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1-God is Love, Wisdom, and Truth - three great worlds that require all eternity to be explored.

2-There are three things by which we may know God. They are:--

2-1-Divine Love, which brings the fullness of life.

2-2-Divine Wisdom, which brings to the world the fullness of light and harmony.

2-3-Divine Truth, which brings perfect freedom.

3-And when we speak of the Trinity of gods: Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and Shiva (the destroyer). we understand:--

3-1The First Person ,Brahma (the creator), is Love, manifested in life.

3-2-The Second Person ,Vishnu (the preserver), is Wisdom, revealed in the Light of knowledge.

3-3-The Third Person Shiva (the destroyer). is Truth, manifested in Freedom.

4-Therefore, there are three points of contact between the human spirit and the Divine Spirit: the first is Love, the second is Wisdom, the third is Truth.

From the moment of first contact with God, man feels an effusion (the flow) of Love; he is transformed into a fountain of life, flowing unceasingly.

And because this fountain has to find a course for its movement, the second contact with God takes place, and this is wisdom, which marks the course of the movement.

5-Accordingly, the first aspiration of the human is toward life.

The second aspiration of the human is toward knowledge.

The third aspiration of the human is toward freedom.

6-When Sadhak acquires knowledge, the result is light.

When we speak of Divine Wisdom we understand that this means the complete light of boundless space, which will never be extinguished.

Light is the garment of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. But don't forget that the physical light, which we use, is a result of the surplus energy, which the Cosmic Man generates during his mental activity.The Cosmic Man has acquired so much knowledge that he has an overabundance of light.

7-Wisdom is the world of eternal divine forms, which are woven out of Love. Love is the substance itself and Wisdom represents the forms of harmony expressing themselves in music and poetry.

Wisdom is the world in which are hidden, from the beginning of time, all things that God has created, all things that the higher beings have created, and all things that men have created on earth.

Because of this, the world of wisdom is open to us also.True, essential knowledge flows forth from that world.

8-And when that knowledge passe