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WHAT IS EVIL IN THE HINDUISM ----AT PRESENT? While prayer is an integral part of all religious traditions, the kinds of prayer that are practiced differ depending on your religion. Seen as a direct line of communication with God, prayer is largely used as a way to relay and release religious devotees' desires, fears and thanks for themselves and others to a higher power. For some religions, like Hinduism, prayers are recited as chants or mantras, each with its own specific purpose -- which can be for an individual or for the good of all.But if we are not aware of the meaning of that mantra, then,,, 1-Is it possible to communicate GOD with cramming method? 2-Bhava (feeling /emotion)is important or language? 3-Can we communicate GOD only in sanskrit not other language? 4-Is prayer a Conversation or Chanting only ? 5-Do we need peace for prayer? 6-Is there a management to pray or meditate,,,in temples ? 7- Do we go temples to offer prasad only? 8-What is the aim to go temple? 9-Are the temples constructed to receive positive energy ? 10-If yes,,then how can we receive that energy ? THERE IS A NEED TO PONDER OVER THESE QUESTIONS ? 1-WHAT IS A PRAYER ? Prayer (Prarthana )can be described as we asking God for internal courage to do Purshartha (karma or work) for enhancing our happiness. For example asking for the divine help in practicing Satya in our behaviour, communication etc. In other words, the request for Atmik pleasure or pleasure for the Soul,,, like knowledge, concentration, purity etc. is called Prarthna. 2. SHOULD WE PRAY IN THE MORNING HOURS ? 2-1-After coming from the bed, we clean body by taking bath and wearing fresh cloths. The morning hours are the pleasant time to think god and to do prayers wearing sacred Tilakas or sacred ash. Morning hours always have freshness and in the present days we run for jobs, or business and our concentration be diverted after morning hours. so, it is generally morning hours best to perform pujas, prayers, prarthanas. 2-2- Further, Spiritual activities performed early in the morning have a greater effect than in any other part of the day. The morning hours has tremendous importance in our lives as it is the time when we can invest our energies in developing our sattvika content. It is a time when the mind is calm, free from distractions of the world and the intellect fresh from a good night’s sleep. Thus one is able to focus the mind on absorbing Vedantic knowledge. This morning hours must be optimally utilised because the spiritual path is about developing knowledge. 3. WHAT IS THE NEED OF PRAYER? 3-1-The ancient Indian philosophers elaborated three ways for self-actualization -GYAN, the path of knowledge, KARMA, the path of action and BHAKTI or the path of devotion. It is the third path of Bhakti which guides the individual to submerge himself, his ego, his pride and his arrogance in his devotion to the almighty lord of universe. Prayers are a means to this end. Prayers are considered an essential part of bhakti. 3-2-Prayers help people in three important ways. First of all, regular prayers are reminders to self that there is an almighty Lord of the universe who is always there, aware of everything and capable of taking care of us. Since the Lord is benevolent and fair, and rewards everyone as per their deeds or KARMA, it is a belief that provides hope to the people that good will prevail over evil. This is one of the most important factors for people having faith in our values, fairness and humanity. 3-3-By being able to express their faith, people are able to relate to the god whom they cannot otherwise experience or observe, and this simple activity reinforces their faith in an omnipotent power of universe and helps them sustain their belief. 4-CAN WE PRAY AT NIGHT ? If we can communicate our family members at night,,,so why can't GOD....Before going to sleep,,we should communicate .....because only god is closest to all.

WHAT IS CONTRADICTORY PRAYER ?--- 1-A significant missing link that we need to bear in mind is that every thought that is imbued (inspire) with feeling is a prayer. Many people believe that prayer is limited to few minutes that one folds one's hands before a chosen deity and ask for what one wishes. 2-We are constantly praying when we are thinking. The thoughts that we entertain are nothing but prayers. The universe is constantly listening to what we are transmitting. Hence, it is very important to be aware of that kind of thoughts that we entertain. It is quite likely that we may be entertaining thoughts that contradict our conscious prayers. As a result, the two thoughts cancel each other out. These are known as contradictory prayers. 3-A person may pray that we grows in his career; he may seek a promotion in his organization to the post of a divisional manager. A post may become available, perhaps in a different town. However, he also thinks that he should remain in his hometown. He may be reluctant to travel away from his home. You can see that his prayer for promotion could have borne fruits, but gets cancelled out by his reluctance to travel. BE IN MEDITATION TO RECEIVE ANSWERS TO PRAYERS 1-In the context of manifesting a good life, if prayer is the question, then meditation is the answer! Prayer is only half the secret of creating what you aspire. Meditation completes the secret. Meditation is the full secret. 2-People focus on prayer, on creative visualization and manifestation techniques based on the law of attraction. But they miss all-important need to meditate. You ask for something through prayer. But then you have to be in silence to receive the answer. In other words, being in meditation makes you receptive and attuned to the creative principle, so as to receive what you prayed for. This is a missing link. 3-Meditation helps in creating the right state within you, which can help you receive what you have prayed for. Before anything is to be given to man, he is made to pray for it. Meditation creates a state of emptiness within him. So long as this emptiness is not created within, man cannot receive what he needs, Meditation creates that space within you to receive the object of your prayer. 4-Discussions in the law of attraction and manifestation focus on the principle of prayer. However, they fall short of explaining the deeper truth of how prayer is fulfilled. They do not satisfactorily answer how we can experience a life of permanent and boundless bliss. They provide only the half-secret to leading a life of bliss and fulfillment. MEDITATION IS THE ONLY COMPLEMENT OF PRAYER......SHIVOHAM.....