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WHAT IS “Evil Eye (negative energies)?---- The term “Evil Eye”/ Buri Nazar/“Drishti” ” has references all over the world. It is a popular term to believe any unexpected turn of unpleasant events. When we have a normal, routine life going on and suddenly, out of the blue, the apple cart is tipped by unprecedented and unpleasant activities, with no plausible explanation, our elders assume it to the be ill-effects of an “Evil Eye”, or an eye cast out of jealousy and envy. Some common symptoms of Evil Eye Some common symptoms of evil eye you may noticed yourself include:- Sudden vomiting; drying up of milk of nursing mothers and livestock; problems with blood or eyesight; frequent souring of milk; food going bad too soon; continued business losses; breakdown in office automation and machinery; excessive unaccounted theft and expenses in the home and at the workplace; head and neck pain; heavy eyes, etc. 3-Never-ending Evil eye The list goes on…acute uneasiness or apprehension, with everything seeming to go wrong; total breakdown of communication amongst married partners and lovers; stomach ache accompanied by dizziness and vomiting; babies crying without reason and having terrible stomach pain. 4-Various remedies in different cultures In China, the remedy for evil eye is the Pa Kua mirror, a six-sided mirror that is hung on the front door or placed in the front window to reverse bad energy back to the sender. Some of these mirrors are convex (not having any interior angles greater than 180°) to reflect back the bad “poison darts” or “arrows” of multiple ill-wishers, while others are concave( hollow)to reflect energy in a definite direction back at a nosy neighbour,whose gaze may have lingered on your home for too long. Indian women wear kohl to prevent themselves to get affected by the evil eye or the Buri Nazar. The new born babies are also placed a small black kohl dot on the forehead near the the hair, Black eye protection for child- Kohl dots on forehead and cheekshalf-hiding in the hair to ward off evil eye. In India cords strung with blue beads are placed on newborn babies. METHOD OF casting off the evil-eye using LEMON ---- WHY LEMON?--When lemon is used for casting off the evil-eye; the subtle Raja vibrations in gaseous( relating to gas )form gain momentum and attract the Raja–Tama covering around the individual towards themselves and congregate (gather into a crowd ) them. 1-Always use a plain lemon for casting off the evil-eye and not one that has any lines on it. The method of identifying the lemon with lines : Such lemons have a distinct line from top to bottom on one side. At times, lines can be seen on both the sides. Lemons that have lines are used for performing black magic; because the intensity of throwing the Raja–Tama-predominant energy into the atmosphere is greater in these lemons than plain lemons. 2-Hold a lemon in each hand and wave them in a circular manner from the legs to the head in a clockwise direction. These lemons are then burnt on coal or immersed in flowing water. 3-Why is burning of the lemons preferable to their immersion in flowing water? When the lemons are immersed in flowing water, it takes a while for the vibrations in the lemons to mix with water, and in the interim period, negative energy can make use of this energy to perform black magic on some other person. On the other hand, when they are burnt the Raja–Tama predominant vibrations are destroyed swiftly. 4- How to identify the extent of being afflicted by the evil-eye? Greater the intensity of affliction by evil-eye, greater is the time taken for the Raja-Tama components in it to mix with water, thus prolonging the time taken by the lemon to immediately flow with WATER..... INTENSITY OF THE EVIL-EYE GROSS EFFECT ON THE LEMON 1. Not afflicted by the evil-eye The lemon immediately sinks in water 2. Mild The lemon immediately flows with water 3. Medium The lemon keeps revolving in water 4. Intense Since the lemon is charged with Raja-Tama waves, it floats at a place and does not move forward 5- Gross effects seen based on intensity of affliction by evil-eye, when the lemon is BURNT..... INTENSITY OF THE EVIL-EYE GROSS EFFECT ON THE LEMON 1. Not afflicted by evil-eye-- The lemon immediately burns without making any sound. 2. Mild--- The lemon generates sound and burns in the first attempt. 3. Medium--- Even after burning, the lemon has wrinkles and keeps emitting foul odour. 4. Intense--- Various effects such as emission of violet smoke, lemon not burning immediately; if the negative energy is very strong, then the lemon burning with a loud noise and the flame of the fire becoming unsteady etc. METHOD OF casting off the evil-eye using COCONUT; ---- WHY COCONUT?-- 07 POINTS--- 1- Coconut attracts positive as well as negative waves. Raja-Tama predominant waves are drawn into the coconut in a shorter time and because of the inherent sattvikta (Purity) of the coconut, they are disintegrated to a large extent inside the coconut. 2-Capacity of coconut to cast off the evil-eye is greater when compared with other substances used for the purpose; hence, it is considered superior in its ability to remove the black energy covering beginning from the subtle-body. Any evil-eye of superior nature can be cast off using a coconut. 3-Coconut is all-encompassing(surround and have or hold within)and hence, can be used to cast off any type of evil-eye and to remove black magic . 4-Coconut has the ability to attract all the three components in the universe – Sattva-predominant, Raja-predominant and Tama-predominant. Hence, during ritualistic worship and in acts such as casting off the evil-eye, coconut is widely used. These vibrations enter the coconut through its tuft (a bunch or collection of threads, grass, hair, etc). 5-When a coconut is waved over an individual for casting off the evil-eye, it attracts the black energy vibrations from the individual like a magnet. These vibrations remain in the coconut. 6-Such a coconut is immersed in flowing water or broken. When this coconut is broken, the bursting sound it makes disintegrates the black energy absorbed within it. 7-When black energy is attracted into the coconut, there is a battle between the positive vibrations already present in the coconut and the black energy.

Significance of Breaking COCONUT :-

1-The composition of the coconut is characteristic of the 3 elements of man. The hard outer shell with its coarse fibers, represents the physical composition. The inner white layer represents man’s psychological element, and the untouched water signifies his spiritual composition.

2-The coarsely knit outer fibers of the coconut represent the jealousy, greed, lust, selfishness and other vices of man, which must be broken up and removed if one is to penetrate and reach the white inner purity and thereafter taste the sweet untouched nectar of spiritual purity and bliss. 3-When you break coconuts in front of God or in homas, it shows that you are leaving ego, anger and all other the negative qualities.The white inner layer resembles the pure and all positive qualities.

4-When you break coconuts by flattering in front of the God, it shows that asking for blessings with your pure heart, to keep your life pure and positive.

5-No other fruit has the three distinct eyes of the coconut. These symbolise the Trinity of Evolution - Creation, Preservation and Dissolution.The eyes also represent the three eyes of man - the two physical eyes plus the third or 'inner eye' can penetrate the false, outer facade and reach the ultimate truth. It alone distinguishes right from wrong.

6-Having been offered to God by way of prayer, the coconut is then eaten by Hindus as blessed food or Prasadam in the belief that it has now received divine vibrations from God and will therefore give us good health and prosperity. METHOD OF casting off the evil-eye 1-Prayers The individual afflicted by evil-eye should pay obeisance to Deity and pray thus MARUTI/SHIVA/ MA BHADRAKALI ;– ‘O Deity, draw all the distressing vibrations within and outside the body of the individual afflicted by evil-eye into this coconut and destroy them from their root. Let the protective sheath of your grace remain constantly around me while casting off the evil-eye’. 2-The Act 2-1-The coconut to be used for casting off the evil-eye should be completely peeled off leaving just a tuft. 2-2-Individual who is casting off the evil-eye should hold the coconut in his cupped hands and stand in front of the afflicted individual. The tuft (गुच्छा)of the coconut should face the afflicted individual. 2-3-The affected individual should look at the tuft of the coconut. 2-4-Move the coconut thrice in a clockwise direction from the feet to the head of the afflicted individual in a circular manner. Then circumambulate the afflicted individual three times. During these circumambulations, hold the point of the tuft of the coconut facing the individual whose evil-eye is being cast off. Evil-eye can also be cast off collectively by making a group sit in one place. 2-5-Dispose the coconut used for casting off evil-eye as follows: 3- Science underlying breaking the coconut used for casting off the evil-eye-- If an individual having medium or mild distress then at the junction of three roads because--- 3-1-An individual experiences medium or mild distress when he/she is afflicted by evil-eye of a mild or medium energy, meaning, that of a ghost or a demon. In such cases, when the coconut used for casting off the evil-eye is broken at the junction of three roads, because of the power of inferior Deities there, the distressing waves in the coconut are destroyed. 3-2-If break the coconut in Maruti temple -- Maruti is a Deity associated with manifest Shakti. Hence, it has 70% capacity to destroy negative energies. When the coconut is broken in a Maruti temple, the distressing energy in the coconut is struck upon and gets destroyed. 3-3-Break the coconut on the steps of the temple of a superior Deity or on that of a Deity that is in jagrut state: After casting off the evil-eye using a coconut, if a Maruti temple is not nearby for breaking the coconut, then break it on the steps of the temple of a superior Deity or on the steps of the temple of a Deity that is in jagrut state; because these jagrut sites too have the capacity to destroy the negative energies. 4-After casting off the evil-eye, it is improper to merely place the coconut on the temple steps instead of breaking it. After casting off the evil-eye, instead of breaking the coconut, some people merely place it on the steps of a temple. By doing so, there is likelihood of the vibrations from the coconut spreading into the environment and with passage of time pollute the temple premise. The concerned individual may also incur the associated sin. 5-Effects on coconut when the effect of the evil-eye is moderate-- 5-1-When the coconut is broken, the water in the coconut gushes out, sometimes to a height of 1-2 meters. 5-2-The coconut turns out to be spoilt after it is broken 6- Effects on coconut when the effect of the evil-eye is severe;-- 6-1-The coconut breaks vertically. 6-2-Coconut breaks into many small pieces. 7-Coconut does not break easily; because the negative energy that is causing distress is powerful. As a result, the black energy that has been absorbed in the coconut is greater. 7-1- If the coconut breaks in the first attempt, the one performing the act does not experience distress. If not, he can experience distress. 7-2-If the coconut slips out of the hand while breaking, it keeps bouncing. When the negative energy is very powerful, the coconut at times slips away and it is not found. 7-3-When the severity of negative energy reaches 100%, the individual gets suicidal thoughts and can commits suicide also after getting the thought. When a coconut is waved around an individual to remove negativity, the black energy in that individual disintegrates to some extent. THE KEY POINT;---- 1-We should consult a physician first of all.All this can be done after that. 2-On the other hand, if an individual performs spiritual practice/meditation, the proportion of distress reduces to a much greater extent in that individual. This is the importance of performing spiritual practice.......SHIVOHAM....