaven is physically connected to the world through Sumeru, the demi-gods are unable to avoid getting entangled in worldly affairs. They frequently find themselves in quarrels with the Asuras, who were expelled by the present Indra and hence, keep plotting for ways to recover their lost kingdom. ...............SHIVOHAM.............