WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THREE AKASHA ( Bhutakasha, Chitthakasha and Chidakasha)?


11 FACTS---

1-According to Vedanta, man is a combination of Bhutakasha, Chitthakasha. and Chidakasha. Bhutakasha corresponds to the body and all that is seen by the naked eye.


1-All that is seen is bound to disappear, which means Bhutakasha is transient and ephemeral(short-lived).

The sun, the stars and the milky way which are miles away from earth also come under Bhutakasha.

2-The rivers, seas, forests and mountains, all form part of Bhutakasa. It constitutes all Bhutas (elements) and living beings.


1-Such a vast Bhutakasha is engulfed by Chitthakasha. You can very well imagine the vastness of Chitthakasha. Bhutakasa consisting of sun, stars, rivers, oceans, etc., forms a tiny part of Chitthakasha. You may wonder how it is possible.

2-Whatever you see, for example, the sun, the stars, the oceans, the mountains, etc., get imprinted in your Chittha. Likewise, the apparent world is contained in you as a small entity.


4-1-Bhutakasha and Chitthakasha relate to the body and mind, respectively. There is a fundamental basis for these two which is referred to as Chidakasha by the Vedanta. This corresponds to the Atma.

4-2--Human being is a combination of these three - Bhutakasha (body), Chitthakasha (mind) and Chidakasha (Atma). The first refers to the one you think you are, the second, the one others think you are and the third, the one you really are. 4-3-Man's nature is infinite and immortal. Such a human life is looked down upon as low and mean. People deny the existence of the Atma as it cannot be perceived. Chidakasha symbolises the Atma. It has no form. It is changeless and Transcends Time and Space.

4-4-The Vedanta describes this as Nirgunam, Niranjanam, Sanathana Niketanam, Nitya, Suddha, Buddha, Mukta, Nirmala Swarupinam (attributeless, pure, final abode, eternal, unsullied, enlightened, free and embodiment of sacredness).

5-Bhutakasha corresponds to Jagrat (waking state), Chitthakasha to Swapna (dream state) and Chidakasha to Sushupti (deep sleep). In Chidakasha, one experiences only bliss. 6-According To Sri Ramana Maharshi ''Association with the unmanifest sat or absolute existence (is required). The sastras say that one must serve (be associated with) the unmanifest sat for twelve years in order to attain Self-realization...but as very few can do that, they have to take second best, which is association with the manifest sat, that is, the Guru." 7-WHAT IS MAHAKASHA?-

1-In Sanskrit the material universe around us is called the mahakasha. The word maha means 'great', and akasha means 'space' or 'ether'. Therefore, mahakasha literally means 'the great space' or 'ether'.

2--It is the exploration of the mahakasha, the external universe, that almost everyone has been totally concerned with in the past and today. This applies to the farmer, the engineer, the sailor and the astronaut. They are all exploring the potential of the material cosmos in their own way. 8-It is a sad thing, yet nevertheless a fact, that very few people make any attempt to explore the inner cosmos. They don't even know of its existence. Man continues to go further and further into outer space but neglects the infinite within himself.


Almost everyone is so engrossed in looking outwards that they forget to look inwards. In Sanskrit the inner cosmos is called the chidakasha; the word 'CHID' means 'consciousness'. Therefore, the literal translation of the word chidakasha is 'the space of consciousness'. In the mahakasha we see the material world and the innumerable occurrences and forms of the macrocosm. 10-In the chidakasha it is possible, though few realize it, to view the infinite psychic events occurring within each and every human being. This is the aim of all meditational practices to discuss chid-akasha dharana. 11-WHAT IS CHIDAKASHA DHARANA?---- This is one of the most widely used techniques in yoga. It is generally incorporated with other practices (ASTANG YOG). It is concerned with the mind screen; with watching the space (chidakasha) in front of the closed eyes. The word dharana means 'to concentrate' or 'to be aware'. This technique can be called 'awareness of the inner space of consciousness'. ......SHIVOHAM.......