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16----30 FACTS-----

16-Among all the Gopis, ShriRadharani (Shakti) was closest to Lord Hari. Her love for Shri Krishna is The Complete Authority on Pure Love. Shri Krishna Radhay--- together called as Prem Puran Prishotam Prem Ananda -- The Pure Blissful Transcendental Love. 17-On Sharad Purnima night,( full moon), when the Gopis of Vrindavan, hearing the sound of Shri Krishna's melodious and enchanting flute, left behind their worldly chores, households and families and went to the forest. The Gopis were very passionately attracted towards the melodious flute tune of Shri Krishna; they left behind all fear, bondages, patience and above all the Shyness. They just want to go, and embrace-enjoy and dance with their beloved Shri Krishna. 18-Shri Krishna added more divinity, more brilliance to that night to fulfill the purpose of Raasa-Leela; with the help of Yogamaya (personified illusion). It was a perfect night for the purpose – flowers bloomed in Vrindavana, full moon shone, and gentle, cool breeze blew from the banks of river Yamuna. Shri Krishna supernaturally stretches the length of that night to the one Night of Brahma, approximately 4.32 billion years, comprising of all Seasons (Shad Ritu) to satisfy the all desires of Gopis. 19-On the bank of Yamuna River, Gopis saw their beloved Shri Krishna near their familiar Cadamb Tree. Yogamaya decorated all the Gopis from tip to toe. During the Raasa-Leela Lord Krishna promised the Gopis that He will dance with each one of them, one-to-one. So Shri Krishna stood in the center, surrounded by Gopis in the form of Circle and with the help of His YogaMaya, Shri Krishna has made each Gopis feel that He was dancing with her also. All the demigods, like Gandharva, Yakshas were witness of the divine dance, and they showers flowers form the heavenly abode 20-Dancing with Shri Krishna, have made Gopis feeling proud. The Gopis would rejoice with sheer bliss in the company of the Lord Hari and consider them fortunate. During Raasa-Leela, Shri Krishna did the Disappearing Act to teach a lesson of Humility(lack of pride) to Gopis; who were considering themselves superior to other women who were not fortunate enough to be with Lord Krishna. Not finding Lord Hari, Shri Krishna amongst them, the Gopis started feeling the pain of longing for Him. Overwhelmed with grief, they started searching for Him and prayed Him to come back and the Gopis have realized their mistake. During their search for Shri Krishna they sang songs popularly known as Gopika Gitam. Shri Krishna returned after many pleadings ( jatan), and Gopis were delighted. 21-To teach humiliation lesson to Kaamdeva, Shri Krishna asked Kaamdeva to visit Vrindavana on the night of Sharad Purnima (Full moon night), where He would be enjoying the company of Gopis. “If He has slightest passion for any of Gopis, then he (Kaamdeva) will win, else he will lose”. 22-When the Raasa-Leela act was taking place, Kaamdeva visited Vrindavan and he astonished to see that: Shri Krishna Himself asking to many Gopis gathered around Shri Krishna, that: “O Gopis, the pure ones, it is not fit for you to stay here at this hour of night. Go and serve your husbands. Your duties must be first to your husband’s children and cows. They will be waiting for you eagerly. Go and console them. You can gain me by hearing, reciting, seeing etc. You need not sit here. Go to your homes.” Gopis, however said: “Govind, we have come to you leaving all the mundane lusts behind. Now going back is like ruining over lives. It is the greatest misfortune if someone returns to mundane affairs even after being at your feet.” These words that reflected divine feelings of Gopis pleased Lord. Kaamdeva accepted his defeat after hearing the conversation between Shri Krishna and Gopis. And he bowed down to the Divinity of Lord Hari and His devotees Un-Alloyed, (pure) Unconditional, Pure Love. Shri Krishna is the embodiment of Love, the ideal lover, householder and Sannyasi who, even while being detached, shows the world that true love is unconditional. 23-Raasa-Leela is the combination of Gyan Yoga (knowledge), Karma Yoga (Work) and Bhakti Yoga (prayers). In Raasa-Leela, Gopis praise various Divine Activities of Shri Krishna by singing song for Him, enhancing the glimpses of His Divinity. This is Gyan Yoga. Next while dancing with Shri Krishna, Gopis made effort to co-ordinate the movement of their body to the tune of the music played by Lord’s flute & Ghandharvas. That’s Effort is Karma Yoga. While dancing and singing, Gopis come in harmony with Shri Krishna. Gopis singing in praise of Lord Hari, and their dancing is attributed to Lord Shri Krishna only. That’s Bhakti Yoga. 24-The Raasa-Leela dance takes place in the formation of circle. Shri Krishna is at the center and along with each Gopi in the circle. The Gopis represents Jeeva-Aatman; Shri Krishna at center represents ParamAatman in His Absolute form. Shri Krishna with each Gopi represents His Antaryami form, depicting that He is with each and every one of us. Thus entire Raasa-Leela represents the Vishwaroopa Swaroopa of Shri Krishna. 25-The Raasa-Leela performed with Gopis -Depicts that Jeeva-Aatman are feminine in nature. The only male in the entire Universe is ParamAatman Shri Krishna, Paaram Purusha.

(NOTE: Considering the semantically(interpretation of a word or sentence) meaning, rather than syntax (the structure of statements )ally( combine or unite )here. 26-Vrindavan forest symbolizes thoughtless mind, where no crowd of thought is present and there are flowers of hidden desires and visions. In such a state, the Lord (Shri Krishna) and Shakti (Shri Radharani) performs the Eternal Dance of Creation and Destruction. Shri Krishna here symbolizes the Supreme Soul and Shri Radharani is Para-Shakti, and the Gopis are 3 Gunas (Sattava, Rajas, Tamas), 5 tatwas (Fire, Water, Earth, Sky, Ether) and other such elements. The Raas-Leela is the manifestation of Entire Universe by Shri Krishna with the help of these Eternal Elements. 27-Shri Krishna's intellectual friend Uddhava asked Him:- "Are all paths of spiritual advancement equally effective or is any one of them more important than the others?" To which Shri Krishna answered:---- "All other paths by themselves cannot reach Me without the help of Supreme Love or Devotion. Knowledge alone is not enough. It cannot purify the mind and without purity of mind what results can one achieve?" 28-The Lord Himeself appeared in the form of Shri Krishna to spread the Pure Love in the hearts of Gopis, and not for enjoying any form of sensual desire Himself. Shri Krishna & Gopis especially Shri Radharani spread the message of Pure Love in its pure unalloyed form. 29-'Only those who become "mad" with love can understand the love of Gopis who are the Personification of Unconditional Love'. --------Anonyms 30-The Raasa-Leela is explained in detailed manner in Shrimad Bhagavad Puran.In it is stated that whoever faithfully hears or describes the Raasa-Leela, attains Shri Krishna's Pure Loving Devotion. It is next to impossible for us ...mundane material people to even think/imagine, the selfless love of Gopis for Lord Kr