THE CHURNING OF THE OCEAN(Samudra Manthan) Manthan,);-

05 FACTS;-

1-Hindu mythological stories were originally composed in Sanskrit, in the form of verses or shlokas. 2-Present-day Science believes that the entire process of evolution in this universe started with the Big Bang. But can one really conceptualize what actually happened before the Big Bang?

The answer to this question is a definite NO.

3-No concept of Time or Matter ever existed before the Big Bang - it all came into being much later. Similarly, one simply cannot imagine who actually created the Big Bang. That remains a mystery for ever. 4-The Rig Veda, in this sense, conveys the same idea as that of the Big Bang Theory. It talks about the world being created out of sheer nothingness - no time, no matter, no space and no creator. 5-These verses often seem to have more than one meaning, which makes Sanskrit scholars think that these stories are more than just stories. They are like codes, cleverly disguised to pass on certain ideas and perhaps keep records of some important events. WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND OF SAMUDRA Manthan?-- 04 FACTS;-

1-There was a time when all the Devas lived very happily, enjoying their stay in heaven and taking good care of all the creatures walking the earth. They all had immense powers and wielded them with true wisdom.

2-One day, sage Durvasa decided to visit Vaikuntha to pay his obeisance to Vishnu and his Consort, Lakshmi. A Vidyadhara damsel residing there gifted Durvasa with one of Lakshmi's garlands, which the Mother Herself had given her, as she had been pleased with her performance on the Yazh (a musical instrument). 3-While returning from his visit to Vaikuntha, Durvasa happened to pass by Indraloka, where he met with Indra, the king of the Devas. When the sage offered the garland to Indra, he merely plucked it with the ankusha (goad) he used on Airavata (his elephant) and placed it on the creature's head. Airavata, not realizing the value of the garland, threw it down and stamped on it, completely crushing the garland. Incensed by this extreme lack of respect, Durvasa, who was infamous for his nasty temper, cursed Indra that he and the rest of the Devas would lose all their power and glory and be shorn of all their divine powers.

4-The minute Durvasa left Indraloka, the whole kingdom of the Devas fell into darkness and all of them lost their splendor and supernatural powers. Panic-stricken by the turn of events, Indra rushed to the Prajapati, Brahma, and requested Him to save all the Devas. Brahma asked the Devas to approach the Creator and Preserver, Sri Mahavishnu and address their problem to Him. He further added that it was only Vishnu who could help them out of their present crisis. VISHNU BEING PROPITIATED (pacify ) BY THE DEVAS;- 04 FACTS;- 1-When Vishnu heard of the unfortunate developments, He advised the Devas that they could regain their lost aura only if they drank the Amrita, which could be got only by churning the Ksheerasagara (Ocean of Milk). But the next question was, who would churn the ocean and how would they be able to accomplish this big task? 2-Again, Lord Vishnu had an idea. He suggested that they lift the Mandara mountain and then place it deep into the ocean. If they wound the divine snake king, Vasuki, around it, it would act as a rope to turn the mountain, thereby churning the mighty ocean. This was acceptable, but the Devas already being very weak, were sure they would not be able to carry out this humongous task. 3-Vishnu advised them to draw a temporary truce with their worst enemies, the asuras (demons). The asuras always possessed immense strength, so they would help if they were offered some nectar in return. But Vishnu also warned the Devas not to desire any of the other things that would emerge from the ocean as a result of the Samudra Manthan. He asked them to ignore all else, till the nectar appeared on the surface of the ocean.

4-He assured the Devas that once the Amrita appeared, He Himself would protect it and see to it that it was not snatched away by the asuras. Once the plan was laid out methodically, Indra proceeded towards the asura kingdom with the said treaty. Hearing of his plan, the asuras were pleased too and decided to participate in the proceedings. SAMUDRA MANTHAN 1-But as they tried to lift the mountain, it became too unbearably heavy for them. Many of the asuras got crushed under its sheer pressure. Vishnu intervened yet again and, mounting Mandaragiri on the back of Garuda (Vishnu's vehicle, the mighty Eagle), He transported it right to the middle of the ocean. 2-This done, the asuras wound Vasuki around the mountain and selected the head side of the serpent, instead of the tail side, since they thought of themselves to be superior, and were prodded to do by the Devas, in accordance with the plan decided upon with Vishnu. The reason for this was that during the churning, the serpent would spew venom and this would kill the asuras instead of the Devas. Then began the entire process of the churning of the Ocean of Milk, with the Devas on one side and the asuras on the other. KURMA AVATARA OF VISHNU;-

03 FACTS;- 1-As the churning got underway, the huge mountain, having no support, dangerously wobbled from side to side and started to sink into the ocean. Seeing this, Vishnu acted immediately and took the form of the giant-sized, divine Tortoise or the Kurma Avatara. Plunging deep into the ocean, He bore the colossal mountain on His back. 2-Unmindful of His own pain and discomfort, Lord Vishnu patiently bore the mount on his back, stablilizing it, thereby making it much easier for the Devas and asuras to churn the Sagara (ocean). As the process of the churning continued, however, the Lord felt extremely comfortable. Instead of causing Him severe pain and irritation, the constant rhythm of the mountain turning back and forth on His back, actually lulled Him into a highly meditative, sleep-awake stage.

3-He breathed slowly and deeply and this created gentle waves in the ocean that gave rise to a very comforting, rocking motion that further calmed Him! Things that emerged from the Ocean of Milk during the RISE OF HALAHALA FROM SAMUDRA MANTHAN;-

04 FACTS;- 1-The churning of the ocean first gave rise to the Halahala, Kalakuta or the deadly poison, representing the ocean's impurities.

2-The poison was strong and deadly enough to cause blindness and difficulty in breathing to all who came in contact with it.

3-At the behest of the Devas and asuras, Lord Shiva immediately drank the poison. On seeing this, Shiva's consort, Parvati, was alarmed and clutched(hold) his neck in an effort to stop the poison from descending down His throat.

4-The action of the poison turned Shiva's neck permanently blue, which is why He is also referred as NEELKANTH.


There were several ratnas or gems as well that arose from the Samudra Manthan. These ratnas were shared by the Devas and the Asuras. they were AS FOLLOWS ...

12 FACTS;- 1-Chandra (The Moon God) The next to emerge from the milky ocean was Chandra, or the moon. 2-Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) Sri Mahalakshmi, consort of Vishnu and the Goddess of Fortune, emerged next from the Ksheerasagara, resplendent in all Her glory, smiling benevolently and showering Her blessings to all the Devas present. Lakshmi Garlands Vishnu during the Samudra Manthan 3-Sura (Wine Goddess) Sura, the Goddess of Wine, emerged from the ocean, bringing along with her the highly inebriating liquid. 4-Apsaras (Celestial Nymphs) Sura was followed by several attractive and seductive apsaras and divine nymphs, such as Menaka and Rambha. 5-Ucchaishravas (Powerful white steed) Ucchaishravas, the magnificent flying horse with seven heads, a snow white body and jet black tail, was immediately taken by Bali, the king of Asuras. But finally, Indra took possession of it. 6-Kaustubha (Precious gem)-The Kaustubha is the most precious jewel ever known, adorning the chest of Sri Mahavishnu. 7-Kalpavriksha (The wish-granting tree) The Kalpavriksha, as the name suggests, could grant the wishes of everyone desirous of possessing a thing. This too was taken back by Indra to paradise. 8-Kamadhenu (The wish-fulfilling cow) The Kamadhenu, believed to be the mother of all cows, also had the power to grant any wish to the true seeker. 9-Airavata (The divine white elephant) Airavata was the beautiful five-headed, divine, white Elephant of Lord Indra. 10-Parijata (The divine tree) The Parijata, a divine tree, was next brought forth from the frothing ocean surface. 11-Dhanvantari (The celestial Doctor) Dhanvantari, the divine doctor, an aspect of Vishnu, stepped out of the ocean. Those desirous of good health approach Dhanvantari, who is considered the ultimate authority on Ayurvedic Medicine. 12-Amrita (The Nectar of Immortality) Dhanvantari had the golden pot of Amrita in His hands, seeing which both the Devas and asuras were excited . VISHNU AS MOHINI;-

04 FACTS;- 1-In accordance with His promise of protecting the Amrita from entering the hands of the asuras, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini, a beautiful damsel, and enticed the asuras to let her distribute the nectar among them all, on the condition that they would never question any of her actions. Totally taken in by her beauty, the asuras readily agreed to her conditions. 2-Mohini asked the Devas to be seated in a row and started distributing the Amrita to them first. Rahu, one of the Daityas (demons), divined the true identity of Mohini as being Vishnu himself and understood that this entire episode was a ploy to cheat the Asuras of the Amrita. Fearing that he would never get a share of the Amrita otherwise, Rahu disguised himself as one of the gods and sat down with them. 3-Mohini had already served the Amrita to Rahu when the Sun God and the Moon God revealed his identity to her. Furious, Vishnu lifted his Sudarshana Chakra (discus) and cut off Rahu's head. Legend has it that Rahu's head still roams around the heavens and that his undying enmity with Surya (Sun God) and Chandra (Moon God) is what causes several adversities to befall a Hindu during the period of his trine with either of the stars. 4-By the time Mohini was done with her task, there was not even a drop of nectar left in the pitcher. Once Her mission was completed, Mohini again reappeared as Vishnu, got onto His Vaahana, Garuda and flew back to His abode. The asuras felt completely cheated and humiliated and so, tried to attack the Devas. But the latter had regained their lost strength and hence the already jaded asuras were no match for them. Cutting their losses, they fled back to their abode in the Patala loka (netherland). KRISHNA LIFTS GIRI GOVARDHAN It is interesting to note, here, that Vishnu's act of wielding the Mandara mountain on His back bears close resemblance to Krishna's leela (miracle) of lifting the Govardhana mountain with the little finger of His left hand, in order to protect the residents of Vrindavan. Lord Krishna was one of the Ten Avatars of Lord Mahavishnu. The Churning of the Ocean,Samudra Manthan, is full of such secrets and hidden meanings.CONTD.