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Hinduism is one such religion which has a ritual for almost every occasion in a person's life. Be it the birth of a child, marriage or buying a new house, there are certain rituals which have to be followed without fail. LITERAL MEANING OF YAGNA-- The word Yagna is derived from the Sanskrit verb yaj, which has a three-fold meaning of devapujana or worship of deities, saogatikarana or unity, and daana or charity. A yagna is one of the oldest rituals in Sanatan Dharma for propitiating the deities. Yagna encompasses the qualities of satkaar or welcoming a guest, upkaar or putting the needs of another over our own, and sangathan or unity. Since it is all about giving, therefore people are advised to give with as much grace as they can, rather than a sense of obligation. A Havan is a sacred ritual in which offerings are made to the fire. Fire is the central element of a Havan. Fire has been regarded as God in the Hindu religion. Hence, the offerings made to the sacred fire is said to purify the surroundings as well as the individuals. The sacred fire is supposed to be the link between human consciousness and the cosmic consciousness. A Havan is performed with the aim to achieve material as well as spiritual success. PURPOSE OF HAVAN ------ 1-According to the scientific theory, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be only transformed from one form to another. Therefore whatever is offered to the fire in a Havan is transformed from a material form to non material form and is said to directly reach the divine spirits. 2- Havan is directed at awakening of the auspicious energies and getting rid of the negative energies surrounding us. The sacred mantras chanted during Havans create a particular vibration which wards of the evil forces and energies and ushers in the positive forces. 3-Many GODS, Many TYPES of Yagnas Different yagnas are performed to propitiate different gods. The Rudrayagya is for Shiva, the Vishnuyagya is for Vishnu, the Lakshmi Homam is for prosperity, and the Ganapati Homam is for Ganesha. The Navagraha Homam is akin to the Vaastu Homam, usually performed on the purchase of a new house or to remove the ill-effects of a bad phase in life. SIGNIFICANCE OF HAVAN----- 1-Havan is symbolic of sacrifices that a human being makes in front of God to attain spiritual bliss. The energies which are aroused through Havan fills an individual with a positive thinking. It is through the fire element that all other five elements of the body is balanced. Hence, the Havan requires individuals to participate with deep faith and bonding with the concerned deity presiding the Havan. 2-Yagna holds a supreme position in Hindu culture, with no major ceremony or milestone in life being complete without inviting the Agni or Fire God as the chief guest. Multifold offerings to this chief guest is what a yagna is all about, accompanied by chanting of Vedic mantras each time an offering, or aahuti, is made. 5-The platform of the Agni Kund is known as vedi. The pit into which the oblations are offered is known as askund. The wood that is used to stoke the fire is known as samidh, and is only to be obtained from specified trees like ashvattha, palash, khadira, shami or mango. The shami tree is particularly auspicious as it is regarded as the agni garbha or mother of fire. The ladle used to pour ghee into the fire is known as agnihotra havani..In India the wood from a mango tree is most often used for Homa. The Homa wood should be completely dry and cut or broken to suit the size of the Kund.. WHEN SHOULD HAVAN BE PERFORMED ? 1-Ideally, this practice should be carried out daily. In every home havan should be done at least once per TWO week I,E, PURANMASI & AMAWAS,, by all members of the family. The early hours of the morning are most conducive for all religious actions as the atmosphere is charged with praan (energy) at that time. However, this time may not suit the needs of all families. As such, the practice may be done at a time that is best suited for the devotee. 2-Through this powerful sacrifice, one is protected and shielded from all untoward elements. As such, the flames of the sacred fire should burn brightly in every home . WHAT IS THE SCIENTIFIC REASON OF HAVAN ? 14 FACTS----- HOW HAVAN PURIFIES THE ATMOSPHERE: ---- 1-When the havan is performed the air touches the fire, gets purified and becomes lighter in nature. So this light air goes up and replaces the cold/ the impure air and this process continues (as we studied in geography ; how the lighter air from the plains replace the heavier air from the poles) and the air keep getting purified till the ritual is being performed. 2-The main ingredient in havan is mango wood which when burnt releases FORMIC ALDEHYDE a gas which kills harmful bacterias thus purifies the atmosphere as per the research of . It is then scientists made FORMALIN from formic aldehyde gas which is used to preserve the fruits, vegetables and species in the medical laboratories. 3-The jaggery burnt in the havan also releases the formic aldehyde gas. A scientist TAUTLIK found that if we stay in a place where havan is being performed for ½ an hour the germs of typhoid fever are killed. 4-The cow’s ghee the very important ingredient of havan has been referred as an antidote to the poison in VEDAS. Its fragrance purifies the physical atmosphere. Ghee when burnt in fire goes up in the atmosphere and the fat particles get laden on the dust particles in the atmosphere (somewhat similar to the stickiness on the objects in the kitchen) and comes back to the earth in form of rain thus nourishes the vegetation on the mother earth. Dr. Shirowic ,,a RUSSIAN SCIENTIST says that if cow’s ghee is put in fire its smoke will lessen the effect of radiation in the atmosphere to a great extent. 5-Sweets like honey and gur (jaggery), nutrition like ghee and dry fruits, aromatic herbs like ela, dalchini. Lavang rose petals, antibiotic herbs like guggal and gyal, and matter like ghee and samigri when burnt cause rain and purify the atmosphere. Havan ritual is like giving back to the atmosphere what we have taken from the atmosphere. The aromatic herbs when burnt remove the foul odor in the atmosphere by their fragrance. 6-As per the research conducted in allopathic medicine found that no bacteria was killed when 1 k.g. of mango wood was burnt in a closed room but when the same was burnt with havan samigri the bacterial count was reduced by 94% head of the division studying plant- microbe interaction. The air sample even after 24 hrs.showed that bacteria count was lower by 96%. So havan is helpful to prevent air born infections like T.B. and other viral infections.. 7-Fumes of havan kills the bacteria of T.B., Measeles, Cow pox, Small pox. 8-As it is said that basis of food is EARTH and basis of earth is WATER and basis of water is AIR and if air is pure; everything would be pure. Even the ash from the havan seems to be having cleansing effect that is why it is a ritual to immerse the havan ashes in the water. We use ash as soil treatment which has shown positive results. 9-Formaldehyde is sprayed to disinfect walls and ceilings and is also used to preserve the fruits as formic acid which is produced by burning mango wood and jaggery (gur). 10-Havan has been found an effective method to reduce the FUNGAL load in small office or room. As per the experiments conducted the havan fire smoke has the potency to kill fungi like Aspergillus, Penicillium, Curvuleria and cladosporium etc. 11-The oxidation of hydrocarbons in (ghee and oils found in dry fruits) produce formic acid and acetic acid (vinegar) used to preserve food material 12-Since, the formaldehyde is effective only in the presence of water that is why there is a ritual of sprinkling the water around the HAVAN –KUND and in the air. The water is also available in form of water vapours found in the atmosphere. Heal the atmosphere with havan and the healed atmosphere will heal you says Inhaling the fumes of havan from distance induces secretions from certain glands related to wind pipe that fills our mind and heart with relaxation. 13-The use of carbon dioxide as CEREBRAL STIMULANT suffering from lack of ventilation (mouth to mouth breathing technique) is a common practice in medical world. Similarly carbon dioxide produced in HAVAN is at a very slow pace and then this smoke is rich with the AROMA of all the material burnt in it acts as stimulant to the BRAIN and the same carbon dioxide is used by the plants also. Other than purifying the atmosphere Havan has the capacity to influence the local rains .Since, the havan is performed while chanting the HOLY MANTRAS; so the havan ritual charges the ATMOSPHERE with positive energy also. 14-AN AMAZING FACT--A interesting fact that is worth noting that during one of the worst tragedies in Indian history, the Bhopal gas tragedy that ended up killing almost 32,00 people. One quaint family living within one kilometer radius of the disaster site remained completely unscathed because they were performing agnihotra or the sacrificial havan for Lord Agni. Agnihotra is an antidote even to pollution. This stands as an example of the amazing effects of Hindu practices. WHY SHOULD HAVAN BE PERFORMED ? ------

07 FACTS---- 1-Havan smoke is like inhalation therapy derived from AYURVEDA and as described above it relaxes the mind and heals the body and has positive effects spiritually too because of the holy verses (mantras) chanted during the havan.. 2-Havan has a purifying effect on both the devotee who performs this sacrifice as well as one’s environment. Through the chanting of mantras and offerings into the fire, one’s chakras are re-energised, creating a revitalised and rejuvenating effect for both the body and mind. Positive thoughts, words and actions then pave the way for further success. 3-The combined effect of the materials, when mixed and used in the havan produces a fumigatory response to the atmosphere, purifying the environment around. Negative energies are dispelled and a protective shield is built around the house where the ritual is performed, thereby warding off any untoward energies. This induces peace, prosperity and good health, conditions which augur well for clarity of thought, increased power of discrimination and improved usage of mental faculties. The result, then, is success in all undertakings. 4-The process of bhoot-shuddhi or purification of the tattwas or elements takes place within the individual who performs havan, thereby transforming one’s thought-patterns. Qualities of anger, rash and irrational thinking are replaced by calm, tranquil and controlled attitudes. The individual acquires greater control of his life, which offers wider scope for daily success. 5-Scientific experiments have proven that havan destroys harmful bacteria in the atmosphere. A scientist named Tautilk proved that a patient stricken with typhoid disease can be freed of this scourge if he is exposed to the smoke of havan for half hour. In addition, performing this sacrifice of havan is also one way of burning away one’s karma. 6-In Vedic rituals medical herbs and wood vaporizes in the sacrificial fire (Havan) and enters the body through nose, lungs and pores, along with reciting of Mantras to purify and balance body, mind and environment. There specially designated yagnas for each and every occasion of human life. 7-Vedic rituals are a rare sight in today’s world. But they are much needed. The constant rush, pollution and all the negativity in modern day can be easily overcome with the help of rituals such as yagnas. HOW SHOULD HAVAN BE PERFORMED?-- Please sit in the morning/evening to perform havan. VEDIC Havan must be in sunlight &VEDIC TANTRIK HAVAN must be in the moonlight ,,, then it is more beneficial. Then half a bowl of fresh water with a tablespoon must be with you with small twigs specially of mango tree if possible. Havan samagri, ghee, camphor and match box must be there with you. Please sit on such asan on four time folded blanket and blanket must be on mat. Sukh asan i.e., sit on duly folded feet in comfortable position. Then first close your eyes and concentrate between two eyebrows and chant brahman mantra,, three times within heart and not by mouth..Sprinkle water three times --over all things (including you) & pray ''HEY OM, BY YOUR GRACE ,,,ALL THE THINGS SHOULD GET PURIFIED.. PLEASE NOTE THAT VEDIC TANTRIK HAVANS ARE PERFORMED TO GET SELF -REALIZATION...BY SADHAKS ONLY.THERE ARE VERY SIMPLE RULES....NO FORMALITIES BECAUSE BHAVA IS CONSIDERED MORE IMPORTANT...BUT DETAILS ON ENQUIRY....... ......SHIVOHAM.....