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1-What happens when Nadis are imbalanced.... If Pingala flows, the body will be restless; if Ida flows, the mind will be overactive. Both Nadis mirror each other temperaments and extremity can lead to what we call as polarity. The key is to balance both Nadis to get an equilibrium in life.

2-The breath flows through the right nostril for one hour and then through the left nostril for one hour. Man is busily engaged in worldly activities when the breath flows through Ida and Pingala. When Sushumna operates, he becomes dead to the world and enters into Samadhi. The story that Lord Krishna had 16,108 wives, means that Lord Krishna is the soul, who has control over 16,108 nadis(=blood vessels) or channels of energy in human body that means Krishna is “Jitendriya”(=winner of sense organs) and which is the quality of Purnavatara.(=Full incarnation of God in human form) The 8 prinipal queens of Krishna represent the 7 chakras of the body plus the aura that surrounds them.”Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya ” - this shloka/mantra spells that Lord Krishna is the supreme soul pervading the whole universe. We cannot understand Him nearly by our limited senses or logic. His thinking and acts are beyond our comprehension. Do not try to criticize the acts of God. Leave it to God to give you what is best for you. He knows far better than we. So what He gives of His own accord will always be far superior to what we can even think of.Let Him give us as He Wills. Chakras, Nadis and the Four Forms of Energies: Nadis and chakras are deeply related with the four forms of life energies – physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy and the spiritual energy. For a perfect life we need balance of these four energies. These four forms of life energies are interrelated and overlap each other. Chakras play an integral role in balancing these four energies and keeping our mind-body healthy. When balanced, our chakras contribute to immune system and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Through meditation you can purify the nadis and the chakras. Puri􀃒cation refers to the separation of gross and subtle negative elements from the raw energies. It includes 􀃒ltering of negative thoughts, toxin food elements, negative actions, negative visions, negative words etc. Number of Chakras and Nadis: There are many nadis and many chakras throughout our body. However, 72000 nadis and 114 chakras are most prominent. There are 7 major chakras, 21 minor chakras and 86 micro chakras in human body. Among the 114 chakras, 112 chakras reside within the body and the other 2 are outside the body. Among the major seven chakras, one is present outside the body, over the head region. There are 21 minor chakras distributed all over the body. Head, heart, navel, throat and base of the spine are the 􀃒ve main areas of the major chakras. However, minor chakras are located in our hands, legs, tongue, knee, elbow, clavicles, shoulder, eye, ear and nose. All the chakras are not active all the times. Some are prominent and some are dormant.

The word Nadi comes from Sanskrit word meaning stream. Nadis are the astral tubes made up of astral matter that carry psychic currents. The Sanskrit term ‘Nadi’ comes from the root ‘Nad’ which means ‘motion’.

There are many Nadis in the human body. Different authors state the number of Nadis in different ways. Many theories even say the presence of 16108 Nadis. The ancient Hindu mythology talks about Lord Krishna who had 16108 wives – which in fact is a metaphor for Krishna(Consciousness) to have 16108 wives(energy channels). Theories also talk about 72000 to 350000 Nadis in human subtle body or energy body of which there are 14 primary ones. Note that these Nadis are not visible to a naked eye as they are part of subtle energy body (sukshma deha) and not physical body (sthoola deha)

3 Primary Nadis The 3 primary Nadis are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. All 3 originate at the Root chakra or Muladhara – the place where they originate is called the Kanda. Then Ida begins its course from left alternating its route to right and left at each chakra – whereas Pingala begins its course at right alternating left and right at each chakra. Sushumna, on the other hand, goes straight up the spine.

Within Sushumna are secondary Nadis – Vajra and Chitrini and within Chitrini is the Bramhanadi the conduit for Kundalini. It is said that Kundalini the serpent Goddess resides and sleeps on the Root chakra. However many times Sushumna is also addressed as the Bramhanadi.

Ida and Pingala indicate time, the past and the future respectively. Sushumna is the destroyer of time. It is the present moment and it is timeless.


WHAT IS CADUCEUS?( कैड्यूजस)-

Most people know the caduceus as a medical symbol. But most people have no idea why this symbol is used for medicine. The symbol represents the three main nadis (channels) in our body, through which our life-force energy flows. This e